Submission #5235: Unknown394's Wii Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1:33:17.80

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 5.0 (Stable Release)
Game Version USA v1.1 Frame Count 2056054
ROM Filename Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.wbfs Frame Rate 367.29679516953087
Branch Rerecord Count 9569
Unknown Authors Unknown394
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Unknown394 on 9/25/2016 5:48:35 PM

Submission Comments

This is a 27411 Dolphin frames (74.62 seconds or 4477 game frames) improvement to my previous run. This run optimized both speed and entertaining elements.

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, a famous hack of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, is created by NewerTeam. Although it is a hack, it has a very high IGN review score and is in fact a lot more fun than the original NSMBW. The levels are carefully designed, the artwork is beautiful and new sprites are added. This run is meant to beat the game as fast as possible, which has never been done with TAS before.

General improvements

Penguin Suit: is used to slide and perform frame-perfect jumps to gain lots of speed.
Propellar Suit: the landing after flying is accurately timed in order to avoid falling. Also, the Xspeed when flying is slower than running, so this powerup is used as little as possible in horizontal levels except for helping to reach high platforms.
Boss Fights: more accurately timed combos are performed to save time.
Glitches: this run uses glithes that aren't used in the previous run to save time, for instance, the Loading Screen Glitch (explained in comments), boss fight glitches, collision detection glitches, etc.
Strategy & Route: Certain paths taken in the old run are scratched and replaced with new faster routes, like in C-1, for example. Strategies like positioning Mario in the final fight are improved to save lots of time.
Entertainment: dangerous actions are performed in many parts of the run. Glitches like the 1-Boss Fuzzy glitch (explained in comments) are used as well.

Watch on Youtube:

Game objectives: to beat the game as fast as possible

Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0 (Stable Release)

To play the dtm file of this movie, Dolphin's Dual Core and Idle Skipping should be disabled.


This run is meant to beat the game as fast as possible, which has never been done with TAS before. In NrSMBW, there are eight regular worlds and five hidden worlds, and by completing World C, Sky City, skips Worlds 5 and 6, which are the most time-consuminng worlds. The run also skips as many auto-scroll levels as possible, although some cannot be avoided. In this new version of the run, glitches are used to progress faster.

Stage comments: Stages that utilizes certain skill(s) or glitches will be explained. The rest of the levels are regular speedrun without special technique.

A glitch used in Worlds 2 and 3: Theoretical Time vs. Actual Time (Loading Screen Glitch). In two levels of Worlds 2 and 3, if the level is finished within a certain frames range, the delay before the Map Screen loads varies. I don't know why this happens, but I attemped to time the level end accurate enough to save time on the delay screen. This might involve slowing down intensionally in front of the flagpole or before the Boss door or in the level, or completing the level without slowing down a single frame to time the glitch.
1-Tower (new glitch discovered! for entertainment elements only) Skips 1-4. In this level, nets are replaced by honey hives. This is a vertical level, and the goal is to go up as fast as possible. During the Boss fight, Big Fuzzy is invincible while he rolls on the ground, and the fastest way to finish the fight is to hit him as soon as his rolling state is over. The collision detection for Fuzzy is a little glitchy. If you ground pound him on the right spot, you will not get hit but bounce off of him. This does not help to save time, but is definitely fun to watch.
Uses propellar suit to save time, optimized landing.
Uses Penguin Suit to swim faster
There is no ice in this level, but sliding with the penguin suit still saves time. The trick is jumping on the exact frame Mario lands during the slide, and Mario will maintain his momentum for a long time. But sliding restrics Mario's jumping height, so pressing up while jumping ends the sliding and allows Mario to do a regular jump.
Avoids hitting switches (release spicky balls) and rushing through the parhana plants with invincible time after getting hit to save a lot of time. Same boss fight.
stomp the boss as soon as he gets out of the shell
2-1, 2-2
Ice power freezes enemis and creates new ground to land on, and also defeats fire snakes, which saves a lot of time. In 2-2, the water draining down the pipes can both accelerate and decelerate Mario, so I walked on the ones that go forward and jump on the frame of landing on the ones that go backward.

2-3 (glitch used)

This level needs a fire powerup to proceed quickly. In the previous run, I changed in this level, but later I found out it's faster to change in 2-2. The loading screen glitch is used in this level.

2-Tower (glitch used)

This is a vertical level. A propellar suit is given at the beginning, and using it to fly upward saves a lot of time. This run optimized the landing so that Mario can jump or fly again immediately without falling for a long time. The boss is a thomp that smashes a layer of the floor as it tries to hit you, and the fastest way to finish him is to stand at the corner so it will hit the same spot twice in the shortest time. The loading screen glitch is used in this level.
A secret exit is located at the top of a tall cactus, leading to 2-A.
A fast route is located at the top of the level, only accesible with a propellar suit. It basically skips the entire level.

2-Castle (glitch used)

Some routes have to be opended by stepping on switches that brings enemies to live. The collision detection for the last switch that revives the thomp blocking the pipe is not accurate, creating a glitch. Standing on the edge of the platform on the left triggers the switch, thich saves about 10 frames of acceleration time. Same boss fight.
Hills that roll forward gives Mario a speed boost, so walking on them helps save time. Hills that slow Mario down can be easily avoided by jumping on the exact frame of landing on them.

3-2 (glitch used)

Uses a star at the end to run faster and save time. Loading screen glitch is used.
Another vertical level, but the second half is auto-scroll. Entering the pipe on the left saves time. In the boss figh, the location big mole is determined by a variable that stays far from Mario's location, so I have to wait till the location of the mole is set and then go and ground pound him.

3-6 (glitch used)

This is a water level, so you might think playing 3-7 might be faster, but 3-7 has a section of maze and wastes a ton of time, which makes 3-6 faster. This is the last level in the game that uses the loading screen glith.
The second half is auto-scroll.
The lst jump of a triple jump is higher than a regular jump, which can be used to reach areas without falling into water.

4-Tower (new glitch discovered! glitch used)

Another vertical level. I discovered a massive glitch in the boss fight that has never been found before. There is an about 3-5 frames range before ShyGuy becomes invincible after each stomp, and with accurate timing I was able to avoid all of his invincible time.
The secret exit in this level leads to World C, Sky City, a short world that skips Worlds 5 and 6. A wall collision detection glitch existed in version 1.0 that allowed Mario to jump through the wall and avoid all the swimming process after hitting the switch, but this glitch is fixed in the 1.11 version used in this run.
This is an unavoidable auto-scroll level.
Another vertical level. There is no boss fight.
Another unavoidable auto-scroll level. Playing with koopa shells like in SMW for stage effects.
The only non-tower vertical level in this run. In the final section, the warping into space has to be done when Mario is on a vine, so that's why I waited for the vine instead of flying up.
In space, low gravity. Mario can jump very far and proceed through the level quickly. If you do not have a propellar, you can perform a air spin to cast more distance, but I have to save my Propellar for 7-Tower.
A regular gravity vertical level. The boss fight is a space enemy from Super Mario Galaxy. Just let him hit the electricity net three times.

7-Castle: Important Explaination!

Regular Speedrun, same boss fight. You might notice that after this level, I saved my progress and returned to the title screen and re-entered the world map. The reason is there is a bug in the system here. If you do not go back to the title screen, the game crashes as soon as you complete the ship level. The re-entering action is done as fast as possible.
8-1, 8-2 Auto-scroll levels
8-Tower 1
Vertical level, no boss fight.
This is a trick the NewerTeam played on the players. This is not the final level of the game, but rather a entrance to the other half of World 8. No boss fight.
Auto-scroll level
8-6, 8-7
Uses the propellar suit that has been kept all the way to fly through big parts of the level to progress quickly.
8-Tower 2
The lava chases you upward. Uses propellar suit to progress quickly. Again, Kamek's loaction is controlled by a variable that is far from Mario's location, so I have to wait till Kamek's location is determined and then stomp him.
This level takes less time to complete than 8-9.

8-Final (Massive Optimization)

To get to the Bowser fight, you have to hit three switches in three diferrent areas. During the first phase of the fight, I used the propellar suit that I got way back in 2-Tower to fly over Bowser and hit the switch. Unlike the original NSMBW, you have to hit four switches instead of one to finish the first phase of the fight. In the second phase, you're given a clown car with a cannon, and the fight is finished after you hit Bowser 25 times. I saved three million tons of time using a different strategy in the fight. Instead of hitting Bowser from the front, I started with hitting him on the back, and I was able to make shots quickly. There is a delay before Mario can shoot again after a shot, and this time is used to position Mario for the next shot. In the last part of the fight, obstacles can block the cannon, and I had to wait until Bowser had himself exposed, but this can't be avoided anyway.

Other comments

Other than speed optimizations, entertaining elements are optimized too. Playing with enemies is done in every auto-scroll level and dangerous actions are performed. For example, this time Mario is seen playing with the weapons of the 3-Boss Mole.

I put a lot of effort into discovering the glitches and improving other parts of the run, but I also have to thank my friends who gave me feedback on my previous run, telling me what to improve and supporting my project.






















If you didn't enjoy my previous run, hope you enjoy this one.

Nach: Judging.

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