Submission #5240: jacke9708's Wii New Super Mario Bros Wii "any% (No Powerups)" in 42:54.52

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 5.0
Game Version Europe Frame Count 787928
ROM Filename SMNP.iso Frame Rate 306.0485061292979
Branch any% (No Powerups) Rerecord Count 1434
Unknown Authors jacke9708
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by jacke9708 on 10/2/2016 3:30:26 AM

Submission Comments
emulator: i used dolphin 5.0 with dual core turned off.
game: New Super Mario Bros Wii (Europe)
this run is about 2 minutes slower then if you were to use powerups in the game, this is beucase you would normally grab a propeller suit when running this game making some parts of the run faster.
1-1: i slide as much as possible to gain speed.
1-2: i turn the movable bridges so i can slide on them again making it faster.
1-3: grab yoshi to be able to reach the world 5 warp.
1-cannon: nothing special.
5-1: i use the vines since they make you go faster.
5-minigame: you have to do this power up minigame if you jump perfectly it goes by fast.
5-2: normally you would choose the other option of level here since you can go another route, but since i dont use powerups this level is the faster one. theres also a pixel perfect jump ducking under 2 bats which is quite difficult.
5-castle: this level is ALOT faster with the propeller suit powerup since you can just fly up the platforms constantly so here i have to wait for the spikes to move before proceding, still quite fast thou.
5-4: this is a slow level since you have to wait for the platform to move, it will stop if there are to many objects on it so just try to have a clean platform:)
5-ghosthouse: this level is were you get acces to the world 8 warp and theres not much special here just fast maneuvering.
5-cannon: nothing to explain.
8-1: this is an annoying level without powerups since you have to wait for some of the lava pillars to go down, some of them you can barely jump over.
8-2: this level i use a secret exit to advance world 8 faster, also sliding alot and avoiding running on the rotating stone boulders which are roatating counter clockwise.
8-7: this is sortof a auto scroll level since you have to stay on the rollercoaster you can make it faster by jumping off the coaster at the right timing to gain momentum.
8-airship: i turn the screws as little as possible to gain time, i also did 1 mistake on the baby bowser fight losing a tiny bit of time.
8-castle: the final level, and its quite long the first part i just go as fast as possible then you enter a auto scroll part which you cant do anything about to make it faster. the hallway leading up to bowser has some rng fireballs but there not much trouble, bowser does different things depending what you do so i jump at the start of the fight making him spit a fireball which enables me to barely jump over him. when facing big bowser i manipulate where he shoots his fireballs by jumping so you can go fast. the next free running part has a really tricky jump where i had to spam jump when on a moving platform so i can barely jump out of the platform, and thats about it, the rest are just cutscenes hope you enjoyed:)

Nach: Although the player canceled this due to the run being subpar, the run would have probably also been rejected for using the European version of the game without a rationale for doing so. Those looking to make future TASs for this kind of branch for this game should do so using the version of the game other TASs are made with.

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