Submission #5261: GlitchMan, Hetfield90's SNES Mega Man X3 in 37:54.50

Console Super NES Emulator BizHawk 1.11.7
Game Version USA Frame Count 136695
ROM Filename Mega Man X3 (USA).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 83110
Unknown Authors GlitchMan, Hetfield90
Game Mega Man X3
Submitted by Hetfield90 on 10/21/2016 12:49:21 AM

Submission Comments
Mega Man X3 TAS in 37:54.5 by GlitchMan and Hetfield90. It is a 532 frame(12.6 seconds) improvement over the published run. Emulator used was BizHawk 1.11.7.


(Six minutes remaining on processing at the time of submission, so it should be finished soon)


  • Uses no passwords
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time

Stage Info

Intro Stage

  • In the 100% submission text, I mentioned it might be possible to get the frame perfect double kill from the PSX version on Mac and X's prison if you delay the Mac kill and manipulate him to jump. Unfortunately, even though it's possible to hit both on the same frame by doing this, the glitch simply does not work on the SNES version.

Blizzard Buffalo

  • Better use of ice physics, reverse wall jumps...

Toxic Seahorse

  • The miniboss skip only saves 3.5s in 100%, so it doesn't save time in any% without a quick method to get up to the water's surface like charged frost shield or neon jumps.

Tunnel Rhino

  • RWJs, changing up the climb pattern on the semi-final ladder in order to kill the last purple tank...

Neon Tiger

  • There's no way to get around causing a lot of lag from the firefly jumps at the beginning of the stage on BizHawk. Although, killing the second with acid spray(which guarantees and ammo drop) generates slightly less lag then letting it shoot its projectiles.

Volt Catfish

  • In GlitchMan's Snes9x 1.51rr run, he did a trick on the final enemy of the stage where you take a slightly suboptimal jump beforehand and kill the enemy with acid spray to completely avoid the platform it stands on. Unfortunately, the acid spray causes too much lag on BizHawk for it to save time.

Crush Crawfish

  • RWJS, jumping off the higher platform after breaking an opening into the ship....


  • Getting the single-shot uncharged ray splasher double hit on Vile saves a point of ammo, which saves the time it would have taken to charge up to a t2 buster shot.

Gravity Beetle

  • Shooting Gravity Beetle with the tail end of a ray splasher barrage can cancel his immunity and allow him to jump again, allowing for a better usage of his i-frame resets throughout the fight.

Blast Hornet

  • RWJs, etc...

Doppler 1

  • RWJs, etc, etc...

Doppler 2

  • For whatever reason, it's impossible to dodge the low turtle that gets dodged after you call Zero in the PSX version. Luckily, a reverse wall jump makes the strat still faster than falling on the platform to the left and jumping across after. It's possible to jump to the right wall underwater as Zero earlier if you kill both turtles, which is what the PSX version does, but this causes too much lag to save time on SNES.
  • Same Mosquitus kill as the PSX all stages run. Thank goodness this guy's descent doesn't have to be manipulated anymore.
  • It was possible to saber jump up to the second snail on the left wall of the spike wall climb without a second missile damage boost, but this forces you to wall jump off the side of the snail instead of platform jump off the top of it, ending your next set of iframes too soon to make it to the next missile damage boost(the saber jump mechanics are all explained in detail in the PSX "all stages" submission text).

Doppler 3

  • Spamming jumps after starting a saber slash can delay the saber's manifestation while still incrementing your charge timer. The charge for your second charged shot will still finish at the same time regardless, but the delay on the first hit allows you to shoot the 2nd charge shot into the boss while it is still under the effect of iframes instead of having to shoot it offscreen(which would keep the charged shot in active memory longer, delaying your ability to slash).


  • RWJs, saber jumps, etc...

Closing Remarks


  • FractalFusion: for assistance with lua scripting, disassembly, and encoding as always.
  • Feos: for being the god of the Tudio.
  • Agwawaf: for his published run.

Suggested Screenshot(103029)

GoddessMaria: Judging.
GoddessMaria: Excellent work from both authors on a fine improvement to the previous movie! The audience response was overall very positive and entertainment value shows itself very well.
Accepting as an improvement to the previous movie.
feos: Pub.

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