Submission #529: nesrocks's NES Excitebike "first track" in 00:53.97

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version Japan, USA Frame Count 3238
ROM Filename Excitebike (JU).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch first track Rerecord Count 463
Unknown Authors nesrocks
Game Excitebike
Submitted by nesrocks on 1/31/2005 2:20:50 PM

Submission Comments
I wouldnt be able to explain the tricks better than Superninja, so, here it is in his own words:

For future Excitebike timeattackers, here's a description of some of the exploitable tricks:
-Use the B button to maintain your velocity while on the ground, but release it in the air to let your engine cool off
-Holding right while in the air increases your velocity slighty. However, you cannot land while tilted all the way forwards, so just before you land, press left.
-After landing like this, you will bounce on your front wheel. Hold right to increase your velocity. This time, you don't have to press left to avoid crashing, even though you're tilted all the way forwards.
-In a total violation of real-life physics, jumping off some ramps increases your forward velocity significantly. This is where your main speed boosts come from.
-While going off a ramp, you can change lanes to affect the distance you jump slightly. Up decreases the distance slightly, while going down increases the distance slighty. This is because your bike does not move while in the air, but its landing position (i.e. the lane) changes.

I would add these explanations:
- the only ramps that add horizontal speed are the type H ramps (small 90° triangle based prism). this run uses 5 of these ramps (there are 6 on the track).
- B button has better acceleration than A and doesnt slow you down if you have more speed than maximum normal speed.
- Slows down a bit the bike to be able to get 5 or else it would jump over one of them on the first lap
- This only plays the training version of track 1, on mode B. The game has no end, and the other tracks dont have this many H ramps, which makes this the best default track for a competition!

DeHackEd: I'll put this up in AVI soon.

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