Submission #5355: Tremane's GB Mega Man IV in 34:55.45

Console Game Boy Emulator BizHawk 1.11.4
Game Version JPN Frame Count 125156
ROM Filename Rockman World Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 87334
Unknown Authors Tremane
Game Mega Man IV
Submitted by Tremane on 1/10/2017 9:03:43 PM

Submission Comments
"Mega Man IV" in 34:55.45 also known as Rockman World 4 (ロックマンワールド4 in Japan) is the fourth installment in the handheld version of the Mega Man series. The game continues the quest of the protagonist, Mega Man, in a never-ending struggle with his long-time nemesis, Dr. Wily. Mega Man IV features the ability to purchase items with drops found throughout each stage. The Mega-Buster received an upgrade after Mega Man III, and Mega Man now gets knocked back by recoil when firing a fully charged shot. As with previous Game Boy releases, the game incorporates gameplay elements and bosses from two sequential Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games: Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5.

Game objectives

  • Emulator : Bizhawk 1.11.4
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Heavy luck manipulation
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses no password
This is an improvement to the published movie [2896]GB Mega Man IV by Tremane, willwc in 35:53.26 by 3458 frames.


  • About the game:
  1. Pressing UP on the D-Pad immediately ends a slide ( it also removes a Lagframe sometimes,often used in spots Megaman has to wait and Lag appears, e.g. Bossfights, or Midbosses ).
  2. shooting e.g. to the right locks megaman to the direction for several frames, which means you can´t slide to the left or turn around, to avoid this you have to jump. If you´re wondering why you want to turn around after you were shooting it´s really simple, normally Megaman has a 9 Frame cooldown after he has done a shot but turning around on the first frame possible and going back to the other side enables him to shoot earlier ( see the Big Metcannon fights on Wily Space Ship for an example - Megaman looks like he´s firing a machine gun :^D ).
  3. Rush Jet movement is fixed.
  4. In boss battles where I use the Buster, I alternate charged and non-charged shots, on Game Boy the boss invulnerability time is so short (30 frames) and the charge-up time is so long (90 frames) that it actually saves time to fire a small shot after every large shot!
  5. It is worth mentioning that after each Boss fight, the player has to stand in the middle! Boss bubbles don't have to leave the screen to activate the Get Weapon animation earlier.
  6. Knockback from the full charged Bustershot can be used a shortcut in Crystalman stage.
  7. Using the japanese Rom gives us: faster gamestart (~255frames) , magically less lag in some areas and even though it doesn´t matter that much faster textboxes.

Improvement by Stage:


  • lots of small improvements ( subpixel, Lagmanagement )
  • better Bossfight


  • magically saved 1 frame in the stage loading \&(´ω´)
  • better refill management, Lag and Subpixel optimizations


  • just Lagmanagement and Subpixel


  • 1 more Rushcoil in the Spike section
  • better Bossfight ( -> better charging of Pharao )

Satellite / Ballade:

  • usage of the Shot-cooldown-Trick to charge up Pharao earlier
  • better fight against Ballade


  • better Lagmanagement in the Stage
  • better Bossfight ( using two full charged shots in the beginning of the Fight )


  • magically saved 10 frame in the stage loading \&(´ω´)
  • used the Knockback from the full charged buster to avoid a Diamond Joe \&(´ω´)
  • skipping one pillar
  • found out that you can get hit by two Crystalshots at the same time for double the damage ( 6 indstead of 3 ) therefore it´s faster to get 2 refills and get rid of the Lag in the whole fight by getting hit by only 1 Crystalshot and collect the rest afterwards.


  • Lots of Lagmanagement and Subpixel


  • Lagmanagement and Subpixel
  • better way to pickup the Letter in the Stage
  • lost 2 Frames in the fight due to Lag :(

Ballade #2 & Escape:

  • less Lagframes in the Ballade Fight
  • major improvement in the Lagsection figured out that you can skip some bombs, because the explosion hitbox moves in a circle, enables me to shortcut a little. Also less weapon changing!

Runway & Cranefight:

  • better Pharao refill spot -> less Lag

Wily Eye #1:

  • way better Lag + Rushjet management
  • the Wily Eye fight is strange you´re able to move for 2-5 frames and get locked after that before the fight starts - it´s enough to make a slide closer to the Wily Eye, still saved a bunch of Lagframes in this fight

Wily Eye #2:

  • better Route to the fight, less Lag, better movement
  • figured out I could hit both Eyes cause they do not share the same invincible counter


  • since I refilled Ringboomerang before the #2 Wily Eye I just needed to refill Pharao shot for the refights, luckily Napalman Fight is in the Top-Right and he´s weak to Pharao.
  • I went clockwise and figured out that the global timer for the teleport out of a room is fixed after the Boss is dead, so I get hit on purpose to avoid Lag from the Refill pallet since it doesn´t stop the timer.

Wily 1/2/3:

  • removed some Lagframes here and there :)

Improvement Table

  • - resambles Frames gained
Stage name Frames total
Pre Pharaoman (loading/gamestart) -257 -257
Pharaoman Stage -154 -411
Pharaoman Fight -66 -477
Pre Ringman (loading) -1 -478
Ringman Stage -141 -619
Ringman Fight -34 -653
Pre Toadman (loading) -2 -655
Toadman Stage -27 -682
Toadman Fight -1 -683
Pre Brightman (loading) 0 -683
Brightman Stage -273 -956
Brightman Fight -46 -1002
Satellite Fight / Cutscene -60 -1062
Ballade #1 Fight -60 -1122
Pre Chargeman (loading) 0 -1122
Chargeman Stage -38 -1160
Chargeman Fight -91 -1251
Pre Crystalman (loading) -10 -1261
Crystalman Stage -144 -1405
Crystalman Fight -118 -1523
Pre Napalman (loading) 0 -1523
Napalman Stage -191 -1714
Napalman Fight -19 -1733
Pre Stoneman (loading) 0 -1733
Stoneman Stage -104 -1837
Stoneman Fight +2 -1835
Ballade #2 Stage+Fight -44 -1879
Escape -332 -2211
Shopping (textboxes) -8 -2219
Crane Fight (+runway Metcannons -49 -2268
Stage before Wily eye #1 + Fight -282 -2550
Stage before Wily eye #2 + Fight -115 -2665
Refights -677 -3342
Wily Cutscene / Refills -56 -3398
Wily 1 Fight -14 -3412
Wily 2 Fight -30 -3442
Wily 3 Fight -16 -3458
Total -3458
Here is the Frametable for all the Stages + Cutscenes in comparsion.
Big thanks to the TAS Megaman GB Crew:
  • Mothrayas
  • Nach
  • will_wc
As screenshot I suggest:

GoddessMaria: Mega Judging IV: GB Edition!
GoddessMaria: I have to say, very nice work on the improvement Tremane! Optimization was solid and the audience response was positive.
Accepting as an improvement to the previous movie.
feos: Pub.

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