Submission #5385: Evil_3D, WST, Zurggriff's Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "ring attack" in 45:01.63

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11b
Game Version World Frame Count 161889
ROM Filename Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 2 (W) [!].bin Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch ring attack Rerecord Count 43631
Unknown Authors Evil_3D, WST, Zurggriff
Game Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Submitted by Evil_3D on 2/5/2017 3:22:17 PM

Submission Comments

Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Knuckles Ring Attack by Evil_3D, WST and Zurggriff

Role of the Authors

  • Evil_3D: Project founder, Author, TASer, Route planner.
  • WST: TASer, Co-Author, Movie editor (crucial), adviser.
  • Zurggriff: Taser, Co-Author, Optimizer, God.

Game info

This is a version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with Sonic & Knuckles locked on it. The title character is replaced by his rival, Knuckles. The levels remain unchanged. There is more than just an appearance change to this game. Knuckles' abilities remain intact. If you haven't seen Sonic the Hedgehog 2 completed before, you may wish to do so before seeing what a character with gliding and wall climbing can accomplish.

Emulator and tools Used

  • Gens Re-Recording 11b + Camera hack + Solidity and Terrain dysplay
  • Sonic TAS tools + Frame Advance

Game Objectives

  • Collect the maximum number of rings possible as Knuckles
  • Contains speed entertainment/trade-off
  • Aims for fastest in-game time, then fastest real time
  • Abuses programing errors
  • No deaths
  • "Perfect Bonus" (if possible)
  • Heavy glitch abuse
  • Manipulates Luck and enemies

Why we pick this goal?

It's common in Sonic TASes to see entire levels skipped using glitches, which some people don't always like. This movie is to give another perspective to Sonic 2, exploring levels, sharing strategies and use the terrain to collect rings faster.
  • Curious fact: the lightning shield does not exist in this game.

Time table and statistic

LevelNormal ringsMonitor ringsTotal ringsIn-game timePlayed by
Emerald Hill 1226702961:02.35WST, Zurggriff
Emerald Hill 2225602851:23.11Evil_3D
Chemical Plant 11951603552:00.43Evil_3D, Zurggriff
Chemical Plant 21571402972:09.26Evil_3D
Aquatic Ruin 1176702461:20.55Evil_3D
Aquatic Ruin 22161203362:18.29Evil_3D
Casino Night 1232703022:16.57Evil_3D
Casino Night 2224903142:41.31Evil_3D
Hilltop 1146401861:10.09Evil_3D
Hilltop 2199802792:20.04Evil_3D
Mystic Cave 1183702531:15.24Evil_3D
Mystic Cave 2220702902:47.26Evil_3D
Oil Ocean 1207902972:12.14Evil_3D
Oil Ocean 21831002831:47.37Evil_3D, Zurggriff
Metropolis 1218602781:33.41Evil_3D
Metropolis 2210702802:39.19Evil_3D
Metropolis 3153702232:00.18Evil_3D
Sky Chase670672:05.57Evil_3D
Wing Fortress1961002962:22.48Evil_3D
Death Egg0000:40.27Zurggriff
Total rings363315305163

What rings didn't get?

  • We collected 5163 out of 5174 rings as Knuckles in this game (99%). The difference of 11 rings consists of the following:
  • 1 Ring stuck inside a column in Aquatic Ruin 2 that only 2P Tails out of camera can pick up.
  • 10 Rings inside the walls of Casino Night 2 which are impossible to collect.
  • There is currently no known ways for Knuckles, Sonic or Tails to get any of these rings in Casino Night.

Why did we choose Knuckles?

  • His gameplay is interesting and is a treasure hunter.

Suggested screenshots

  • Frame 56143, 125914, 127637, 128901

Knuckles TAS tips

  • Wall climbing: Starting on the wall use (A^)(<)(<)(<)(A)(A)()...repeat. This is nearly always the fastest way to climb single walls
  • Braking on objects: (B)(<)(<)(<>)(<v)(vA) (6 frames), is the fastest way to braking on Objects if you don't have "128, 256, 384, 512, etc." speed.

Stage by Stage comments - Evil_3D

Emerald Hill 1

  • 0:16/1423 - Falling in the invisible object at the correct vertical speed I do not brake with the terrain and I can continue without stopping
  • 0:17/1468 - With the correct possition you I can roll and break this monitors.
  • 0:27/2084 - Zurggriff managed the "run up the slope" and "monitor madness" tricks to save time like in the any% run
  • 0:49/3391 - Is possible boosting up to 4342 the speed here.

Emerald Hill 2

  • 0:02/5692 - Pushing me with the Masher (badnik) I can grab the rings in the sky in frame 5740 at once
  • 0:07/6013 - Glide glitch through the bridge I can grab the rings down faster.
  • 0:29/7317 - Same as EHZ 1 if I fall at the correct vertical speed I don't gain the 15 frames penalisation here
  • 0:46/8342 - Is possible grab all the rings with one fall and precise jump.

Chemical Plant 1

This is the first zone where have Knuckles only monitors that needs climbing: 3 Life monitors, 3 ring monitors and 1 Invulnerability monitor.
  • 0:14/12931 - Here are the first monitors.
  • 0:40/14504 - This is a secret place, in Sonic 2 have 2 ring and 1 invulnerability monitors but in Knuckles version only have 2 ring monitors
  • 0:43/14660 - Glide through the pipe cover save some frames.
  • 1:01/15768 - Glide through this object can zip to the next area and grab the rings at frame 15889 faster.
  • 1:28/17341 - This is the second Knuckles only monitor, but Sonic and Tails can arrive here jumping, but in Sonic 2 this monitor does not exist.
  • 1:41/18154 - Thanks to I arrives just in time in this pipe, the right way is shorter.
  • 1:52/18800 - Here is the third and last Knuckles only ring monitor.
  • 1:55/18996 - Glide through this object saves a lot of time and I can grab the rings down faster.

Chemical Plant 2

This Zone have Knuckles only monitors too, but only are extra lives.
  • 0:11/21366 - Waiting for the time to reach 12 secs, took the left path which is faster instead of the upper one first.
  • 0:21/21955 - Thanks to a precise jump I can grab all the rings above
  • 0:52/23816 - This jump is for manipulate the time for take the upper path in the tube at 0:53.
  • 1:18/25389 - Enter in rolling state for manipulate the camera, If I continued running I would not be able to grab 1 ring in the spiral
  • 1:19/25456 - Another precise jump like at frame 21955
  • 1:31/26168 - Luckily, this object was well synchronized and I did not waste time waiting for, so I glide through him
  • 1:37/26540 - Originally I glide through this bridge but Editing the movie for whatever reason now the bridge is down
  • 1:51/27384 - With a precise glide glitch I enter in the terrain and breack the monitors faster, Sadly I can't zip from here, the wall is very small.

Aquatic Ruin 1

  • 0:05/30328 - Spindash a little late to avoid the arrow and don't take damage.
  • 0:27/31665 - Spindash in this position to prevent the column falling and blocking me.
  • 0:49/32981 - Taking these rings benefited me in the end.
  • 0:59/33561 - Enjoy the power of the speed shoes.
  • 1:16/34570 - This guy can manipulates the luck too.
  • 1:18/34691 - Keep running here is more faster than touch the red spring.

Aquatic Ruin 2

This is the first zone where appear the first unreachable ring, sadly Knuckles alone can't grab this ring, but Sonic and Tails can grab the ring when Tails is off the camara because he don't interact with the objects off-screen.
  • 0:02/36393 - With the proper speed and position is possible run in this columns.
  • 0:13/37047 - Very useful jump to go to the another spiral
  • 0:31/38145 - Jumping in this spring to the upper path saves a lot of time
  • 0:52/39420 - Touching the monitor to drop it and breaking it with a spindash saves a lot of time, but I need to take an air bubble later.
  • 1:03/40050 - Waiting the air bubble for to not drown.
  • 1:14/40703 - This is the first unreachable ring that I mentioned before.
  • 1:42/42373 - Cool sync sfx-music
  • 2:04/43746 - Same as Emerald Hill trick, If you roll+jump 1 frame before the ground you gain an extra speed boost, perfect to jump directly to robotnik.
  • 2:07/43901 - Small pause for load the boss quickly.
  • 2:16/44440 - If you hit Robotnik in a precise frame the explosion sequence is skipped, in the capsule loads before.

Casino Night 1

  • 0:11/46558 - This position is necessary to cross the flipper at frame 46698.
  • 0:18/46988 - glide through this objects saves a lot of time.
  • 0:48/48780 - With jumping in the flipper here can do a perfect frame jump in 48817 and climb the wall.
  • 1:11/50183 - glide here and fall in the monitor at 50259 saves time.
  • 1:29/51262 - This is a serie of precise jumps to cross the springs at 51419 and save time.
  • 2:05/53405 - For some reason if you touch the ceiling here you don't enter in rolling state and you can backtrack to the other pinball area.

Casino Night 2

This is the second zone where appear the second group of unreachable rings, 14 in sky at the begining 2 groups of 7, only Knuckles can grab these rings. 10 rings inside the walls but is impossible grab these for any character.
  • 0:05/55812 - Using the red spring to run and jump in frame 55838, later gliding and broken the speed shoes monitor in frame 55966, I get the sufficient heigh to grab the unreachable rings in the sky at frame 56141, This only works as Knuckles.
  • 0:39/57834 - Spindash thought this object saves time.
  • 0:56/58849 - Same as frame 57834, saves a lot of time.
  • 1:23/60481 - Unespected spindash.
  • 1:40/61475 - gliding is useful here... and funny
  • 2:20/63861 - Using this flipper to get the rings above and use perfect positions at frame 63940 to fall with a high speed and grab the last rings and go to the boss zone faster.

Hilltop 1

  • 0:07/66872 - Spindash before the ball fall don't lose the dash state when jump.
  • 0:52/69601 - Enter in the terrain here to save time.

Hilltop 2

  • 0:19/73178 - With the perfect position I can destroy the badnik at frame 73220 without taking damage.
  • 0:31/73879 - Spindash through the doors here I can backtrack and going to the upper path and collect all rings in this zone.
  • 0:53/75239 - Same trick as HTZ 1

Mystic Cave 1

  • 0:25/83389 - Rolling to not get damage from the badnik.
  • 0:32/83824 - Knuckles don't have the enough jump heigh to go up there but spindash through the bridge at frame 84707 I can go to this section.
  • 0:52/85037 - This glide-fall is necessary to get a good Y-subpixel position, this is necessary to jump and maintain the speed in +3030, this is crucial for grab the next 3 rings above the box and the jump at fram 85144.

Mystic Cave 2

This is the third zone where appear unreachable rings, 8 can be grabed with a regular gliding but 2 of these need a especific trick that requires a flasher (badnik) to get a perfect position, this trick take time but is the only way.
  • 0:06/88132 - Spindash through the bridge like in the first zone, I use this trick in the course of the level to save time.
  • 0:20/88970 - The speed shoes are essentials for the route.
  • 1:16/92346 - Here is where the trick begins, I need to wait the flasher enter in the ceiling because this enemy has a preprogrammed route and cannot be manipulated, is for that I need to wait, if you don't want to wait skip to 2:05/95240.

Oil Ocean 1

This zone have 4 Knuckles only ring monitors.
  • 0:26/100844 - First Knuckles ring monitor.
  • 0:38/101553 - Spindash before fall to the oil saves time.
  • 0:44/101899 - This ring monitor can respawn endlessly, but it is very trivial to break it for 9 minutes.
  • 0:54/102470 - Second Knuckles ring monitor.
  • 0:58/102760 - Third Knuckles ring monitor.
  • 1:24/104310 - Jump here and use the Aquis (Badnik) lower to get the fourth Knuckles ring monitor faster at 104573.
  • 1:49/105811 - Fast climbing to avoid the fan and gliding directly to the canyon.
  • 2:04/106709 - Glide through the spike and zip to the next area saves a lot of time.

Oil Ocean 2

This is the fourth zone where appear unreachable rings, 18 ring in total 6 groups of 3 scattered on the map. Fortunately it is possible to get all rings as Knuckles with the super speed glitch.
Activating speed glitch 8 times is enough to pass through the walls and collect the unreachable rings.
  • 1:30/113929 - This group of rings are difficult to grab with the speed glitch and keep it activated, but Zurggriff did it without any problem and I was able to continue the zone with the glitch activated.
  • 1:37/114347 - This jump is not really necessary, is more for speed/fun and activated the look at the sky.

Metropolis 1

In this zone glide glitch and spindash through objects are the most useful tricks here, I do not think it's necessary to emphasize where I use it.
  • 0:33/118447 - Camera trick to pass through the door up there.
  • 0:54/119714 - Spindash through the bolt and glide clip in the movement spiral saves a lot of time instead of climbing.
  • 1:24/121510 - Secret place :P

Metropolis 2

This is the fifth and last zone where appear the unreachable rings, 12 in total 4 groups of 3, the strategy here is to take advantage of slope glitch and collect all of these rings. (recommended using camhack to see whats happen).
  • 0:09/124025 - I decided to collect these rings on the ramp to manipulate the Slicer (badnik) above in the frame 124264, if I jump to the springs before time I receive damage from this enemy.
  • 0:19/124577 - Glide through the bolt and fall directly in the upper path, take invulnerability monitor and activate the slope glitch at frame 124990.
  • 0:36/125641 - With this position and slope glitch is possible grab the unreachable rings in the middle of the zone at frame 126107.
  • 0:52/126568 - The same trick why I leave 1 ring before.
  • 1:04/127323 - This is the way to collect the third group of rings at frame 128110.
  • 1:38/129363 - Inside this wall are the last group of rings, so perfect bonus is possible now.

Metropolis 3

Same as Metropolis 1 and 2, taking advantage of glide clip and spindash through objects to save a lot of time, nothing special to say, the level is played normally.

Sky Chase

Auto scrolling level, nothing to say, the only fun fact is: If Knuckles don't jump can keep the combo chains, the max score possible in Sky Chase with this trick is 372900.

Wing Fortress

The last level with rings, don't have a score table at the end but yes a lot of rings to collect.
  • 0:21/152171 - Waiting this object and spindash is faster.
  • 0:43/153489 - Break this monitor is faster than climbing for him later.
  • 1:03/154706 - This precise jump saves time.
  • 1:05/154809 - Hidden ring monitor.
  • 1:11/155167 - Another hidden ring monitor :P
  • 1:32/156457 - Look down and jump I can pass through the wall and save time.

Stage comments by WST

This run has 2 stages which include my direct contributions, they are Emerald Hill 1 and Hill Top 2.

Emerald Hill Zone 1

When Evil_3D made EHZ1, I noticed imperfection in some places and decided to redo it. When redoing, I slightly changed the route, which helped me to save some seconds. Finally I decided to add the tricks known as “run up a slope” and “monitor madness”, but sadly, when I applied them, I also skipped a ring. This was fixed by Zurggriff and his positioning magic

Hilltop Zone 2

Then I decided to improve HTZ2 — I was curious about the reasons which caused Evil_3D to wait for the lava to rise up and decided to check everything myself. As I discovered, it was not necessary at all — one can simply collect all the rings and spindash through the doors instead of waiting for the lava to use it for glitching through those doors. Later Evil_3D found some improvements to my attempt as well.

Possible Improvements (Most remarked by Zurggriff and WST)

  • CPZ2: Climbing will be better.
  • CPZ2: 24791 - spindash through the pipe maybe saves some frames.
  • CPZ2: 26640 - A jump around here going straight up gives Knuckles a huge speed boost upon exiting the water.
  • ARZ2: 40388 - Maybe jumping around here allows Knuckles to glide to the crumble platform.
  • CNZ2: I forgot pressing [^] when climbing the elevators, this maybe saves some frames.
  • HTZ1: 69730 - It is possible to spindash and jump to around this location earlier without being crushed.
  • HTZ1: 70505 - It is faster to stop on the quarter-pipe and spindash from there, immediately followed by a jump.
  • HTZ2: 79441 - It is faster to climb this wall rather than using the spring.
  • MTZ3: 138200 - roll+jump to touch the red spring earlier can save ~11 frames.
  • In some stages the capsule is hit one frame late.

Special thanks

  • Theyogwog: For inspire me on making this ring-attack.
  • WST: For learn me how to TASing and help.
  • Marzojr: For his useful Sonic TAS Tools.
  • Zurggriff: For his awesome optimization level and help.
  • Kiske/Tee-N-Tee: For the previous Any% run.
  • Felipe: For his old "Perfec Bonus" run.
  • Okral: For his glitch videos.
  • Joshep: For his support.
  • The Sonic Center: For his detailed Sonic 2 maps.
  • Everyone in the S2K thread, for his help, tips and support.
  • TAS Videos: For let me sharing my work.

Sorry if my English is a little bad.

GoddessMaria: Judging.
GoddessMaria: Alright... this submission's legality was questioned at first due to the ROM used, but that is no longer an issue as it still works on the verified clean dump. So moving on to another matter: the goal choice. It is a valid goal which aims to collect every possible ring in each Act as fast as possible using Knuckles. The question is: Does this run meet its goal? Yes, it does meet its main goal while adding entertaining moments in for good measure. While there are a number of small improvements here and there, none of them are so significant enough to completely warrant rejection. Overall, this submission has been very well made and the audience response was very positive. Therefore...
Accepting this to Moons as a separate category.
feos: Let's pub.
feos: Knuckles is in the game name, no need to keep him in the branch name too. See [2752] Genesis Sonic 3 & Amy Rose by WST & marzojr in 29:27.58 [3038] Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Kiske, Tee-N-Tee, Aglar, WST in 17:41.90 [3325] Genesis Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Zurggriff in 17:41.85. Moreover, you can't even use other characters in Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 2, so yeah.

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