Submission #5425: ruadath's SNES Clock Tower in 01:57.97

Console Super NES Emulator Bizhawk 1.11.9
Game Version unknown Frame Count 7090
ROM Filename Clock Tower (Japan).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 5081
Unknown Authors ruadath
Game Clock Tower
Submitted by ruadath on 3/27/2017 9:00:21 AM

Submission Comments
Thanks to Fortranm for pointing out that this glitched ending might be faster than the H ending; although he was talking about the PSX version, which turned out to be the case for SFC too after the sliding skip for cutscenes was discovered during my S ending run.
I will leave it to the judges to decided whether or not this is worthy of a new branch, or if it should simply replace the recently published any% run.


The main "glitch" present in this run, for those who have not played the game, is the skipping of the cutscene where Anne drowns in the pool, allowing Jennifer to reach the car without witnessing any of her friends dying (and in particular, without seeing Scissorman). This is not supposed to be allowed to happen, so the game does not know which ending to display when the title screen is reached resulting in a blank screen. In the post-credits game, Ending D is marked as being completed, although this is not Ending D (it is closest to Ending G/H).

Fog: Judging.
Fog: Good run! It's funny to see what happens to the game when you skip things in unintended ways.
However, I did not find the run entertaining enough to maintain the current tier of Moons. The audience reception to both this submission and the previous publication confirm my thoughts.
There was also some discussions regarding if this run would obsolete the previous publication, but I haven't really seen any compelling reasons to keep this as a separate branch.
Accepting to Vault as an improvement to the previous publication!
Spikestuff: Quick Pub coming in.

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