Submission #5453: ThunderAxe31's GBC 2003 Crash II Advance in 15:10.92

(Link to video)
Game Boy Color
(Submitted: Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure)
BizHawk 1.12.0
Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure (U).gba
Submitted by ThunderAxe31 on 4/1/2017 7:58:35 PM
Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Using an emulator that doesn't Crash on TAStudio
  • Forgoes using TAStudio
  • Forgoes using tradeoffs, I swear
  • Does not aim for maximum score but gets it anyway
  • I told "OK!!" to King Rooster, is that ok?

About the game

It's very self-explainatory so if you watch the encode it explains by self.

About the run

So today I woken up in my bed, except that I was Crash and Supreme Chicken called me and told me to TAS The Huge Adventure, so I picked up the huggest adventure I knew of, but it turned out very harsh because a pigeon tried to poop on my head but I killed it with a sword but in the end I won. But before I won, I had to do other stuff, in fact I also fought final boss, which was scary and interesting. But let's start from the beginning: So today I woken up in my bed and I was Crash and pigeon... Well, in order to fight final boss, I had reach him into space, because he was there, so I've gone in forest and in motorway and city and icy place and another place and in space place. I arrived on satellite which was like static housefly, I mean it was like house flying staticly. But I also walked below satellite, on Earth, or maybe was Moon, idk because I was busy fighting boss of final. He was scary and not interesting, but I was the one who gone to him so you could say I was interested, but I jumped on him many times but he walked right and left but I changed color but he shoot. But I won. Then THEEND but the movie kept going so it wasn't really, but then actually THEEND. But I also killed siren, sorry.

Suggested screenshot

Every frame is suggested.

Maybe there is a problem

Rules say "The ROM must be good" and this ROM is bad because is fixed, but rules also say "Play games that are emulated well" so maybe it's the other way around. Is it worse to have a modified ROM that plays or an unmodified ROM that doesn't play? So deep.

Special Thanks

Masterjun for being disappointed.

Masterjun: /me undisappointed. Judging.
Masterjun: What we have here is an ingenious example of deception. A carefully constructed Tool-Assisted Superplay (referred to as TAS) requires certain elements to be called truly exceptional. First we have Tool to be an important factor in deciding the quality of the content we're presented. "What exactly is Tool?", you may ask yourself or others. Do go ahead and collect answers to the question. To correctly define Tool we need to look no further than the next term in our initial statement. The importance of Tool is only given through the existence of Assisted. The connection is thoroughly represented with -. Notice how there is no - between the next two terms, showing a clear disconnection in the very nature of terms whenever spoken or written. Due to this interruption in the full expression of TAS, we have a completely unique instance of linked disconnect. These conflicting contexts in connection with creative craftsmanship can clearly construct a creation called Cheat. There is nothing further apart than TAS and Cheat, but the one link this disconnect has is Deception. This submission reached the state of connecting TAS and Cheat by deceiving the viewer into thinking this to be a GBA game while simultaniously creating a disconnect by abusing the submission form in showing GBC. With this in mind I will reject this run to Moons!
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