GBC - Mega Man Xtreme



  • Platform: GBC
  • Abbreviation: MMXtreme
  • Display Name: Mega Man Xtreme
  • GoodTools Name: Mega Man Xtreme
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  • Action
  • Platform


Mega Man Xtreme is a port of the popular Mega Man X series to the Game Boy Color. It adapts the Mavericks and their stages from that series and wraps it into gameplay more suited for the portable console.
Here, FractalFusion & Alyosha speed through the game and exploit glitches to create a movie worthy of what we have come to expect from Mega Man at TASVideos.
This movie is about 7 seconds faster than the previous record by FractalFusion. It appears longer due to significantly more accurate emulation of the loading times in this run.
This movie is played from a save that has unlocked "Extreme mode", which allows you to play all of the levels in one game. Runs that start from a savestate are not normally allowed; see the Movie Rules for more on this.

You can watch the complete run played back on console

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