Submission #5540: Odongdong's PSX One Piece Mansion in 04:44.45

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator BizHawk 1.12.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 16866
ROM Filename One Piece Mansion (USA).cue Frame Rate 59.94005994005994
Branch Rerecord Count 9140
Unknown Authors Odongdong
Game One Piece Mansion
Submitted by Odongdong on 6/10/2017 1:17:02 PM

Submission Comments
One Piece Mansion is a low-budget puzzle game from Capcom, released in the nearly end of PlayStation's lifespan. You, as an apartment owner, must manage the tenants' stress carefully while fighting back interruption from your rival Chocola and his minions. Although the game was barely promoted at its released, it was developed by many talented members in the company, including Yoshiki Okamoto (Forgotten Worlds, Final Fight) as executive producer, Noritaka Funamizu (Marvel vs. Capcom, Vampire Savior, among many Capcom fighting games) as general producer, and Hideaki Itsuno (Devil May Cry) as director.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.12.2
  • BIOS: SCPH7003.bin

General information

Each tenant in the game has their own unique stress status, so the main goal is either getting tenants with green arrows as many as possible, or placing them in proper positions. The game doesn't let you do this easily, so general strategy is to manage the luck and the place in balance so that all tenants can survive 'till the end of the game.
Three kinds of achievements exist in all 7 stages you must fulfill at the end of the month: earing enough money, building enough rooms, or building the floor above requirement. The last one is very easy and can be done in one month as this run demonstrates, but other two are main challenge of this game, involving a number of planning and manipulation.
There're also enemies called the Syndicate Five who'll do nasty things like stealing the money of setting the rooms on fire, thus it's crucial to adjust their behavior not to disturb the plan. Interestingly, the Syndicate Five is also counted in total room number, so in some missions, it's necessary to keep them alive. There're actually more enemies than these, including the big bosses who'll inflict a huge damage upon the mansion, but since the run completes the stages quickly, they never come into play.
Here's a chart of the costs and earnings in this game:
Create new tenant-$300
Create new elevator-$500
Move tenant-$50
Lose tenant-$1500The cost goes up to $3000 in second year, and $4500 in third year and onward
Owner's salary-$50 per month
Tenant's rent$200 per month
Contract bonus$2000It require keeping the tenant for 2 years, so it never occurs in this run.

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1 - Earn $10000

I started with filling the two empty rooms to save the cost from them. After that, I kept grinding tenants by mashing the time skipping button. All the stages afterward usually go like this.

Stage 2 - Build 20 Rooms

As mentioned above, the enemies themself are also counted in the total number, so you only need to create 18 of them.

Stage 3 - Build 10-story building

You start with $3000 and the apartment is already at 3rd floor. Hence, building four elevators (4 x $500) and 3 rooms (3 x $300) is enough to make it, beating the stage in a month.

Stage 4 - Build 30 Rooms

A little more tricky than stage 2, because some of the tenants will be lost due to their stress meter. Needs other tenants to neutrilize them.

Stage 5 - Build 15-story building

Once again, it's possible to finish this stage in a month thanks to the same exploit in stage 3. Starting money is $4000, which can cover generating 9 floors with six elevators (6 x $500) and three rooms (3 x $300).

Stage 6 - Earn $30000

This stage is a pain, because early in the game it introduces an enemy named Pineapple, who holds bomb around the apartment and explode it real quickly, taking out three rooms nearby. However, it's possible to make its AI hesitant by placing the empty room in the same floor, though it still requires lots of luck to execute it.

Stage 7 - Build 35 Rooms

Another apartment with bad room positions and annoying enemies, and the game is really cheap at giving good tenant, making this the most difficult part in this run. Also, since it skips right to the ending after this mission, you can end the input right after placing the last tenant, which I did. Luckily, the stage ends just before the fire takes out the tenants.

Other comments

Suggested screenshot: 9715

Fog: Judging.
Fog: What a strange game. It seems relatively well optimized, but I did not find this run entertaining, and neither did the majority of the audience responses.
Accepting for Vault.
feos: Pub.

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