Submission #5563: maTO's Genesis Generations Lost in 07:45.53

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens 11a
Game Version USA/Europe Frame Count 27896
ROM Filename Generations Lost (USA, Europe).md Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Rerecord Count 7918
Unknown Authors maTO
Game Generations Lost
Submitted by maTO on 6/24/2017 8:03:36 PM

Submission Comments
You play as Monobe, a tribesman who is told by the village leader that he must venture outside of the village and discover the mysterious past of his people.
However, before he leaves, the leader gives him a special energy suit that allows him to fire a wrist-mounted laser,
as well as create a stream of energy which he can use to pull himself up to ledges and swing around.
Movie features:
  • Emulator used: Gens 11a
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Genre: Platform
Fastest way is rolling on ground standing up every 18th frame.
Monobe has this gauntlet, E-rad, which can shoot an energy blast or create a stream of energy to climb up and down.
Shield - absorbs 5 hits.
Zapout - turns Monobe invisible for a little over 4 seconds but can't move.
Search and destroy - releases 8 diamonds that seek enemies. Quite ineffective honestly.
10 quick erad blasts - can shoot with minimal charging.
Memory addresses
00FFBE2FHP start, 5:08+
00FFC01FHP 1:12+
00FFC7DFHP 3:02+
00FFC20FHP 3:20+
00FFC017Guardian 6:45
00FFBFF1Eye of the Electric Night 6:54
0:32 - I take 2 damage and get a small push to water. Now can use that 100 frames of invisibility for rolling in water.
0:39 - Could take 4 damage and save 26 frames (but there are better uses for that health)
0:45 - Have to awkwardly wait for a while
0:49 - Take 4 damage here to pass by the enemy
1:12 - Temple of the enchanted box, agricultural sector
1:17 - Climbing up could be done faster but there would be spikes on floor at 1:32 to prevent improving.
1:36 - Here's the first healing platform. It takes almost 4 seconds to heal, so it's too much in a TAS.
1:38 - Falling through floor. Have to wait for few frames for an arrow to disappear.
1:41 - Here would be (Shield) and (Zapout) if they were needed
1:46 - Going through a wall again. Hilariously the spikes at 1:52 are dangerous only when you cross a 1:54 mark going to left.
1:56 - the moving platforms here and on lower part are already in motion so don't need to move quite optimally here.
2:11 - You can go through the floor between spikes but it was just not fast enough to reach the platform. Should have shown that in the run though :/
2:31 - Charging beam so I can reach highter places
2:55 - The enchanted box is a transnode, teleporter to transnodes in other sectors.
3:02 - Maintenace sector: Equipment storage room
3:13 - Zapout item and a Key to upper level generator room used at 5:01
3:15 - Take 4 damage to save about 2 seconds
3:20 - Maintenace sector: supply compartments polyphase components
3:52 - First component
3:55 - Glitching through wall saves about 13 seconds.
3:56 - Taking 4 damage allows to glitch again and save about 6,5 seconds
4:07 - This glitching saves about 2 seconds and doesn't take 8 dmg. Gets the second component
4:24 - Takes 8 damage and can go through to save about 13 seconds
4:31 - Third and final component
4:48 - Maintenace sector: generator room
5:02 - This is where the polyphase components were for. Now we have access to every transnode.
5:08 - Propulsion sector: Fusion exhaust vents, forward transnode
5:12 - I still have a charged rope so I can reach that high platform and save 3,5 seconds.
5:17 - A key and Search and destroy item
5:36 - A Key and Zapout item
5:57 - Here I have to guide the cat on top of a pressure plate to open the door.
6:35 - Captain's key #1
6:41 - Security sector
6:45 - Guardian of the E.o.t.E.N. (18 hp)
6:54 - Eye of the Electric Night (127 hp)
7:22 - Captain's key #2
7:27 - Engineering sector. Machine mind gives us the Captain's key #3
7:35 - Main bridge. With Captain keys Monobe can access the ship's log and learns it's purpose.

feos: A solid run with no places where it even looks sloppy, but with a lot of places where it looks like the game is underdeveloped. This isn't a "run right" game, and it has nice graphics, but all the rest is very boring: basically no music, no real fights, no fast pace, no detailed animation, no viewer interest, no Moons. Accepting to Vault.
Fog: Processing.

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