Submission #5599: DrD2k9's C64 Galaxian in 00:26.99

Console Commodore 64 Emulator BizHawk 1.13.1
Game Version unknown Frame Count 1353
ROM Filename GALAXIAN.CRT Frame Rate 50.1245421245421
Branch Rerecord Count 531
Unknown Authors DrD2k9
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by DrD2k9 on 7/13/2017 9:21:29 PM

Submission Comments

Galaxian for Commodore 64

Alien invaders are attacking your planet! Protect it at all costs!

Game Notes

  • Objective: Shoot the aliens before they shoot you (or crash into you).
  • All stages are identical in configuration with no new content introduced after even one stage.
    • Difficulty increases by increasing how many galaxians attack at once and how quickly from the start of a stage (immediately in this video).

TAS Notes

  • This is a cartridge version of the game
  • As no new content is introduced after one stage, only one stage is necessary for a TAS.
  • Aims for fastest completion of the highest selectable starting level. (This is equivalent to choosing to the most difficult setting for a one stage run.)
    • Ironically, the increased difficulty causes more enemies to attack. This makes killing them faster than on 'easier' stages as the wait time between shots is shortened.
  • Uses death to save frames.
    • Dying at the end of the video allows for completion of the TAS input earlier than avoiding the alien's attack (requires an additional 8 frames of input).

drd2k9:Canceling--I need to check PAL/NTSC settings.

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