Submission #5615: genzie's NES DAIVA Story 6: Nirsartia no Gyokuza "best ending" in 36:53.04

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX2.1.1
Game Version JPN Frame Count 133001
ROM Filename Daiva - Imperial of Nirsartia (J).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch best ending Rerecord Count 11172
Unknown Authors genzie
Game DAIVA Story 6: Nirsartia no Gyokuza
Submitted by genzie on 7/24/2017 3:27:50 PM

Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • Speedrun
  • True Ending
  • No password
  • No password failed glitch


Daiva is 'Active Simulation War' released on 7 platforms.
'Active Simulation War' is Simulation + Fleet Battle + Action. But NES's Simulation part is largely simplified.
Travel over the planets and release from the Empire by Driving Armor.

True end

  1. Start game in Level 4.
  2. Mine the energy material 'Gamma3' (Wait 1 min after Planet 1 conqured)
  3. Take over 'New OM Cannon' (Release all planets after getting Gamma3)
  4. Search 'New Vritra' and destroy it by above two items. Then last planet 'Nirsartia' appears.

Moving fleet

Fleet speed is variable in 1-5 dot/frame.
The diagonal moving is 1.4 times faster than horz/vert.
Basically, fleet moves by spd5, at entering the planet, down speed to 2.

Order traveling planet

It is traveling salesman problem. But 14 (planet total) is not very large. I could caliculate the shortest route.

Fleet Battle

It takes a lot of time, so I avoid it.

Planet Battle

Auto scrolled. It's like STG.
Until the scroll ends, planet battle doesn't close even though boss is destroyed.
Lag frame is never generated except taken damage.
So planet battle has a little effect on clear time.
Each planet has different gravity.
Only 4 enemies appear at a time.
Enemy appearance point is fixed. If 4 enemies remain, new enemy disappears.
Each planet boss has 4 cores. They can be destroyed by 3 damages.

Support item

Missiles, Supply, and Bomb.
The dropping point can be changed before planet battle.It takes a few frame, so I start as default.

Recapture by enemy fleet

Blinking planet means recapturing by enemy fleet.
I can prevent it by fleet battle. But fleet battle is undesirable, so I end the game before recapturing completion.

Manipulate luck

During moving to Planet 1 from 3, I call the enemy ship to planet1 neighborhood, thereby delaying enemy's recaputuring.


Very strong gravity.
Boss's cores are invisible.
I set the missiles in front of boss.
I destroy only a left-upper core, and end the movie. Then Missiles destory last 3 cores.

feos: Not much to say here, long and slow paced game with similar gameplay throughout the levels, no feedback, yet the run is decently done. It also aims for the true ending, which is addressed in Japanese after you beat the game without it, and adds one more level. Accepting to Vault as a full completion branch.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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