Submission #5653: Zupapa's MSX Blagger in 14:21.04

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MSX Home Computer System
openMSX 0.14.0
Submitted by Zupapa on 9/8/2017 2:09 AM
Submission Comments
Blagger is a platform game created by Antony Crowther and released by Alligata for the Commodore 64 and BBC Micro computers in 1983, Acorn Electron, Amstrad CPC (through Amsoft) and MSX in 1984 and Commodore 16/Commodore Plus/4 in 1985. In some countries this game was released under the name Gangster. The gameplay is similar to that of Manic Miner, also released in 1983. A sequel, Son of Blagger, was released in 1984 with a third and final title Blagger Goes to Hollywood released in 1985.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: openMSX 0.14.0
  • Aims for fastest time


Double jump - can be done when you fall on a key, you can make a second jump in either direction.
Using the key for the character may fall from a higher height (Level 10).
Jump in the air - if you jump in an enclosed place your character will walk on air.
This helps pick up the keys early, jumping in advance and picking up keys that would need 2 jumps.
Jump on the walls - this is the most useful trick, to do so you have 2 options.
You can do this by jumping from a long distance and falling near the wall (LEVEL 1). It can also be done near the wall, but there is a certain distance required, otherwise the character will hit the wall.

Other comments

I have to thank openMSX Team members for this TAS.

Fog: Judging.
Fog: As per the discussions happening in the submission topic, it has been pointed out that this is the JP version of the game running on PAL hardware.
The rules clearly state that the emulator and ROM regions must match. If at all possible, please re-sync the movie to play off of JP hardware and re-submit with proper information.
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