Submission #5668: TASeditor's GBA Kao the Kangaroo in 14:12.30

Game Boy Advance
BizHawk 2.2.0
Kao the Kangaroo (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).gba
Submitted by TASeditor on 10/4/2017 3:40:09 PM
Submission Comments
A kangaroo has trained itself to master martial arts, it also knows a lot of international financial politics. It collects money and attempts to destabilize the market by never spending the money. The kangaroo is a big threat to humanity, so four heros have be chosen to stop it: A resurrected Tyrannosaurus Rex; The Yeti, they found him on an online dating website; The Djinn from a lamp oil bottle; And a hunter who loads mosquitos into his gun. This movie beats the previous submission by 7933 frames.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2
  • Minor glitch abuse
  • Takes damage to save time


Horizontal movement

Regular walking speed is 640subpx/f, the character accelerates at a rate of 128subpx/f.
By pressing U the character can move at 1024subpx/f. The character can move at 1024subpx/f in mid-air if U has been pressed prior to A.
Dropping speed from >640subpx/f to 640subpx/f
By releasing U when the character is running on ground the speed will drop immideately to 640subpx/f.
Deaccelerating on ground
The character lowers its speed at a rate of 128subpx/f. The effects of pressing opposite direction on d-pad or releasing d-pad input are the same.
Deaccelerating in mid-air
Releasing d-pad causes a speed drop of 32subpx/f, pressing opposite direction lowers it by 128subpx/f.
Keeping current speed
Pressing L+R keeps the current speed, it will drop to 640subpx/f if current speed is >640subpx/f and U is released. The side effect is that the character will face left and the camera is influenced by it.
Sliding downhill
On first frame speed drops to 0subpx/f, then then accelerates to 1408subpx/f from speed before starting sliding in a rate of 128subpx/f. Any directional input during sliding doesn't change speed. After sliding the speed drops to regular speed immideately.
One frame of halt, on ground no movement during animation if it is a normal punch.
Damage boosts
Speed goes to 1408subpx/f. Damage boost can be extended by pressing L+R on specific frames.
Punch boosts
Delayed punch boosts, going throught punch animation, cause the speed to go up by 1280subpx/f. Hitting the terrain immideately causes the speed to go to 2176subpx/f. Speed accelerates at a rate of 128subpx/f if pressing direction of movement on d-pad, 160subpx/f if pressing nothing on d-pad, 256subpx/f if pressing opposite direction.
Wall clipping
When boosting the character can enter walls by pressing opposite direction before hitting the wall.

Vertical movement

The A presses can be distributed until peak of jump, five presses total. On first frame speed goes to 1248subpx/f, then deaccelerates at 160subpx/f if A is not pressed. If A is pressed the acceleration depends on the current frame.
Punch boosts
They affect vertical speed on the frame hitting the terrain.


Does one HP damage on bosses, except for last doing three HP damage. Shortest animation time.
Does one HP damage on bosses, except for last doing three HP damage. Longer animation time than punch.
Does one HP damage on bosses, except for last doing three HP damage.
Does two HP damage on bosses. The gloves can hit 1st and 2nd boss multiple times.
Cancelling attack animation
All attacks except pounding can be stopped by pausing or when standing still by moving camera with l.


Small Heart
+3 HP.
Big Heart
+7 HP.
+1 glove, for throwing.
For bonus level, useless.
For resuming stage where the flag was used with s if character dies, useless.
Invunerability and immideately killing enemies.
Does damage.
Random item drop.

feos: Solid run, impressive improvement over an older submission, entertaining to the audience. Fast pace, glitches, nice game. What else do we ask for? Accepting to Moons.
fsvgm777: Processing.
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