Submission #5698: WaveFire_yt's NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang "100%" in 06:36.01
Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Wally Bear and the No! Gang)
BizHawk 2.2.1
Wally Bear and the No Gang (USA) (Unl).nes
Submitted by WaveFire_yt on 11/4/2017 4:55:06 AM
Submission Comments

Game objectives

Finish the game at a new record. Do a bunch of cool looking stuff in slow motion.
  • Emulator used: bizhawk


There was a TAS already done of this game, so my challenge was to beat it! Found a few frame perfect glitches like moving left and right back and forth frame by frame gives me more control in air. I'm sure i could shave maybe a few more secconds off but the project had already gone on to being a multi day thing, and I would need to start over in some levels.

Noxxa: Compared to the published movie, this run needlessly loses time in most stages, particularly in the sewer levels. Movement in general is less optimized, and while this movie has been submitted with a "100%" branch, it does not appear to have any particular goal in mind, as several items are skipped along the way. In any case, since this movie is visibly slower and unoptimized compared to existing runs, rejecting.
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