Submission #5757: Evan0512's DS Brain Age in 02:47.70

Nintendo DS
DeSmuMe 0.9.9
0396 - Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (U)(Trashman).ds
Submitted by Evan0512 on 12/21/2017 12:52 AM
Submission Comments

Game objectives!!

  • Emulator used: DeSmuMe 0.9.9
  • Manipulates luck

About this game!!

I used Brain Training to check the brain age by using math problems. Here's how:
  • In the Brain Age training, I did all correctly. I put numbers instead of drawings like Ryoto's movie. The age is 20, making the least age to do Brain Age training.
  • I put a number left on the year, the right on month and day.
  • On Calculations X100, I made it all 100 correct in 54 seconds! One mistake is on the 68th question said 4*9, I accidentally put a dot. I erased the board and put 36 as a correct answer.

About the run!!

This run shows you how you can abuse the number recognition program by secretly drawing the number answer in each picture. You can see random characters on Brain Age Check mode, and video game stuff on calculations X 100 mode. It will take about 2 minutes in this run:
  • 1 minute 23 seconds description
  • 10 second brain training
  • 54 second calculations X100
  • Total: 2 minutes 26 seconds of this run
Soon I can do another movie and publish it.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: The way touch input is mashed during menus makes it evident that frame advance was not used, or at least was not used effectively. The way answers are drawn shows no amount of technical optimization is applied - lines are drawn reasonably fast but clearly not optimal, and are not straight, looking more like slightly sped up human drawing rather than anything actually resembling tool-assisted precision. The fact one answer started out drawn wrong and had to be quickly erased and re-input inside the run also shows that savestates are not used effectively.
The conclusion is that tools are not used effectively, which results in this movie being suboptimal and not representing itself well as a TAS. Rejecting.
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