Submission #575: /*-'s SNES The Mask in 10:09.50

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA Frame Count 36570
ROM Filename Mask,_The_(U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2798
Unknown Authors /*-
Game The Mask
Submitted by /*- on 3/3/2005 1:35:34 AM

Submission Comments
  • snes9x v1.43+
  • did not enable anything when it asks before starting up movie. so untick everything... leave READ ONLY ticked however.
  • no warps (though to advance, the game requires you to use various things such as vents... kinda like warping)
  • prog errors: somewhat luck manipulation in making enemies do what i wanted them to. (noticible on last 2 bosses)
  • takes damage, no deaths
  • plays on hardest level
the mask: you are jim carrey (not really, but i forget the characters name), and you put on this neat little mask and run through the city to... rescue the pretty girl in a red dress?
movie making was odd. i had done 2 versions prior to this (both incomplete and never submitted) in which i did not take full advantage of some moves (hyper-run/advance). most of it was recorded at 12%, but anytime i used the hyperdash, it was at 6% (even 3 at one point). the game was very fun to make.
NOTICE: it desyncs a few i cannot get around is in the beginning. play the movie and it will get stuck in the CONTROLLER OPTIONS menu. just stop and start the movie again. it should be fine so long as you never fastforward or anything. and if you do fastforward, never do it at the beginning or end of a level... it has a thing with what i think is the sound and will cause it to mess up. if anyone can successfully get around the desync in the beginning, please post. im very new to using snes9x.
the last 2 bosses i apologize for to some degree. i tried to make the last one entertaining while keeping it quick. however, he has a LOT of health and i had to find ways around it (i think i used all but 1 attack if it means anything). the second from last in the prison was a pain. on the last little run of it, i do pause because if i move too far in one direction or another, he will hit me and i could not get around it but to hesitate briefly.
also, if i fall and go splat, i was conserving M points. if i use the sledgehammer for what seems like no reason, it was to prevent falling and going splat. i try and avoid as much damage as possible unless it would cost me time, but in some places, you get set-up to take damage.
all in all, im satisfied.
-description: well... im ripping this from a FAQ by pietjepuk (whose FAQ was damn near cryptic in the direction area)
The story is about a man named Stanley Ippkiss who works at a bank and falls in love woman who comes there one day. Then one day he finds a mask that changes him in a guy with huge powers, until some other dude finds this out and steals the mask from him and kidnaps his girlfriend. So Stanley goes after him to save her.

Phil: You should tell us what settings were you using because both me, Bisqwit and DeHacked got the movie to desync.
like i said, i didnt check anything. its just a game that seems to very prone to desyncing. i know its done it at the options screen, in the park area at the beginning, at the last level, and a few times on the level before the last.

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