Submission #5770: Meerkov's SNES Kid Klown in Crazy Chase in 12:17.60

System Super NES Emulator Bizhawk 1.12.0
Game Version unknown Frame Count 44329
ROM Filename Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (U) [!].smv Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 6605
Unknown Authors Meerkov
Game Kid Klown in Crazy Chase
Submitted by Meerkov on 12/29/2017 12:44:20 AM

Submission Comments
In this game, you must run through five levels, collecting 4 cards in each. At the end, you will have 5 tries to unlock the cage where Princess Honey is kidnapped.
Altogether the game is pretty cute, and has nice animation. Kid Klown has a ton of different animations, depending on what obstacle hits him. There are also bonus stages, and hidden zones, but none of them are useful for moving faster, so none are shown.
  • Stage 1: 1'53"13 (Best 1'53"10)
  • Stage 2: 1'46"11
  • Stage 3: 1'59"35
  • Stage 4: 2'04"76
  • Stage 5: 1'50"25 (Best 1'50"18)
  • Key: First try
Final Score: 5690890


Stage 1:

I roll on some logs for some speed. If you button mash when stunned/etc, you can recover faster. Some events are unavoidable, like Kid Klown getting blown by wind, or getting surprised by the first axe. I actually lose 2 frames by rolling on one of the logs, however if you go faster (cutting 0.03 seconds off the timer) the cards will be in a worse location for the next level, costing approximately 10 frames instead. Therefore, I kept the 2 frame slower path.

Stage 2:

Unlike every other level, this one has speed boosts in the form of springs on the ground. Because these put you faster than your natural running speed, you really want to use up all that speed before collecting a card. That's why we needed to manipulate the card location on this level by going slower in stage 1. The wall I climb over is unavoidable, but you can button mash to climb up faster. (The skipped spring on this level leads to a bonus stage, which is why I skipped it).

Stage 3:

On this level, you can jump outside of the left side of the track. I use this a few times to get past an obstacle that would otherwise be unavoidable. I also take damage to save time (about 1 second).

Stage 4:

This level is fairly straight forward with no special tricks.

Stage 5:

This level features a gate that is unavoidable. You actually can jump out of the left side of the track, and try to go around just like on Stage 3, however the programmers prepared a trap for you. A pitchfork will appear out of the sky and crash down on your head. I can only just barely touch the ground (for about 2 frames, enough to start a jump) when the pitchfork hits me anyway. I tried a bunch of different types of jumps, but I couldn't avoid the pitchfork. As a result, it's faster to squeeze through. I slow down, costing 0.07 seconds on the timer (about 4-5 frames) to manipulate the end sequence.

End Sequence:

There are 10 locks and only one of them unlocks the cage. Normally you'd get 5 tries, but we manipulated it so the lock that opens the gate is the default location (bottom right). Each space away costs 9 frames, so it is definitely worth 5 frames to ensure we don't have to move the cursor.
The game goes through an unskippable ending sequence, and the final button press brings it to "The End".


The game has a Hard mode, that is only unlocked after beating the game. However, as far as I can tell, it's exactly the same game, but you have less hit points. As a result, it would be entirely redundant to play through on Hard Mode.
Collecting coins increases the time it takes to add up your score on the score screen. If you collect 10 coins, it launches a minigame, which is useless for a speed run.
You gain a frame by starting input after the level starts.

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: This run is well optimized and beats all known records. Note that the current RTA WR appears to be faster because it doesn't trigger the ending screen, differently from this TAS.
The audience feedback is positive.
Accepting for Moons.
ThunderAxe31: Replaced movie file with a version with a fixed header. Input and sync info are unchanged.
feos: Pub.

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