Submission #581: Morimoto & finalfighter's NES Mega Man 2 in 25:34.65

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Rockman 2)
Famtasia 5.1
Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (J).nes
Submitted by finalfighter on 3/7/2005 11:04:51 AM
Submission Comments
This is the long-awaited entirely new movie of Rockman 2, making of which was started in March 19th 2004.
Finalfighter's comments about this movie are at:
This movie is played by Morimoto and Finalfighter.
I'll skip to the thanks part:
Thanks to
  • Nori for making Famtasia
  • Norix for making VirtuaNES
  • Bisqwit for consultation in game glitches
  • blip for making the invaluable 60 fps Famtasia patch
  • Kuwata for a Rockman 2 level editor
  • Hirano for consultation in ladder and wall tricks
  • Terimakasih for consultation in "shutter technique" (?)
  • The Rockmania site
  • Rockの遊戯館 site
  • SEASIDE LABORARY site for cheat codes
  • WASP site
  • The Joytokey program
  • The Stirling binary editor program
Important note: Finalfighter explicitly forbids republishing this movie (and AVI files made of it) on commercial and advertisement-paid sites.
  • Made with Famtasia
  • Abuses luck (weapon refills, boss behavior)
  • Takes a lot of advantage of game glitches
  • Takes damage to save time
  • No warps, no passwords
A detailed commentary will be coming later (at least in Japanese).

Bisqwit: If someone manages to convert this to FCM, please contact me. I'd like to make the AVI with FCEU (because of superior emulation quality).
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