Submission #5849: sugarfoot's Arcade Double Dragon in 09:42.33

System Arcade Emulator MAME-rr 0.139 v0.1 beta
Game Version any Frame Count 33452
ROM Filename Frame Rate 57.44489397800567
Branch Rerecord Count 987
Unknown Authors sugarfoot
Game Double Dragon
Submitted by sugarfoot on 3/11/2018 4:38:12 AM

Submission Comments
Double Dragon is a beat 'em up video game series initially developed by Technōs Japan and released as an arcade game in 1987.
This is a 1-player TAS of Double Dragon Arcade, and as far as I'm aware, this is the first successful attempt at a TAS of Double Dragon. It was a fun run - with lots of lesson learned for lag management (Completed in about 8 minutes, 3 seconds)
UPDATE: I've canceled this submission since it hasn't been judged yet, and I've submitted a newer/faster run:

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Mame-RR 0.139-v0.1-beta
  • Difficulty: Medium (Default)
  • Get through game as fast as possible
  • Manage game lag
  • Throw as many rocks, knives, boulders as possible!
  • Show off all the out of bounds areas in the game
  • Have fun!


I had a ton of fun creating this TAS. It's my first attempt at making anything. AFAIK this is the only successful attempt at TAS for Genuine Arcade Version. If this TAS were to be adjusted to run at same speed as the Xbox/Steam variants of Double Dragon - this TAS blows the Speed Run Records out of the water (With all the lag and original arcade speed, this TAS finishes in about 8:03 (timed from the point Billy is controllable in Stage 1, to when the boss dies on Stage 4... compared this to sped up lag-less World Record with Steam Version, 8:13).

Stage by stage comments

Stage 1

Pretty basic run leading up to Bolo fight. Lots of attention paid to keeping 1 to 2 mobs on screen at any given time.

Stage 2

Lots of careful positioning to make sure all mobs die at nearly the same time. Final boss and mobs require subpixel positioning to knock them off the cliff. If you throw elbow before they're on exact subpixel positions - they will not fall off the cliff

Stage 3

Horribly Aggravating Fights - Lots of large groups, and stupid AI that gets stuck in corners.
Double Adobo fight was incredibly fun to do. Lots of trial and error figuring out how to get them off the cliff. They must take a certain amount of damage before they fall backwards - before that, all attacks will knock them forwards (and it will be impossible to knock them off cliffs).

Stage 4

I have to give credit to Speed Runner "JJ Chung" for the trick to get thrown up on ledge with Willy. I optimized his original approach - and with the help of TAS, was able to down the boss quickly

Other comments

I think viewers will love to see all the places where you can knock mobs off cliffs, holes and edges
Stage 2 could use some improvement (wasted a few seconds walking too far during boss fight)
General cleanup of attacks (few stray headbutts, elbows)
Stage 4 double Bolo fight is incredibly frustrating. Working on ways to down them both at same time >_<
Faster route up to ledge with Willy (and faster path down??)
A screenshot of the mobs falling off the cliffs would be neat

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