Submission #585: guacho80's SNES Super Adventure Island in 17:22.83

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA (!) Frame Count 62570
ROM Filename Super Adventure Island (u) !.smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1452
Unknown Authors guacho80
Game Super Adventure Island
Submitted by guacho80 on 3/12/2005 8:17:37 AM

Submission Comments
Player in Snes9x Improvement v5, first to boxes checked
-Uses no warps or passwords -No glitches abused -Takes hit to be more aesthetical pleasing and move faster once -100% kills on straighforward levels
Super Adventure Island is one of the first snes games to be released, sporting colorful sprites, nice music, and a good challenge. This game is somewhat a dissapointment when compared to the NES classic Adventure Island 1 and 2, which is by the lack of secrets and the more linear gameplay this had, but the graphics (at that time) and the challenge made up for it.
This is my second attempt at running this game, first unposted time was more than 20 minutes long, and was to get some knowledge of the game. After that Squ4ll sent me his run of this game, and i got to observe the mistakes done at it, making me improve 1 minute and 11 seconds when comparing my run to his.
Most notable improvements were the use of the 3 frame super jump and not losing to much speed when going uphill. More precise control and more nice moves make this game look easier than it is, it actually takes a while to beat normally, when you get killed at a stage boss you get pushed back to the stage before it, and that isnt good.
Some notes:
-I tried not to miss shots, the ones that were shot at random in the vertical levels are to control the super jump height, almost all of the others target an enemy. -Level 4 boss can only be hitted after he swings the sword, he is invulnerable before he does so. -The boomerang is the better weapon to use, as i can fire it in 4 directions, contrary to the axe which can't be pointed directly upwards or downwards. -I only take fruits that are in my way, except for in the water levels cause i need em.
Hope you enjoy this, thanks for your attention.

Last Edited by guacho80 on 3/15/2005 2:05:15 AM
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