Submission #5868: tom_mai78101's GBA River City Ransom EX "Wussy" in 10:03.24

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator Bizhawk 2.2.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 36030
ROM Filename River City - Ransom EX (U)(Venom).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Wussy Rerecord Count 58
Unknown Authors tom_mai78101
Game River City Ransom EX
Submitted by tom_mai78101 on 3/20/2018 5:18:03 AM

Submission Comments
My first TAS speedrun! Yay! (Second submission)
This is a River City Ransom EX Wussy TAS, with the goal to beat the main story line at any% in the fastest time possible, while avoiding taking damages, with maximum multipliers, without RNG manipulation, and without entering any cheat codes.
The controls have a delay input for each and every actions per frame. This delay is used to measure how long the input button is pressed down, and then evaluated to execute certain special moves, called Skills, in the game. For instance, when you required to start your punch, you must be in your Idle animation state. This Idle animation state then waits how long your input button is pressed down, until you release the button. If you wait a bit longer, it will go into Idle state 2, and then Idle state 3. Idle state 2 is preparing a punch with a higher damage, and Idle state 3 is where it launches the maximum punch damage.
I rarely use them because it takes up a lot of time charging your punches and kicks. But the results are hilarious when executed correctly.
I go through the main game as if I'm playing the game normally. The first thing I did was I tweaked the Options at the start. This allows me to set the Game Difficulty to Wussy, and the Text Speed to Very Fast. After applying the new Options, we go though the game intro, and then have control of our protagonist in the game. By then I quickly go to the Pause Menu, and change the 2nd Options menu where you are able to change your character's default attributes, such as Movement Speed, Weapon Throw, Damage, and so forth.
Once that is done, the rest of the gameplay goes as follows:
1. For each boss, beat all the gangs.
2. Beat the bosses in order: Moose -> Rocko -> Blade -> Turk -> Mojo -> Thor -> Ivan -> Otis -> Randy & Andy -> Slick
3. Cutscenes must not be skipped, else the Bosses won't appear. This is why you see me waiting for the cutscenes to end before moving to a new area.
All other optional bosses and characters are ignored / skipped to save time. There is one cutscene that cuts Slick's battle time down, and that has to do with Shel saving Ryan's girlfriend, Cyndi.
I didn't do a lot of research here to check and see if there are hidden stats that would affect the gameplay. There are several notable ones, of which is the hidden attribute, Reputation. It increases when you die, when you ram into walls, and you get hit while you're down on the ground, and when you recruit new characters. Another one is Foul Play, which increases whenever you hit someone while they are talking, you hit your ally (allies), when you hit someone who is lying down on the ground without waiting for them to get back up. It's really hard to research because most of the calculations of the values are calculated on the fly in the RAM, so it's difficult to pinpoint what affects what in the game.
All in all, I do believe there is a large room for improvements in this run. But that requires me needing to figure out what the RAM values are and what they point to in the game.

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