Submission #5889: Evil_3D's Genesis Sonic 2 Hold Right To Win Edition "Holdright%, Capsule warps, Perfect bonus" in 08:57.98

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens-rr 11b
Game Version USA Frame Count 32237
ROM Filename Sonic2HoldRightToWinEdition.bin Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch Holdright%, Capsule warps, Perfect bonus Rerecord Count 3078
Unknown Authors Evil_3D
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Evil_3D on 4/1/2018 1:10:06 AM

Submission Comments

A joke hack and a joke submission, it's not adorable?

Original topic: Here

Download hack: Here (fsvgm777: Replaced with a BPS patch because you shouldn't link to ROMs of ROM hacks, as they contain copyrighted material (cf. Site Rules).)


  • Aims for In-game time
  • Hold Right fast as possible
  • Use capsule warps to skip levels
  • Uses a anthropomorphic super fast hedgehog and a mutant orange fox with 2 tails
  • Reach perfect bonus

Some comments

Capsule warps: in this hack there are no bosses, only the capsule is directly at the end of the level, since there is no boundary limit the capsule can be recharged and used again, this executes some extra code in the game that is present in the normal S2 but not can be executed (because in the default S2 the boundary is activated), this makes it possible to skip some levels.

Stage comments

Emerald Hill 1

Hold right to the end.

Emerald Hill 2

Holding right again, but here is the first pipe.. I mean capsule warp.

Chemical Plant 1


Chemical Plant 2


Aquatic Ruin 1

Me? :(

Aquatic Ruin 2

Holding right again, but tails makes a big mistake to jump at the end that he died miserably, because you only need to hold right in this level.

Casino Night 1

Holding right in a casino level, but there are deadly ramps that can kill you if you not hold right enough.

Casino Night 2

Uhm, maybe we are in a parallel universe where the capsule is robotnik and robotnik is the capsule? *mind blow*

Hill top 1

Holding right is still the best strategy at this point of the game.

Hill top 2

Here is the second capsule warp, holding right of course.

Mystic Cave 1

Do you don't

Mystic Cave 2

Like me

Oil Ocean 1

Right? :c

Oil Ocea 2, Metropolos 1, 2, 3.

Holding right, what do you expect?

Sky Chase

Close enough.

Wing Fortress

Hold right in a giant war ship, and the last capsule warp.

Death Egg

Sonic: *I'm outta here*

Masterjun: Alright.
Masterjun: So what is this run up to? You left the intended path of holding right and managed to get right faster by not holding right as much. I would be down for accepting this movie if you had at least left the up button pressed down for much longer than that. Right, but that didn't happen so we have to move on. If we had to rank the hacks, this one would be far down on the list in terms of variety and quality.
Rejecting for not playing the game as instructed just for the sake of speed. What is this, a speedrun site or what?

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