Submission #5904: MUGG's DOS Snoopy and Peanuts in 09:41.32

Console DOS Emulator JPC-rr v11.2 (Enhanced)
Game Version USA/Europe Frame Count 34879
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 423
Unknown Authors MUGG
Game Snoopy and Peanuts
Submitted by MUGG on 4/1/2018 4:30:38 PM

Submission Comments
The goal of this game is to find Linus blanket and bring it to him.


  • Genre: Jump 'n Walk


I'm poor man from Guinea. I sell Let's Play for money to buy food. I already sold my wife and children. 
Someday I want to teach everyone how to make Let's Play so nobody has to suffer hunger anymore because 
they can sell all Let's Play to TASvideos and become rich like Bill Gates. It is easy but a far way to go. 
Please support me and my dream. This run is a symbol for animal rights. Snoopy the dog, not to be confused 
with gangster rapper "Snoop Dogg" is the main protagonist in this game. He is good dog and shows how things
are done. He deserve to be treat nice. Every animal deserves to be treated nice. I would treat my dog nice
but I already sold him. Please understand. Kermit the frog also makes a quick cameo in this Let's Play.
There are two routes and I choosed the one where you don't have to wait 1000 minutes until Schroeder to
come to girls house to play the piano. Unfortunedly my brain is already deteriorating and I accidantely
made a letter for Charle Brown which is not needed. Although it is another act of Snoopy's great wisdom
and ability that he can handle the typewriter, but it is actually error that I need to remove before this
Let's Play can be accepted to be sent to TASvideos CEO, Nach. I think he like animal too because I hear he
takes care of his pet a rare species called adelicat. I hope you enjoy Snoopy.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Even for just under ten minutes, this is a mind-numbing movie to watch - but while it's quite basic, it is still enough of a speedrunnable game. Accepting for the Vault.
Note to publisher: Like #5850: MUGG's DOS Star Trek: 25th Anniversary in 13:33.18, Tracks must be set to 64 for the image file.
Stovent: Processing...

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