Submission #5944: Dammit, Alyosha's SMS Psychic World in 13:13.97

Sega Master System
BizHawk 2.2.2
Submitted by Alyosha on 4/25/2018 4:25:07 PM
Submission Comments
Psychic World is a sidescrolling action game with some novel mechanics. The present run in an improvement of only ~24 frames over the current, highly optimizaed publication by Dammit.
Dammit's original submission notes explain most of the important points of the game mechanics, so I won't bother repeating them here. Sufficed to say that Dammit had heavily optimized this game which left me with little to improve in terms of overall strategy and enemy manipulation. I ultimately only found 2 spots where some improvements were overlooked. It's still longer overall though due to BIOS time and increased lag in BizHawk.
Level 1: Some lag frames were saved (at about frame 4900)
Level 4: Improved strategy to destroy some blocks (about frame 24700)
Aside from that, this game was notably difficult to work with for it's very random lag generation. Most of the time was spent just trying to sync up the original run as close as possible.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: It's a small improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.
feos: Pub.
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