Submission #5950: Quibus's Coleco Galaxian in 00:22.97

Console ColecoVision Emulator openMSX 0.14.0-208-g1b1e2b991
Game Version unknown Frame Count 1376
ROM Filename Galaxian (1983 Atarisoft).rom Frame Rate 59.906830946057724
Branch Rerecord Count 126
Unknown Authors Quibus
Game Galaxian
Submitted by Quibus on 4/27/2018 9:26:35 PM

Submission Comments
So, after openMSX got support for Colecovision (which still needs to be officially released), I wanted to make a small TAS with it and I decided to do Galaxian, as a response to my own old movie [2282]MSX Galaxian by Quibus in 00:35.50.
It appears that this game is quite different than the MSX version. And the most fun thing is: you can start at the hardest difficulty level. This is not visible in the movie, but the 3-button is pressed to start the "ADVANCED LEVEL 1 PLAYER" game.
Result: blasting these bastards away a.s.a.p. And this time I could better make use of the attacking Galiaxians to be quicker: the closer a Galaxian that will be shot, the quicker the movie will be, as you can't shoot before your just shot bullet has disappeared. It takes some planning to do this, as you still have to move to the right location, too, to get your bullet fired as soon as possible and still do the most useful thing with it.
All in all, I hope you enjoy this short Galaxian massacre.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Firstly, no openMSX version with ColecoVersion support is released yet (this movie was made on an interim git revision), which means that this movie cannot be accepted per rules on using official emulator versions.
But more importantly than that, the movie itself has issues with the rules. While I realize that this movie was submitted along the same lines as the MSX publication from five years ago, the rules on game completion (for endless games) have been refined since. In particular, relevant to this run, a movie with increasing difficulty must play levels until difficulty maxes out. Playing just a single level is not sufficient, and the game does get harder still after the first few rounds of Advanced Level. For instance, check memory address 70E0, which is used for enemy aggressiveness, and does still change to a harder value by round 11 (Advanced Level starts at 9). I haven't fully investigated the end point of difficulty for this game, but in any case, this movie is not reaching it. (For a future movie of this game, it is on the author to investigate and provide proof for the completeness of their movie).
Rejecting due to not completing the game.

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