Submission #5958: Soig's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii "100%" in 2:58:33.27

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator dolphin-master-5.0-5554-x64
Game Version USA Frame Count 2008604
ROM Filename 1752 - New Super Mario Bros. wii NTSC-U.iso Frame Rate 187.48753298130254
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 53762
Unknown Authors Soig
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by Soig on 5/6/2018 7:33:10 AM

Submission Comments
Sorry, I failed to encode a whole video (FFV1&2xMSAA). Due to my disk capacity. And I don't want to encode it, again... So just post my videolist.

Game Info

"New Super Mario Bros. Wii" is my favorite SMB game created by Nintendo. Most playable. Many power-ups. Level map design is funny. Enemies and character's action is realistic. And effects are realistic, too. Also, there are many enemies met in old games appearing in this game. Even it's better than newest game - NSMBU, in my opinion. So it's a must-play Mario game for Mario fans!
Rom File Name1752 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US).iso
Capacity of the File4699979776 Byte
Last Modification Time2009.11.15. 23:17:28

Some necessary settings:

Based on this post.

About movie

  • Aims for 100%
100%==5 stars' savestate with flashing=8-Last Castle completed+W1~W8 all levels (includes secret levels and all cannon levels)+W1~W8 all starcoins+W9 completed+W9 all 24 starcoins, without using the GREEN !
  • Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0-5554. But the native movie started by 5551.
Propeller is used at most. Because it's most useful. Then the penguin suit used. You can swimming very fast and get the speed bigger than 3 on ground with it. Other items is used for a little time.
  • Due to the first movie, I didn't pay attention to the major route. Just world by world. But skip most anime, though.
  • Because any% run published, I learned some new skills from nonster. For example, using propeller suit to step on a enemy to get a faster speed on 2x1's slope. Using groundpound to beat Bowser Jr. in 8-doomship.
  • I found a new skill while TASing: Throwing a shell or others could interrupt the flight status. To avoid landing slowly.
  • So there are other more improvable points in any% run. And I'll improve that record in future (Maybe...).
  • Tool used:
Thanks to aldelaro5 for Dolphin memory engine very much! It helps me a lot. Searching RAM so quickly. And just used small amount of memory. That decreases a big annoying thing when I make TAS movie with dolphin.
  • Ram used
x speed (total)float8154B8C8
x speed (own)float8154B8EC
y speedfloat8154B8CC
x posfloat8154B8B0
y posfloat8154B8B4
I'm sorry that I couldn't find the RNG. To be honest, this is my weakness. And I didn't find how to manipulate it. Though I tried for many times. So there are some not good places in this movie. Forgive me please.





  • 目标:100%
  • 使用模拟器:Dolphin 5.0-5554,但录像最开始使用的是5551
录像中登场时间最长的当属竹蜻蜓装,本游戏最bug的道具;其次是企鹅装,因为企鹅装在水中游泳速度极快,在陆地关也可以获得x speed∈(3,4]的速度;其余道具均在很短的时间内出过场。
  • 本次由于是第1版录像(不过我估计不会有动力去做第2版了,实在是太长了),路线上没有太花心思去揣摩,只是按部就班地一个世界一个世界地这么走下来了。但是最重要的一些过场动画我还是跳过了。
  • 由于前不久nonster发布了他的any%录像,我也学到了新技巧:比较平的坡(2×1)可以利用竹蜻蜓飞起然后一瞬间踩怪获得大于3的速度并保持一段时间;在8-船采用非常规方法打败库巴二世。
  • 做录像的时候我也发现了一个新技巧:飞起后扔龟壳等道具可以瞬间取消飞行状态然后加速,可以避免飞起后降落的时间。


  • Dolphin memory engine


  • 很遗憾我没有找到随机数地址,随机数搜索也一直是我的弱项。这个游戏不像DS利用踢墙和二段跳可以控制随机数,也不像smb3那样晚结束几帧关卡可以改变之,试过很多方法然后并没有什么卵用,大地图上的敌人该往哪移动还是往哪移动...所以录像中也出现了看起来很掉技术的地方。希望大家理解。

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Impressive magnitude of work. Accepting to Moons.
thecoreyburton: This is gonna require a lot of HDD space. Here we go.. *sigh*

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