Submission #6005: ViGadeomes's A2600 Private Eye "Case 5" in 14:53.28

Atari 2600
Case 5
BizHawk 2.2.2
Private Eye (1983) (Activision) [!].a26
Submitted by ViGadeomes on 6/16/2018 7:35:53 PM
Submission Comments
I made this TAS few months ago and improved it a week ago.

Game presentation

You control the great French private eye Pierre Touche who is trying to capture the ringleader Henri Le Fiend and turn him over to the police. There are 4 different cases in this game and a last one, which is played here, where every evidence of the game against Le Fiend are needed to turn him to the police. (I would say it would be a "100%" but I'm not sure since the definition of 100% on the site.)

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2.2
  • In-Game time instead of real time
  • Max score (WITHOUT losing time) for entertainment



I set the left difficulty switch to A for TAS time, I set the right difficulty switch to A to control the height of my jumps for entertainment.
Velocity(RAMWatch address is 0x5A) : your velocity is between -8(left) and +8(right), pressing the joystick to the right during one frame increases this value by one and to the left decreases this value by one.


Since there is no map available on internet to my knowledge, I tried to make one :
It might be incomplete but everything which is useful for the TAS is on.
All objects have to be returned to their places before we can catch Le Fiend, we begin cases at the Police. You can't carry many objects at the same time so if you take a second object, the first one will stay on the screen.
We begin at the Police, I go to the right to take the gun, I turn back to go on the road 11. I go to the gunstore and continue until the Bank's money and turn back to the road 11 and go to the bank. I turn back to the road 11 and go on the road 10. I go to the right and go to the road 21, I go to the left and take the comb then I turn back to the road 21 and take the vase to the right (letting the comb here). I go to the museum by the road 5 and continue to take the button. I turn back, I rego to the road 5 by taking the comb (letting the button here) and go to the road 8. I go to the Haircuts by the road 9 and come back to the Vase's place to take the button by the road 8. I come back to the road 8 and go to the Tailor shop. Then, I turn back to the right to go to the road 6. I go to the left to the road 22 taking the necklace by the road 24. I go to the road 26 to the gemstore, then I turn back on the road 26 and come back to the road 22. I go to the road 7 by the road 23. Then, I go to the left to the road 14 and then the road 28 on the same screen. I take the stamp and turn back to the road 28. I come back to the road 7 then I go to the Stampstore and I turn back to the road 7. I go to the road 14, then the road 12 to go to the road 1. I go to the road 2 by roads 15 and 16. I take shoes on the left then I go to the road 3. I go to the road 4 and I go to the Shoestore to the right. I turn back to the road 1 by the road 13. I go to the road 2 by roads 15 and 16,then I go to the road 3. I go to the road 18, I go to the left to take Le Fiend and tuen back to go ot the road 19 and then 20. I go to the road 27 and then the road 4. Finally, I go to the Police.
Total : 386 screens.

Other comments

I think it would be cool to have the fastest case of the game so I did the 2 first ones too with their maps :
I can do all cases of the game if they can be accepted separately.
I was thinking about a Max score run but I think it won't be possible since we can't prove what is the maximum score on the game. I'm sure we can't collect all items of the map.

Special thanks

as always to Greg Degeneffe ! My TAS beats his World Record score :

Memory: Judging
Memory: Impressive work with the mapping, seems pretty good. There aren't apparent mistakes, which is important for such a simplistic game.
Each "Case" as the game manual refers to them should be acceptable as separate branches given that they are accessible completely independently of each other and have different layouts. The difficulty toggles should not be treated as separate branches however as they can be changed at any time and simply affect the controls.
The submission text asked if this would be labeled as 100%. Given that collecting all the necessary evidence is the only way to complete cases to begin with, this should not be labeled as any sort of full completion.
Feedback said that while they were glad you made the TAS and impressed with the effort put in, it was boring to watch, and I absolutely agree.
Accepting to Vault.
feos: Pub.
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