Submission #6124: vince1919's DS Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in 4:49:49.35

Console Nintendo DS Emulator DeSmuME 0.9.9a
Game Version USA Frame Count 1040337
ROM Filename 4171 - Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story (US)(M3)(XenoPhobia).nds Frame Rate 59.82609828808082
Branch Rerecord Count 63897
Unknown Authors vince1919
Game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Submitted by vince1919 on 10/9/2018 12:27:45 AM

Submission Comments
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside story is the third game in the series. Fawful is back and he wants to take over the mushroom kingdom. He gives a lucky? shroom to Bowser which gives him the ability to vacuum. Bowser then swallows everyone at the castle. Mario & Luigi must then team-up with Bowser to prevent Fawful from reaching his goal.

Game objectives



Text is the same speed between japanese and english. It turns out that fire attacks in giant battles are a few seconds faster in the japanese version, but I still went with the english version.

RNG manipulation

A big part of the run is RNG manipulation. The formula is RNG(x) = floor(20.5x)&0x7fff + (x%2)*0x8000. RNG only changes when necessary in battle which means that I have to manipulate before the battle. The initial seed depends of the frame you enter the frame so I just wait until I get a good seed.

Battle comments


The figth ends when you deal 20 damage after Toadsworth is gone.


I delay the kill to prevent another one from spawning.

Goombule x2

Same thing for this fight.

Elite Goombule x2

This fight is pretty straightforward. Just use green shell.

Spike Blob x2

Again, I want to delay the kill.


Another really straightforward fight.

Broque monsieur

I manipulate his attack and a lucky hit.

Sea pipe statue

Here, I manipulate 2 lucky hits. I also want three attacks both time and I want stone blooper to only spin once.


It is faster to jump than using green shell


Just alternate between fire and punch.


Using fire is faster for this fight


I manipulate 2 lucky hits and I avoid the turnip.


Jumping is still faster. I want to avoid the straw as much as possible.

Bowser's castle

This is a straightforward fight


I get hit to get a drumstick which gives a power boost. Shy guy squad is faster than punching. I also only get great to avoid cheering

Tenderling x2

Another straightforward fight


I need a lucky hit to avoid kretin reforming.

Fawflant x2

Another straightforward fight.


I use jump helmet for this fight.

Yikk tower

It's faster to use fire at the start and to let the tower repair.


I get 2 lucky hits at the start to make the fight a lot faster.

Fawful express

This is another straightforward fight.

M&L memory

I target luigi first until he leaves, then I kill mario.

Sockop x4

I use Yoo-who cannon for a quick fight.


Snack basket is required to finish this fight.


This is a quick fight. I also get special gloves.

Blizzard Midbus

I get fury to make this fight faster.

Dark Star

I get a lucky hit to make this fight a lot faster. I also get D-Star wear to help on damage.

Super peach's castle

Another straightforward fight.

Dark Fawful

I get 2 lucky hits on the helmet to kill it quickly. Then I use magikoopa mob to finish fawful off.

Dark Bowser / Dark Star Core

I use magikoopa for Dark Bowser and jump helmet for Dark Star. I get a lucky to end the fight quickly.


Ledge clip

Similarly to Partners in Time, if Mario and Luigi stack under a low ceiling, they warp upwards. The only use in the run is to skip the air balloon tutorial.

Ledge boost

Mario can get a boost when walking off a ledge. The size of the boost depends on the angle of movement relative to the angle of the ledge and the distance to the ledge the frame before walking off it.

Toad boost

When entering an NPC's hitbox from above, Mario is boosted out of its hitbox.

Special thanks

Thanks to Hibari for getting a great WR. This was a good base for my routing.
Thanks to the M&L community for the support everytime I released a WIP.

Memory: Claiming for judging
Memory: Delaying until we can figure out what to do with the microphone input.
Memory: I think we have the microphone thing settled, now back to judging.
Memory: Updated file to have sample included
Memory: Optimization is for the most part good. There was one timesaver found 9 years ago by me that saved like 15 seconds that was completely forgotten for some reason and one new timesaver that was discovered long after submission but these things are not worth rejecting over in a nearly 5 hour run.
To me, the movie was not extremely entertaining but I feel I am a little biased in that regard due to my personal history with the game. There isn't too much flashy, but there are some clever moments here and there and some good movement when it comes to avoiding encounters. The game is extremely popular and the movie got all but one yes vote, leading me to believe I am the outliar in this case.
There was a code used to skip a section that otherwise consists of waiting for an arbitrary amount of time. This code can be found in game through normal means and was agreed to be considered intended normal play.
A modified release of desmume was created to be able to store microphone samples in movie files. We now request runs using microphone use this release from here on.
Accepting to Moons.
Not Spikestuff: Here lies Spikestuff he died Publishing this.

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