Submission #6186: Tremane & Noxxa's GB Mega Man II in 16:58.79

System Game Boy Emulator BizHawk 2.2.1
Game Version Europe Frame Count 60850
ROM Filename Megaman II (E).gb Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 54321
Unknown Authors Tremane, Noxxa
Game Mega Man II
Submitted by Tremane on 12/9/2018 2:56:19 PM

Submission Comments

GB Mega Man II in 16:58 by Tremane & Noxxa

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2.1
  • Beats Dr. Wily in some kind of parallel universe
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Takes damage to save time
This run improves upon the published movie by 1013 frames, or 00:16.96 seconds, mostly by improved RNG and strategy changes.


Stage-by-Stage comments:


By avoiding the floor cleaner we are able to damage boost through one of the moles instead of the falling-hammer and manipulate the RNG so that the next mole will drop a big health refill.
Rest of the Stage is unchanged.


Nothing in the Stage has changed, except small improvements.
To describe the Woodshield one would say: "A shoe too large trips one up" - normally it should keep sprites out, but there are so many openings Megaman just has to fill them with metalblades.
sidenote Megaman loves to shot like a Shotgun in all directions :^)


Nothing big changed..


The start of the stage is identically to the old run, before the long fall it is indeed faster to shot the can-guy and slide all the way.
Clash fight is worth watching! You may not notice it but Megaman does a slide in mid-air because of bad programming.
The right side of the screen, somehow, behaves like a blackhole. All sprites (clouds from the airshooter) that leave to the right are instantly gone and thus enable Megaman to hit Clashman faster.


With good RNG a big health-refill has been dropped by one of the enemies giving Megaman the ability to slide through the last enemy before the bossdoor.
In the middle of the Stage those magnetic-zones which pull Megaman to the right are abused to get a little bit faster through the long hallway.
Magnetman fight is unchanged..


Nothing big changed, again..


Now it's getting interesting, Megaman equipped with the Infinity Gauntlet blazes through the game and nothing is able stop him..


By sacrificing some minor frames collecting refills Megaman is able to save even more in the long run the pathway with all those damn needles which run on a global timer..
After seeing Megamans dance moves Needleman decided to detonate and at least try to hit Megaman with some particles but to no avail..


Figured out that Sakugarnethe pogostick has a fixed appearance after 128 frames, with this knowledge Megaman can take his time and divest himself of Quinthis older?/younger?-brother by 8 shots from the buster and 4 precise punches from the Infinity Gauntlet Quint has 32 HP - hardknuckle deals 6, clashbomb 4, other weapons 2, buster 1


After the loss of his brother Megaman seeks revenge and hops into Rushmarine Rushjet Rushmissile ✔ and hunts down the nasty old Dr.Wily
Using every last drop of strength, Megaman awakens his ability to make an airjump by clenching his fist with the Infinity Gauntlet this avoids going to the menu or waiting for those platforms to appear
Using Sakugarne the pogostick is -to my astonishment- faster then using buster, as a nice gimmick Megaman doesn't even have to change back to buster.
After the fight, Dr.Wily tries to escape to another galaxy but one little snap with the Infinity Gauntlet makes him disappear..


Here is the Frametable for the Mega Man II TAS.
Frames gained are marked with - minus
Stage name Frames total
Startup -1 -1
Metallman Stage -52 -53
Woodman Stage -34 -87
Airman Stage -6 -93
Clashman Stage -101 -194
Magnetman Stage -72 -266
Hardman Stage -19 -285
Topman Stage -226 -511
Needleman Stage -184 -695
Quint Fight -52 -747
Wily -266 -1013
Total -1013

Version differences

Here are the differences listed credits to the cutting room floor only the shortcut in Topman stage is really useful, rough estimate is a save of ~30 frames

How RNG works

There are several addresses which store RNG values: for TASing purposes FFFB,FFFC,FFFD,FFFE are enough.
FFFC indicates what your next drop will be from the table below
RNG only advances:
  • when Megaman is standing!
  • an enemy is killed advances the value - FFFC gives its value to FFFB
  • an enemy e.g. Metdozers in Topmanstage pulls RNG
  • Bossdoor opens/closes
  • an air-bubble leaves Megamans nose/mouth
  • after a boss has died
RNG Value Drop Droprate
0-2 1-UP 1%
3-5 Big Weapon-refill 1%
6-9 Big Health-refill 2%
10-37 small Health-refill 11%
38-76 small Weapon-refill 15%
77-255 nothing 70%


Goes to Noxxa for all the values he found, without this I wouldn't be able to improve this run by so many frames
I hope you enjoyed the run, eventhough the music might not be everybody's favourite! :^)
as screenshot I propose frame : 55010

Memory: Judging
Memory: Optimization seems very good, impressive improvement on the published run! The version differences were only a small portion of the time saved so it's obvious that alone was not the main source of improvements.
This movie seemingly has it all! Smooth movement, good boss fights, glitches and good music.
...Wait, it actually doesn't have that last thing but it was still a fun watch nonetheless. The audience feels the same way with multiple positive replies and mostly positive votes.
Accepting to Moons as an improvement to [3020] GB Mega Man II by Tremane & willwc in 17:15.75.
feos: Pub.

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