Submission #6220: DuduGamerEXT's SNES Top Gear 2 "USA%" in 10:52.64

System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator lsnes Beta - rr2-β23
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 39223
ROM Filename Top Gear 2 (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch USA% Rerecord Count 122
Unknown Authors DuduGamerEXT
Game Top Gear 2
Submitted by DuduGamerEXT on 1/6/2019 9:04:00 PM

Submission Comments
This was not the best TAS I've done, I just wanted to bring something acceptable to TASVideos, and if that TAS is not accepted, I'll understand that it's not good enough, but at least I tried to make an acceptable TAS, and I do not care if do not post my TAS, I'll be happy to have done this project, the important thing is to be cool, not boring with awful audio, at least I tried to do something that sucks at that site, hugs

feos: Ugh, you're not even trying really.
Your previous submission was rejected for blatantly losing to existing records, and you're doing it once again.
When submitting a movie, you go through this page. It says "Lots of tips on making a high quality movie can be found on the Guidelines page." Guidelines aren't linked without purpose, they actually contain advices that help you improve your TASing skills. One of the chapters starts like this: "The first thing you should check for is if other users on our Forum have made or tried a TAS of the game you want to TAS." Indeed, we have a forum thread for this game. And in the end of that thread I posted a link to the current TAS record for this game. That's the movie you should have checked before starting this run. Because you fail to beat it, losing to it by several minutes. I made a comparison:
Your submission is even slower than this canceled one, by 1.5 minutes. So instead of losing to an existing record once, like in your Gradius III submission, you managed to break the aforementioned rule twice now. That's honestly impressive. But not in a good way.
Moreover, we have another rule that says: "No skipping to the end with a password. The point is to beat the full game; skipping major sections of the game with a password defeats the purpose." You got the "USA%" definition entirely wrong. I said in yet another relevant submission you haven't checked: "This run uses a route that can be considered a valid any% branch here, because the password glitch is legitimate: it's not a cheat, since regular passwords are already doing the same thing, so there's no point for the developers in implementing such a feature in addition to them." The allowed technique that lets you skip straight to USA is a glitch. Instead, you just go ahead and enter a password to reach USA directly, breaking another fundamental movie rule.
You still quite obviously don't understand what this site is about, regardless of all the links I provided you last time, and the worst thing is that you're not learning at all. This submission is canceled and your submission privileges are revoked, as I warned you.
If you ever feel like making a serious submission that follows all the movie rules, create a user file and send me a private message on forum.

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