Submission #6251: jmosx36's SNES Sunset Riders in 17:13.23

Console Super NES Emulator lsnes rr2-β23 (true build)
Game Version USA Frame Count 62096
ROM Filename Sunset Riders (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 7265
Unknown Authors jmosx36
Game Sunset Riders
Submitted by jmosx36 on 1/30/2019 10:27:33 PM

Submission Comments
Temp encode
Sunset Riders is a side-scrolling run and gun video game developed and released by Konami as a coin-operated video game on the JAMMA arcade platform in 1991. The game is set in the American Old West, where the player takes control of a bounty hunter who is seeking the rewards offered for various criminals.
The coin-op version was released in two variants: a two-player version and a four-player version. Home console versions of Sunset Riders were released for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) in 1992 and for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993, to a positive reception.
Info from Wikipedia
Game objetives
Genre: Shooter
2 Players
Luck Manipulation
Rom MD5: 1e1b47d5e5b0d9faa5447273a52fc6ea
Rom SHA1: 50f0d77323a5967aa329c72e7a2d926ed158f667
Emulator used: lsnes-r22b23_gb_w64_20180507_7d9b3e-nodbg
Faster than my WIP by 13 seconds
I got some strategies from Schnretzl's run
With Steve and Billy i can shoot more frecuently than Bob or Cormano and their bullets moves faster than Bob and Cormano.
Everyone moves at the same speed, but Cormano has a more longer animation at tne fight end (consuming time).
The bullet limit is a problem with The Smith Bros, because that limit includes the impact effect (You can see this too in the second bonus stage).
Luck manipulation was neccesary in almost every boss fight
The bosses have 80 points of life, every shoot is 1 point, some structures of the boss fights have 24, 40 or 80 points. You can see it from this ram watch file
Explanation by stage
Stage 1
Here starts the main objetive before the boss: NOT LET TO STOP THE CAMERA SCROLLING,
Stage 2
The only thing optimizable in this level is the boss fight, luck manipulation was used.
I tested if was more faster keep the boss up or get down from the corridor. The second was more faster
Stage 3
Shorter transition of killing the boss than my last run
Stage 4
If the character is off camera or in a transition of get down from a balcony is invincible during the transition
Stage 5
This boss was hard to optimize
Stage 6
I improved the level (before the boss) almost 4-5 frames compared to my last run
Stage 7
I had to control the Y button spam to optimize the boss fight
Stage 8
Only the left balcony works to make this strategy. Here i had to control the spam with the Y button to hit the boss more frecuently
Bonus Stages Every player have to get 25 kills to reduce the point counter time

Some screenshots
My english is still terrible

feos: This run feels really solid to me. Gameplay reminds me of [1041] Genesis Robocop vs. the Terminator by Cardboard in 14:06.92, just the game itself is not as neat. I didn't see anything that looked particularly sloppy or questionable, and the explanations in the thread seem to cover everything pretty well.
Now, the action is also diverse across levels, even though they all have similarities. Aggression and precision shines the best in boss fights. The audience seemed to mildly enjoy this run, so did I. Accepting to Moons.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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