Submission #6278: Maejin's SNES Aero Fighters "Pacifist" in 25:57.34

System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Bizhawk 2.3.1
Game Version Unknown Rom Frame Count 93594
ROM Filename Aero Fighters (U).smc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Pacifist Rerecord Count 2273
Unknown Authors Maejin
Game Aero Fighters
Submitted by Maejin512 on 2/24/2019 5:12:34 PM

Submission Comments
This is a pacifist run of Aero Fighter on SNES

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Bizhawk 2.3.1
  • Don't Kill Anything
  • Be a Pacifist Guy


I take the japanese characters that doesn't change anything except the story ending.
On every single stages i will not kill anything, not even shoot at anything on the screen.
Got a chance that even bosses will kill themselves during the run (maybe because they are so humiliated by my plane skill :D)
I play on hard difficulty means more bullets that come to the screen

Stage by stage comments

The first three stages will be kind of the same paterns.
1-Flying to the boss and dodging bullets around the screen and flying around playing with ennemies hitbox 2-Boss in 1 or 2 phase(s) where i will dodge bullet and try to humiliate the boss who is trying to kill me with a lot of bullet
The Other Stages or a little bit more fun because there are more bullet that appears on the screen and so more to dodge before going to the boss

To Make it even Better

I think you can take some time to manipulate some bullets to make some moments more intense

Last Edited by Maejin512 on 2/24/2019 6:53 PM
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