Submission #6346: fcxiaopengyou & dragonxyk's NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 "2 players" in 10:04.94

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Nintendo Entertainment System
2 players
FCEUX 2.2.3
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (U) [!].nes
Submitted by fcxiaopengyou on 4/1/2019 3:21:23 AM
Submission Comments


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Aims for fastest real-time
  • Notable improvement
  • Manipulating luck
  • 2 players


We improved the previous record by incredible 1 min! We are not on purpose to contribute the video on the April Fool’s Day. We just cannot wait to share our improvement once we accomplished.

Game Mechanism

  • The lag of one character holding the other is less than the lag of two characters walking separately;
  • There is MUCH less lag when Chip holds Dale than the other way;
  • Players are able to control characters during one frame before non-plot stage;
  • The default position of Dale is on the right of Chip for 7 frames;
  • The position of balloon after reloading depends on the position of another character, at the same time, the moving of balloon will affect the appearance of the game screen;
  • There is adjustable randomness on the movement of bosses, enemies and the bonus game;
  • Which character is followed by the enemies only depends on the time it appears;
  • Generally, injury of characters will reduce lag.
  • Throwing a frame of put in the opposite direction of the character will get rid of rigidity.
  • The two characters lift each other on different ordinates. Dale can holding Chip to fly in the wall, but Chip holding Dale can't .


  • glitch 1
Super bit generated by the run-up acceleration of two squirrels stick the characters into the wall. In this way, squirrels are able to jump from the stairs of the other side of screen.
  • glitch 2
When one squirrel is beaten into stun by the teammate under the super bit flying status, it will stay invincible status and seckill the Boss of Stage-Future World.
  • Controlling of lag
This is an excellent game under NES platform regarding game screen and BGMs. Therefore, there are a lot of lag. The major characters of the game are two squirrels- Chip and Dale, whose models are different (different cloths). Given this, there is much less lag when Chip holds Dale than the other way, which is very special. In Stage-Western World, when Chip is driving the tramcar, Dale needs to keep killing himself to reduce the lag. Therefore, we need to protect the squirrels during Stage1-6, in case we don’t have enough lives to suicide in Stage-Western World. Besides, game has a lot lag regarding the details (e.g. the movement of main characters, sound effect of landing, sound effect when enemies appear, act). Therefore, players need to avoid such lag in the detailed operation.
  • Taking less "R/R"
There are many reward "R/R"s. Players are able to raise the life limit by taking "R/R"s. However, we don't really need that much "R/R"s, which merely waste the time at the ends of stages.
  • Randomness
There is randomness on the movement of Boss, way of enemies' attack, the bonus games, act. Therefore, we need to try our luck to make the randomness favorable for fast pass.

Instructions of Stages

The following table lists the number of frames saved (or wasted) per level and the change in the total number of frames:
StageBeforeNowSave framesTotal saved
Title Screen23623511
  • Title screen: we pressed the Start and Select button at the same time to save one frame.
  • Stage 1: we changed the injury position of Chip to save lag; saved one life by stuck in wall glitch in order to kill the boss as quick as possible.
  • Stage 2: given the limitation of terrain and enemies, there was no change regarding tactics. We just optimized the detail of attracting: time was saved as Boss chased a different character.
  • Stage 3: this stage was the only time consuming stage, as we saved 4 lives. It was worth that. At the same time, we adjusted the way of attacking to kill Boss as quick as possible.
  • Stage 4: almost no change on tactics, we only changed the position of taking "RR"s for fast pass; there is no Boss in this stage, therefore, the time saved only regards lag.
  • Stage 5: we saved 3 lives by stuck in wall; avoided all "R/R"s; changed the movement of Boss for fast pass.
  • Stage 6 (Clock Tower): no change on tactics, we just optimized the details and lag.
  • Stage 7 (Western World): we saved 1 life by stuck in wall in the first half; reduced lag by perfectly distributing 9 lives of Chip and 5 lives of Dale at the rock-fall and chains in the tramcar plot, which incredibly reduced lag (it turned out that it did); slightly adjusted the positions; reduced the number of "RR"s to 9; and changed the movement of Boss for fast pass.
  • Stage 8 (Future World): we distributed 3 lives at the best position to save time; seckilled the Boss by invincible glitch; we paused twice to avoid lag.
  • Stage 9: we distributed 3 lives at the best position to save time; reduced the number of "R/R"s to 16; changed the randomness of Boss (the number and position of dropped screws) for fast pass.

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feos: Awesome movie, stunning discoveries, amazing job overall! Accepting to obsolete [1028] NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 "2 players" by dragonxyk in 11:04.65.
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