Submission #6365: Doomsday31415's SNES Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! in 42:33.73

Console Super NES Emulator Bizhawk 2.2.2 (bsnes core)
Game Version JPN v1.0 Frame Count 153476
ROM Filename Super Donkey Kong 3 - Nazo no Krems-tou (Japan).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 60125
Unknown Authors Doomsday31415
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Submitted by Doomsday31415 on 4/14/2019 7:05:13 PM

Submission Comments
Donkey Kong Country 3 is a video game adaptation of the toy "Barrel of Monkeys", where you play as two monkeys going ape to free all the monkeys from their imprisonment.
Temporary encoding:
Comparison video:
Oh boy, this was way more work than I bargained for. When I first started this TAS, I was blissfully unaware that someone by the name of DES had already made a TAS significantly faster than Dooty's record here on TASVideos. I had intended to take advantage of RAM Watch to tighten up all the levels, find faster routes using the 2-1 jumps that were relatively new at the time of Dooty's TAS, and have better RNG by manipulating it more deliberately.
Instead... I ended up being the one playing catch-up, trying to compete with a TAS with nearly 400,000 rerecords that had tightened the movement even more than me and also did tricks I didn't know existed! It was a humbling experience to be sure, and I'm grateful that I was able to obtain the input file from DES so I could improve on it. This is also the reason DES is listed as a co-author... without their input, the TAS would not be anywhere near as good. Thanks!
In the end, I ended up saving nearly 7 seconds compared to DES and nearly 2 minutes compared to Dooty. Given how small the vast majority of time saves are now, I'd say it's safe to say the frame wars have begun.
Since various portions borrow heavily if not copy DES's TAS and their TAS was not on this site, they are listed as a co-author.

General Information

  • Emulator: Bizhawk 2.2.2 using bsnes core
  • Version: Japan 1.0
  • Objective: Defeat Baron K. Roolenstein as quickly as possible
  • Categories:
    • Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs
    • Uses death to save time
    • Takes damage to save time
    • Uses warps
    • Uses a game restart sequence
    • Heavy luck manipulation
    • Genre: Platform
The speed/entertainment tradeoff is actually only a single thing: using 1.0 for a specific glitch when 1.1 seems to be a few frames faster over the course of the entire run. More on that in the stage breakdown.
This run consists of a lot of Dixie spinning and twirling as much as possible. Her twirl speed is the same as her run speed (which is the same as Kiddy's), so it's invaluable for positioning perfectly in a variety of situations. This combined with the fact she can jump faster and start rolling slightly faster make Kiddy only used when a team throw is faster.
The kong's movement speed gradually increases and decreases, with each action they do having a "target speed" that their actual speed will approach each frame. As such, movement is extremely technical.
This TAS is done using J 1.0 instead of U. As is evident from watching the comparison video or looking at the stage breakdown, it saves a *lot* of time.

New Tricks

Since DES

  • Barrel Drop Jump: By jumping on a specific frame while setting down a barrel, you can set it down in midair. If you press B on a specific frame while doing that, you can jump in midair. This can be further used to do a 2-1 jump in midair, but I didn't find any places to save time doing this...
  • Velocity Snapping: The kongs' horizonal speed will snap to their target speed when sufficiently close. This can be taken advantage of in water and flying levels by releasing Y for a frame to snap to an intermediate speed a few frames faster than it would normally be reached.
  • Kong Throw Desync: When throwing Dixie, hitting an enemy/barrel will cause Kiddy to start moving again. By itself, this doesn't do much, but it allows...
  • Zipping: While throwing Dixie, she can't leave the camera boundaries. By desyncing the kongs, you can move the camera such that she gets stuck in a wall, causing her to "zip" to the top of it. Due to the fact that most terrain is hollow (causing you to get stuck inside), this has limited use in Any%, but it can be used in a ton of places in 105%.

Since Dooty

  • 2-1 Jumps: Not technically a new trick, but the official RTA name and now used in far more places.
  • Barrel Break Skip: Normally, breaking a DK barrel to get a kong takes 32 frames. This can be skipped if you get hit on the same frame. The end result will be switching to the other kong much faster than normally possible.
  • Bleak Skip: Easily the biggest time save and the primary reason for using J. By pausing on a specific frame while the game fades out after death, it will be treated as a win instead.
  • Corner Snap: This game is very generous with its corners, and this is abused in water and flying levels to gain height in a variety of places.
  • Fast Landing: If Dixie lands from a short height (e.g. jumping on a platform), there's typically a delay where her hair has to fall down before any action can be taken. This can be avoided by being at the very top of the jump or by twirling.
  • Fast Shock: In the final phase, K Rool will only be zapped for a single frame (instead of sixty) if he touches the lightning as it despawns. This also causes the next lightning to appear much faster (too fast to hit K Rool with).
  • Fast Throw: While picking up a barrel, it's possible to jump much faster than throw. However, you can throw immediately after pressing jump, cancelling the jump and getting a faster throw on the ground.
  • Just Defend: Klaptraps are big and scary and called Krimps in this game, but you can roll into them if you're facing the same way they are... regardless of whether you're behind or in front. You can also roll into them the wrong way from above.
  • Minimize: The Kongs and animal buddies have different hitboxes depending on the direction they are facing and if they are turning. This is especially important in water and flying levels to squeeze past enemies.
  • Rope Snap: Same concept as Corner Snap, but this time with snapping to grab horizontal ropes.
  • Spider Abuse: Using frame and pixel perfect movement, it's possible to fall through Arich and hit him with a barrel from above. This is abused even more now.
  • Wrong-side Waterfall: You're supposed to go behind certain waterfalls and in front of others. This is very glitchy, and can be tricked into putting one or both kongs on the "wrong" side of the waterfall, typically resulting in them falling through the ground. However, this can also be used to ignore the waterfall boundaries that normally keep you inside when behind one.

Stage Breakdown

Given that Dooty's TAS is the last one on this site but DES's TAS is faster, I'll be comparing to both of them. Also, please note that Dooty's TAS was on an older emulator and a different version, so various timings are skewed.
Since almost every stage features better movement, that will only be mentioned when compared to DES. Instead, route changes and other notable differences will be the focus for this breakdown. If there's a frame of difference against DES that isn't mentioned, it's a load or lag frame.
Note: Due to the load time difference between versions, timing compared to DES will be from fade out on the previous level to fade out on the current level, while compared to Dooty will be from fade in on the current level to fade out on the current level. Additionally, any load time difference from warp barrels and section changes will be normalized when comparing to Dooty.

Intro: -30 (Dooty) / -1 (DES)

The above difference compared to Dooty could be any number of things considering how much faster J is at loading Funky and the overworld, but I went with the time saved by not entering a name and from the boat movement. Since this is a collaboration and entering a name costs precious frames against a TAS where every frame counts, it was skipped.
Also, a frame was saved against both other TAS's by angling the boat directly at the landing spot.

1-1 Lakeside Limbo: -67 / 0

2-1 jumps putting in work from the very first level to spawn the warp barrel without going to the right.

1-2 Doorstop Dash: -20 / -1

Wonky physics when doing a team jump allows a second jump to be done in midair here to save time.
As will be the case with most single frame differences, the time saved against DES was due to it loading the second section slightly faster for an unknown reason.

1-3 Tidal Trouble: 0 / -7

Fun fact: By holding down, you can bounce faster in the water. This lets you touch the ground sooner to roll earlier.
Although time was technically even against Dooty, it was entirely because of far more lag in the second section. Adjusting for that, around 15 frames were saved.

1-4 Skidda's Row: -4 / 0

1-5 Murky Mill: -2 / -1

Facing right while doing the throw is important to spawn the warp barrel sooner.

1-B Belcha's Barn: -43 / 0

Doing a team throw to hit the second beetle allows you to land on the ground much faster, saving over half a second.

2-1 Barrel Shield Bust-Up: -44 / -12

This is the first level to take advantage of a Barrel Drop Jump to save time.
While breaking the barrel against the wall does cause a frame of lag, positioning to avoid that costs far more time.

2-2 Riverside Race: -10 / 0

2-3 Squeals on Wheels: -1 / 0

Two completely different methods, yet both take the exact same amount of time.

2-4 Springin' Spiders: -1 / 0

2-5 Bobbing Barrel Brawl: -5 / +1

Booty Bird gets to live today... #SaveTheFrames

2-B Arich's Ambush: -136 / 0

You thought Arich was abused before? This dials it up to 11.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any way to save time against DES. It's that tight.

To Mekanos: a negative number / 0

It's important to note that the second boat accelerates much faster in J than U, resulting in free time save in most cases. The exception is here, since the boat is launched much faster and in the wrong direction in J.
A frame was saved again with better movement with the first boat, but it was undone by an extra frame of load.

4-1 Fire-Ball Frenzy: -225 / -66

Zipping is arguably the biggest glitch in Donkey Kong Country 3. Unfortunately, this is the only time it's useful in Any%, and it only saves maybe a second overall.

4-2 Demolition Drain-Pipe: -67 / +37

Everything else equal, I would have saved around 15 frames against DES by taking advantage of the toboggan mechanics better. However, starting with two kongs and having to lose one cost nearly a second.
The toboggan basically has two modes to determine speed.
In the first mode, there's a target Y above you that gives you extra speed the further below it you are. This target is determined by the highest point you were on the ground or grabbing a rail (hence why dropping from a rail makes you go faster).
In the second mode, the target Y is below you, and you lose speed based on how high you are above it. Similar to the first mode, this target is the lowest point you were on the ground.
Both modes have an optimal speed of 1280, with it switching to the first mode if you go too high and the second mode if you go too low.
Additionally, the end of this level is used to manipulate the RNG for KAOS for free.

4-3 Ripsaw Rage: +5 / -48

Losing time on the autoscroller... because the goal spawns slightly slower on the J version :(
Although a bunch of time was lost in DDP to DES, most of it was made up here because they had to switch kongs. Since they did a Barrel Break Skip, though, the time was minimized.

4-4 Blazing Bazukas: -129 / -3

A ton of time is saved here by Just Defending through all the Krimps.
I also saved a few frames against DES by a slightly better hit on the wall near the checkpoint barrel that everyone skips.

4-5 Low-G Labyrinth: -70 / -9

This is the first level where Velocity Snapping plays a role. Thanks to the speed boost this unintuitive trick provides, 10 frames were saved in the level against DES.

4-B KAOS Karnage: +471 / -4

This is the biggest advantage U has in Any%. Unlike in U, J loses control of the kongs after hitting KAOS. This means doing fancy 2-1 jumps to get up to his head early over and over.
Even more time would have been lost compared to U against a zero-cycle KAOS that uses a 2-1 jump to get up immediately.
On a positive note, I did save a few frames compared to DES thanks to manipulating more favorable RNG for how quickly the head falls at the end.

3-1 Bazza's Blockade: -49 / -5

More Velocity Snapping goodness along with a little lag reduction, this time only saving 5 frames.

3-2 Rocket Barrel Ride: -55 / +3

By throwing Dixie into the waterfall, the game is tricked into thinking she's on the front side, allowing us to bypass the wall that normally keeps the kongs inside the waterfall. This doesn't save much time directly, but lets us swap the kong order cheaply.
One extra load frame plus two unavoidable extra lag frames make this one of the worst levels compared to DES.

3-3 Kreeping Klasps: -74 / -2

This level is very laggy, and Dixie definitely has the advantage.
3 non-load/lag frames were saved compared to DES, but it turned into a wash because it added 3 extra lag frames, leaving the two load frames saved.

3-4 Tracker Barrel Trek: -285 / -1

The primary reason for wanting Dixie, as she is much better to have at the start of this level.

3-5 Fish Food Frenzy: -24 / -7

5 frames from Velocity Snapping plus two load frames equals one very angry fish.
The bubbles in this level are controlled by RNG, so manipulating them is used to manipulate the RNG for the next level...

3-B Squirt's Showdown: -66 / +7

Easily my worst level compared to DES. Despite having the bubbles in the previous level to manipulate the RNG, it was very limited and I lost 8 frames as a result (gained a load frame though).
What RNG, you may be wondering? Squirt's blinking eyes.
Normally, Squirt has to close its eyes before put them through the waterfall to become vulnerable. However, this can be bypassed in part or in full if Squirt is already blinking at the time.
As you might guess, this is actually a pretty rare occurence that needs to happen three times, and I have no idea how DES got so lucky.

5-1 Krevice Kreepers: -103 / -28

Arguably the most obvious location to do a Barrel Drop Jump, and it saves nearly half a second.

5-2 Tearaway Toboggan: -23 / +2

Unlike Demolition Drain-Pipe, DES was extremely tight with this level. I ended up losing a frame to manipulate the RNG for Bleak (the other frame is a load frame).

5-3 Barrel Drop Bounce: -779 / -8

Easily the biggest routing improvement, and basically a requirement at this point in the RTA community. It doesn't even require a 2-1 jump!
By doing a team throw at just the right time, I was able to save a little time on DES here as well... but I would have loved to have saved far more given the level's name. Unfortunately, this strategy is ever so slightly slower:

5-4 Krack-Shot Kroc: -31 / -6

#SaveTheAnimals #SaveTheFrames
I would have saved more time, but unfortunately there's a limitation with the Fast Web trick that makes it only work if two other webs are already out.

5-5 Lemguin Lunge: -135 / +1


5-B Bleak's House: -2282 / +3

Bleak Skip, the reason RTA runners switched from U to J. This saves around 40 seconds even with perfect movement.
Despite the manipulation in 5-2, I still had to wait two more frames to get the perfect position for Bleak at the start. It just goes to show how amazing DES's RNG manipulation was, since they didn't wait at all.

6-1 Buzzer Barrage: -126 / -143

This is where the Barrel Drop Jump saves nearly two seconds, on top of Velocity Snapping and better movement in certain places. Easily my best level in the TAS.

Benny: +129 / 0

Shoutouts to Benny, the bear that just sits there for an extra two seconds on J for no apparent reason.

6-2 Kong-Fused Cliffs: -17 / -1

Still partially an autoscroller since you have to wait for the last rope to spawn before you can climb it.

6-3 Floodlit Fish: -71 / -4

This might be a level a future TAS could reexamine, since I didn't get a full understanding of Enguarde movement until after Barbos. I did save a few frames with Velocity Snapping, though.
Also, the second section is faster if you're Kiddy, but it costs far more in the next level.

6-4 Pot Hole Panic: -129 / 0

Dixie is able to reach the Enguarde crate just a little faster than Squawks can, even with Velocity Snapping.
I actually lost a frame here due to bad RNG (despite trying to manipulate it in the previous level), but I got it back from a load frame, so...

6-5 Ropey Rumpus: -577 / 0

The definitive level for the 2-1 jump. The 2-1 jump here saves so much time it's basically required in RTA runs.

6-B Barbos' Barrier: -18 / 0

Barbos, the RTA runner's nightmare because of how the first phase is RNG where and when the enemies spawn. Both DES and I managed to get perfect RNG for this, but I lost a frame in the second phase because of the subpixel position of where one of the first phase's enemies died (it wasn't reset). Given how hard it was just to get perfect RNG, I didn't persue it.
Instead, I found out that Enguarde's hitbox extends higher when doing an attack, grabbing the coin a frame earlier.
Also, this level has two different formulae for advancing the RNG seed going at the same time, making it critical to manipulate Creepy Caverns.

7-1 Konveyor Rope Klash: -71 / -16

The camera can be manipulated without spending too much time in order to spawn the zingers slightly later so you don't have to do anything to avoid them.

7-2 Creepy Caverns: -153 / +2

One in over 2,300. Those are the odds of perfect RNG in this level. I managed to get it while only waiting a frame beforehand, which is good enough for me (and further evidence of how good DES's TAS is, since it doesn't wait at all).

7-3 Lightning Look-Out: -122 / -31

This level is a nightmare to TAS. The timing of the lightning varies based on RNG, and the slightest movement can affect the position (but not enough to rely on).
Simply put, the lightning follows four rules:
  • The further in the level the kongs are, the less time between choosing a target and striking
  • The target is based on an invisible crosshair that is following the kongs, plus the kong's current velocity at the time
  • The crosshair accelerates based on the difference between its position and the kong's position, and has a high max speed
  • A target is only chosen if the crosshair is within 16 pixels of the kongs AND a 50/50 RNG flip returns true
This means that the lightning can be delayed by dodging the crosshair, and that it can be repositioned by turning around right before it chooses the target. However, both of these cost time to do, and thanks to the RNG, it's always different.
Despite or because of this, I managed to save half a second over DES, taking advantage of the Barrel Break Skip they used in Ripsaw Rage and a Barrel Drop Jump using a beetle.

7-4 Koindozer Klamber: -179 / -1

As you would expect, Dixie is far faster in this level.
At first, I didn't save any time, but by combining the following I was able to save a frame:
  • Bouncing off the final koindozer puts you slightly further ahead
  • Turning around right before the goal extends your hitbox just far enough to reach it a frame earlier (yes, Dixie's hitbox extends further backwards)

7-5 Poisonous Pipeline: -41 / -11

Notable not only for the Velocity Snapping improvement, but a slight time save by doing a Superstab and then cancelling it to start moving down sooner. I unfortunately only discovered this possibility here, so it's possible it can be used in the other Enguarde levels.

7-B Kastle KAOS: -353 / -69

Each boss fight seems to be harder to TAS than the last, and this is no exception. Between having to manipulate the RNG in the previous level to change how high K Rool bounces to constant lag reduction to worrying about whether K Rool falls from the right subpixel so he ends his shock cycle faster, this fight is a doozy. Even this could probably be optimized further.
This was the location where using 1.0 allowed a glitch that 1.1 doesn't: turning away from K Rool when he first appears. It doesn't save or lose any time directly, but who wants to look at K Rool when he's flailing his arms around?
In a surprise twist, I saved over half a second in the KAOS portion by waiting for KAOS to move closer to the center before hitting him. I just wish I had discovered this before I manipulated the RNG the first time...

Special Thanks

DES: Without their hard work (and the input file showing how they did it), this TAS wouldn't be anywhere near as good. They also pointed out a few improvements.
SuiMinD: For pointing out DES's TAS and connecting me to them so I could obtain the input file.
Kinghippo44: For being there to throw bits and pieces at, and for pointing out the faster way to do the ending of 7-4.
The previous TASers: It's never easy to make a good TAS, and even harder if you don't have something to compare to.
The speedrunners: Most of the new tricks come from the speedrunners who pour so many hours into this game.
The reader: For making it this far.

Recommended Screenshot

Given that the big thing with this TAS is the new zip and Barrel Drop Jumps, I'd say a good screenshot would be the part just before the zip in 4-1, where Kiddy is riding the barrel. It's strange and not something normally done in DKC3.

Useful RAM Addresses


Boat dX 000C86
Boat dY 000C8A
Boat sub X 000C6D
Boat X 000C6E
Boat sub Y 000C71
Boat Y 000C72


Camera sub X 000492
Camera X 000493
Camera sub Y 000496
Camera Y 000497


Kong Box Right 00188A
Kong Box Left 001886
Kong Box Top 001888
Kong Box Bottom 00188C

K Rool

K Rool sub X 0009D9
K Rool X 0009DA
K Rool sub Y 0009DD
K Rool Y 0009DE
K Rool dX 0009F2
K Rool target dX 0009F8
K Rool dY 0009F6
K Rool State 00166C
Lightning Timer 001C5F


Dixie sub X 00088F
Dixie X 000890
Dixie sub Y 000893
Dixie Y 000894
Dixie dX 0008A8
Dixie target dX 0008AE
Dixie dY 0008AC
Kiddy sub X 0008FD
Kiddy X 0008FE
Kiddy sub Y 000901
Kiddy Y 000902
Kiddy dX 000916
Kiddy target dX 00091C
Kiddy dY 00091A


Target (x) 0009BA
Timer 0009B6
Timer Shorten 00096D
Timer Max 0009BE
Crosshair Speed 000984
Crosshair Target Speed 00098A
Crosshair sub X 00096B
Crosshair X 00096C


Note: This overlaps with various objects, such as the boat.
Object X 00096C
Object X 0009DA
Object X 000A48
Object X 000AB6
Object X 000B24
Object X 000B92
Object X 000C00
Object X 000C6E
Object X 000CDC
Object sub X 000D49
Object X 000D4A
Object sub Y 000D4D
Object Y 000D4E
Object dX 000D62
Object dY 000D66
Object sub X 000DB7
Object X 000DB8
Object sub Y 000DBB
Object Y 000DBC
Object dX 000DD0
Object dY 000DD4
Object X 000E26
Object X 000E94


Current 000002
Previous 000004


Toboggan A sub X 000A47
Toboggan A X 000A48
Toboggan A sub Y 000A4B
Toboggan A Y 000A4C
Toboggan A dX 000A60
Toboggan A dY 000A64
Toboggan A Base Y 000A5C
Toboggan A Base Speed 000A6A
Toboggan A Slant 000A52
Toboggan B sub X 000B23
Toboggan B X 000B24
Toboggan B sub Y 000B27
Toboggan B Y 000B28
Toboggan B dX 000B3C
Toboggan B dY 000B40
Toboggan B Base Y 000B38
Toboggan B Base Speed 000B46
Toboggan B Slant 000B2E

Supplementary Tables


DES Dooty
Title 0 -23
Menu 0-0 -24-5
World 0-0 15-11
Wrinkly 0-0 31-30
World 0-0 42-41
Funky 0-0 61-57
World 0-1 65-68
W1 1-1 81-80
1-1 A 1-1 73-143
1-1 B 2-1 136-133
W1 1-1 146-147
1-2 A 1-1 139-159
1-2 B 2-2 151-151
W1 2-2 163-163
1-3 A 2-10 156-171
1-3 B 9-9 162-147
W1 9-9 160-159
1-4 A 9-9 150-154
1-4 B 9-9 146-146
W1 9-9 159-158
1-5 A 9-9 150-152
1-5 B 10-10 144-144
W1 10-10 156-155
1-B 10-10 147-190
W1 10-9 203-203
World 9-9 214-213
W2 10-10 226-225
2-1 A 10-22 216-259
2-1 B 22-22 250-251
W2 22-22 263-262
2-2 A 22-22 255-263
2-2 B 22-22 254-254
W2 22-22 267-266
2-3 A 22-22 258-259
2-3 B 22-22 250-250
W2 22-22 263-262
2-4 A 23-23 254-255
2-4 B 23-23 245-245
W2 23-23 258-257
2-5 A 23-23 249-254
2-5 B 22-22 244-244
W2 23-23 257-256
2-B 23-23 242-378
W2 22-22 390-389
World 22-23 400-418
Funky 23-23 438-434
World 23-23 445-440
W4 23-23 453-452
4-1 23-89 444-669
W4 89-83 682-675
4-2 82-45 668-735
W4 45-45 748-747
4-3 46-93 738-733
W4 93-93 745-744
4-4 93-96 735-864
W4 96-96 877-876
4-5 95-105 869-939
W4 105-105 951-950
4-B 105-109 955-484
W4 109-109 497-496
World 110-109 508-548
W3 109-109 561-561
3-1 A 109-114 554-600
3-1 B 114-114 592-595
W3 113-113 607-606
3-2 113-111 599-654
W3 112-112 667-666
3-3 113-113 660-734
W3 114-114 747-746
3-4 114-114 739-1024
W3 113-113 1036-1035
3-5 A 114-119 1029-1053
3-5 B 119-120 1044-1044
W3 120-120 1057-1056
3-B 121-113 1049-1115
W3 114-114 1128-1127
World 114-114 1138-1169
Funky 114-114 1189-1185
World 114-114 1197-1200
W5 114-114 1213-1212
5-1 114-141 1203-1306
W5 141-141 1318-1317
5-2 140-139 1308-1331
W5 139-139 1343-1342
5-3 139-147 1334-2113
W5 147-147 2125-2124
5-4 147-153 2116-2147
W5 153-153 2160-2159
5-5 153-152 2151-2286
W5 152-150 2299-2302
5-B 150-149 2294-5576
W5 149-149 5589-5588
World 147-148 5599-5598
W6 148-148 5610-5609
6-1 148-291 5601-5727
W6 292-292 5740-5739
Benny 292-292 5742-5613
W6 292-292 5627-5626
6-2 292-293 5617-5634
W6 293-293 5646-5645
6-3 A 293-296 5638-5726
6-3 B 296-297 5718-5711
W6 298-298 5724-5706
6-4 298-297 5697-5826
W6 298-298 5840-5850
6-5 298-298 5842-6399
W6 298-298 6412-6412
6-B 298-298 6406-6424
W6 298-298 6436-6434
World 299-299 6445-6450
W7 298-298 6463-6462
7-1 298-314 6453-6524
W7 314-313 6536-6533
7-2 312-312 6525-6678
W7 311-311 6691-6691
7-3 311-343 6682-6764
W7 343-343 6776-6775
7-4 343-344 6767-6946
W7 344-344 6959-6958
7-5 344-355 6952-6993
W7 355-355 7006-7005
7-K 355-396 7009-7145
7-B 396-414 7145-7362


Doom+DES DES Dooty
Title 488 488 465
Menu 600-669 600-669 576-674
World 833+2-1175 833+2-1175 850-1186
Wrinkly 1250-1283 1250-1283 1281-1313
World 1384+2-1455 1384+2-1455 1428-1496
Funky 1541-1738 1541-1738 1602-1795
World 1839+1-2065 1839+1-2066 1909-2133
W1 2144+1-2227 2145+1-2228 2226-2307
1-1 A 2357-2900 2358-2901 2430-3043
1-1 B 2979+1-3323 2981+1-3324 3115+1-3456
W1 3401+2-3494 3403+1-3495 3549-3641
1-2 A 3636-4417 3637-4418 3775-4576
1-2 B 4511-4848 4513-4850 4662-4999
W1 4926+2-5219 4929+1-5221 5091-5382
1-3 A 5350-5995 5352-6005 5506-6166
1-3 B 6076+1-6460 6085+1-6469 6239-6607
W1 6538+2-6658 6547+2-6667 6700-6817
1-4 A 6801-7165 6810-7174 6951-7319
1-4 B 7256-7599 7265-7608 7402-7745
W1 7677+2-7754 7686+2-7763 7838-7912
1-5 A 7897-8405 7906-8414 8047-8557
1-5 B 8500-8841 8510-8851 8644-8985
W1 8919+2-9053 8929+2-9063 9077-9208
1-B 9208+1-10350 9218+1-10360 9355+1-10540
W1 10429+1-10711 10439+1-10720 10633-10914
World 10812+2-10951 10821+2-10960 11028-11164
W2 11029+1-11161 11039+1-11171 11256-11386
2-1 A 11327-12334 11337-12356 11543-12593
2-1 B 12444-12775 12466-12797 12694-13026
W2 12854+1-13016 12876+1-13038 13118-13278
2-2 A 13170-13716 13192-13738 13425-13979
2-2 B 13816-14157 13837-14178 14070-14411
W2 14235+1-14344 14257+1-14366 14503-14610
2-3 A 14488-14885 14510-14907 14746-15144
2-3 B 14982-15322 15004-15344 15232-15572
W2 15400+1-15486 15422+1-15508 15664-15748
2-4 A 15653-15953 15676-15976 15907-16208
2-4 B 16065-16395 16088-16418 16310-16640
W2 16473+1-16661 16496+1-16684 16732-16918
2-5 A 16821-17141 16844-17164 17070-17395
2-5 B 17242-17581 17264-17603 17486-17825
W2 17659+1-17732 17681+2-17755 17917-17988
2-B 17865+11-18650 17888+11-18673 18113+5-19028
W2 18728+2-18909 18751+1-18931 19120-19298
World 19010+2-19375 19032+2-19398 19412-19793
Funky 19461-20652 19484-20675 19899-21086
World 20753+3-20997 20776+3-21020 21201-21437
W4 21074+1-21162 21097+1-21185 21528-21614
4-1 21321-25485 21344-25574 21765-26154
W4 25562+1-25723 25651+1-25806 26245-26398
4-2 25855-30027 25937-30072 26523-30762
W4 30104+1-30256 30149+1-30301 30853-31003
4-3 30420-37973 30466-38066 31158-38706
W4 38050+1-38125 38143+1-38218 38796-38869
4-4 38284-42023 38377-42119 39019-42887
W4 42100+1-42166 42196+1-42262 42978-43042
4-5 42294-47557 42389-47662 43163-48496
W4 47634+1-47705 47739+1-47810 48586-48655
4-B 47852-51512 47956+1-51621 48794+13-51996
W4 51589+1-51871 51698+1-51980 52087-52367
World 51972+2-52132 52081+3-52241 52482-52680
W3 52211+1-52388 52320+1-52497 52773-52949
3-1 A 52520-56398 52628+1-56512 53074-56998
3-1 B 56485-56818 56599-56932 57077-57413
W3 56897+2-56995 57011+1-57108 57506-57601
3-2 57147-61819 57260-61930 55746-62473
W3 61897+2-62031 62009+2-62143 62566-62697
3-3 62162-65085 62275-65198 62822-65819
W3 65164+1-65231 65277+2-65345 65912-65977
3-4 65387-69405 65501-69519 66126-70429
W3 69484+2-69612 69597+2-69725 70522-70647
3-5 A 69743-74421 69857-74540 70772-75474
3-5 B 74508-74859 74627-74979 75552-75903
W3 74938+1-75420 75058+1-75540 75996-76476
3-B 75568+1-78462 75689+1-78575 76617+1-79577
W3 78540+2-78786 78654+2-78900 79670-79913
World 78887+3-79121 79002+2-79235 80028-80290
Funky 79207-80078 79321-80192 80396-81263
World 80179+2-80490 80293+2-80604 81378-81690
W5 80564+1-80662 80678+1-80776 81778-81874
5-1 80825-83820 80939-83961 82028-85126
W5 83894+1-83981 84035+1-84122 85213-85298
5-2 84131-88223 84271+1-88362 85439-89554
W5 88297+1-88396 88436+1-88535 89641-89738
5-3 88553-90918 88692-91065 89887-93031
W5 90991+2-91070 91138+2-91217 93118-93194
5-4 91227-95530 91374-95683 93343-97677
W5 95604+1-95693 95757+1-95846 97765-97852
5-5 95836+1-98993 95990-99145 97988-101279
W5 99066+2-99182 99218+2-99332 101367-101484
5-B 99311-99894 99461-100043 101605-105470
W5 99968+1-100146 100117+1-100295 105558-105734
World 100247+3-100384 100396+1-100532 105849-105982
W6 100463+1-100562 100611+1-100710 106074-106171
6-1 100712-105050 100860-105341 106313-110777
W6 105128+1-105201 105420+1-105493 110869-110940
Benny 105302-105772 105594-106064 111046-111385
W6 105850+1-106273 106142+1-106565 111478-111899
6-2 106436-110974 106728-111267 112053-116608
W6 111053+1-111135 111345+2-111428 116700-116780
6-3 A 111275-115021 111568-115317 116913-120747
6-3 B 115108-115617 115404-115914 120826-121328
W6 115695+1-115760 115992+2-116058 121420-121466
6-4 115914-119155 116211+1-119452 121611-124981
W6 119233+1-119318 119530+2-119616 125073-125168
6-5 119468-121877 119766-122175 125310-128276
W6 121955+2-122047 122253+2-122345 128369-128459
6-B 122175-124616 122473-124914 128581-131040
W6 124695+1-125228 124992+2-125526 131132-131662
World 125332-125854 125631-126153 131777-132304
W7 125932+1-126079 126230+1-126377 132396-132541
7-1 126236-129404 126534-129718 132689-135928
W7 129481+2-129583 129796+1-129896 136019-136116
7-2 129732-133826 130044-134138 136257-140504
W7 133903+2-134106 134215+1-134417 140596-140797
7-3 134266-137899 134577-138242 140948-144663
W7 137976+2-138059 138319+2-138402 144754-144834
7-4 138214-141245 138557-141589 144981-148191
W7 141322+2-141401 141667+1-141745 148283-148359
7-5 141523-145641 141867-145996 148475-152634
W7 145719+1-145785 146073+2-146140 152726-152790
7-K 145948-148680 146303-149076 152945+12-155825
7-B 148680-153475 149076-153889 155825-160837

Memory: Judging
Memory: Optimization seemed very strong, very good improvement on the published run.
As usual for this series, there was tons of clever platforming and tricks. The audience loved the run as well.
feos: Pub.

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