Submission #6411: Mars608, aiqiyou's NES Contra "pacifist" in 08:49.56

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX2.2.3
Game Version JPN Frame Count 31826
ROM Filename Contra (J).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch pacifist Rerecord Count 47334
Unknown Authors Mars608, aiqiyou
Game Contra
Submitted by Mars608 on 6/5/2019 2:29:54 AM

Submission Comments
We made a 234 frames' improvement from soig's TAS mainly by full use of S weapon in level 4. We think hurting enemies but not killing them is allowed in pacifist rule.

Level by level comments:

Level 1
Get S for 1P and save 15 frames in the BOSS fight. BOSS fight here is 2 frames faster than any% run.
Level 2
S is not quite good in this level because it will cause many lags and will easily kill enemies, so it's 15 frames slower than soig's TAS.
Level 3
Controll the time when 2P dies to save time, get double S and faster BOSS fight, 36 frames saved.
Level 4
Make full use of S just as any% run did, 174 frames saved.
Level 5
Get a better enemy before the second tank, use L in BOSS fight for it's faster than normal gun. 16 frames saved.
Level 6
The same as soig's TAS.
Level 7
Due to the bad luck, we use more pauses in this level. 4 frames slower before BOSS fight. But we saved 4 frames in the BOSS fight. The time remains the same.
Level 8
Controll enemies let 1P do fewer jumps. 8 frames saved.

Masterjun: Judging! Again!
Masterjun: Replaced file with updated version.
Masterjun: Accepted to Moons as an improvement to the previous run.
feos: Pub.

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