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Sega CD
(Submitted: Sonic CD++)
Submitted by TheRandomMaster on 6/13/2019 5:54 AM
Submission Comments
Sonic CD++ (or Sonic CD Plus Plus) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog CD by qiuu and snkenjoi, adding the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) style Spin Dash and the newer Homing Attack into the game. This enables the gameplay to be significantly speedier, while Sonic CD is known to be one of the more slow-paced games in the classic Sonic series.
A Sonic 2 Styled Spin Dash, Sonic Megamix homing attack, An Air Roll, The Air speed cap removed, and Mini Sonic can spin-dash.
How this was made:

Palmtree Panic:
Act1: I always would not use the speed boost in my previous runs I made on YT thinking it would not waste any time.
Act2: The speed boost at the beginning helped me reach high parts of the level going to the goal.
Boss: Glitching into Eggman's robot was the best thing to do possible since it saved 7 frames. At the end of the level, I used the homing attack to take Sonic down the loop hole almost passing the camera.

Collision Chaos:
Act1: The only way to save lots of frames for this level is to peelout glitch through the level pallets using frame advance.
Act2: I finally found another way to beat the level faster by going through the bottom of the stage.
Boss: Performing the homing attack to the top of the level was the best way for me to save frames. I even got less than 2.30 seconds.

Tital Tempest:
Act1: Reaching the very top of the level caused me to save lots of time. Performing a homing attack on the grasshopper allowed me to reach to top of the clear sewer pipe which of course save me extra time.
Act2: Performing a peelout glitch into the level pallets was the only fast way to beat the level.
Boss: The only way I could save time, is peelout glitching through the level pallets. Since I can perform a homing attack in this game, Sonic could be able to go through the bubbles and hit Eggman faster.

Quartz Quadrant:
Act1: Since the air speed cap was removed, I can be able to hit ceilings which will make Sonic move faster.
Act2: Using the speed boost helps me glitch through certain level pallets that allows Sonic to zoom pretty fast and glitch through the wall.
Boss: Running at full speed allows Eggman's treadmill to be destroyed faster. Only homing attacks can help.

Wacky Workbench:
Act1: Probably almost the same as QQ1 and trying to stay off of the bouncy parts.
Act2: Snagged a little time by being fast enough to pass by the blocking platform. 9:25
Boss: The fastest way to reach the boss in time is to glitch through the level pallets using frame advance again. Eggman can be hit faster if you jump on one rising platform, and hurry up and jump on the next. At the end, to keep the platforms still bouncing, jump at the right frame on the last hit. That will also save time.

Stardust Speedway:
Act1: Using the speed boost will allow Sonic to go through the loop with jumping at the right timing, and the ramp allowed me to jump very high making me snag 13:43.
Act2: Going to the very bottom of the level first is the only way to get at least under 20 seconds, then jumping to the middle of the level where the loop holes are you can get 17 seconds. (Or impossibly less)
Boss: You can disagree with me on this one, but I think going the maximum speed of a peelout with the speed boost at the very start of the level which making the camera take me to the Metal Sonic part is faster. Anyways using the speed boost and using 2 ramps is the fastest way to get to the end.

Metallic Madness
Act1: I have to jump on the spring to reach the top of the level to save time. Grabbing the speed boost at the check point will of course allow me to go faster than usual. At the end is like the beginning of the level of Stardust 3, but with a platform instead of the beggining of the level.
Act2: Of course we all would want to reach the top of the level in order to save time. You can also jump to the top when you see the ramp in the middle top of the stage. You can save lots of time and reach the ending areas faster. Also glitching through a missing hit box level pallet at the end of the stage is the best way (of course) to save time.
Boss: Finally the last level of the game. Jump on the spring to reach the top beginning to the level. You can also homing attack on the little ramps and jump at the right time to jump all the way to the lift platform. After doing so, get the shield and hit into the thorns to (yet again) save time. The next part of the level, you have to hit the fist firefly at the right timing, and the best way to reach Egghead faster is to make sure the 2 fireflies reach each other, and hit them at the right timing, and home attack your way to Eggman. Finally the last boss. Use Eggman to lose your rings and become invincible, (and a bit invisible) to hit with a homing attack faster. Wait until he stops blinking to hit him again, and again, and again, and then, TIME!!!! The game is done in 15:51. GG!

The game choice was bad. I get it already. I didn't know that you had to only play the original Sonic CD instead of Sonic CD++. (Or a SCD++ Music Hacks if that was the problem the whole time.) I'm new here. I don't know much stuff.

GoddessMaria: Judging.
GoddessMaria: Hello, TheRandomMaster, and welcome to TASVideos. When it comes to ROM-hacks, they are held under stronger scrutiny than official or original games. That being said, let's take a look at this hack.

Hack in Question

This hack is of Sonic CD, and made some additions to functionality and improvements to make the game play faster than the original. Despite the additions and improvements for Sonic, the rest of the entire game remained untouched from the original. There has to be more that makes the hack as well as the TAS stand out and be considered worthy enough to be eligible for publication. The Sonic 3 & Amy Rose TAS by marzojr is a good example.
Although majority of the game went unchanged, it used a character that played and functioned extremely differently from the rest of the cast as well as showcasing a lot of technical prowess while being entertaining. This hack doesn't have much to offer in comparison.

TAS in question

Since this hack isn't all that different from the original, I will compare the submission with this TAS by marzojr. There are already some questionable choices made in your submission. It appears to me that you didn't quite check to see if any of the zips, level wraps, or other tricks that were used in the other submission were applicable for your run. In fact, there were a number of instances where this run ended up slower than the original's by noticeable amounts.


This submission is still quite suboptimal and would be on grounds for rejection alone for that. Even if it were optimal, the hack choice is also not a good one. Outside of the small changes within the game, there's nothing that makes it really stand out in comparison to the original nor worth accepting. That being said... I'm rejecting this movie for suboptimality and hack choice.
Better luck next time!
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