Submission #6478: g0goTBC's GBA Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge "100%" in 58:51.19

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator BizHawk 2.2.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 210909
ROM Filename 1154 - Banjo Kazooie Grunty's Revenge (U)(Venom).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 77986
Unknown Authors g0goTBC
Game Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Submitted by g0goTBC on 8/5/2019 8:30:22 PM

Submission Comments
Live reveal, with commentary:


  • Aims for 100% completion. By the speedrun definition, completing the totals screen on the pause menu and beating the game defines the 100% category. All jiggies, notes, jinjos, moves, Mumbo tokens, honeycombs.
  • Uses damage boosts and deathwarps to save time
  • Genre: adventure and platformer
I’ll let the judge’s decide whether these categories should also be included
  • heavy glitch abuse
  • heavy luck manipulation
  • Final boss skip
This run uses BizHawk 2.2.2 with VBA-Next core to play the American version of the game.
VBA-Next has been timed by Blazephlozard to be the most accurate core to play the game, losing approximately 100 frames or 1.6 s throughout the run from slightly slower loads. This is much closer to the console loads compared to the mGBA core, which would saves approximately 12 seconds on console loads throughtout the run.
I also had the BIOS skipped. I didn't know that was even a setting that could be changed until EZGames69 pointed that out when the TAS was done.
The PAL version loses one second compared to the NTSC-U version from the extra second for the pirate boss in Breegull Beach to appear in the last phase of the fight. The PAL version also loses time from the language select menu that pops up everytime you launch the game. English is the fastest language of the 3 available languages on PAL, so it couldn’t benefit from extra translations anyway.

Important notes about this run description

every time you see BK and GR written in here, it’s all abbreviations that mean Banjo-Kazooie and Grunty’s Revenge.
Every time a speed in mentioned, it is gonna be in pixels per frame.
Every timestamp that I put in here correspond to a time in the temporary encode. Timing on the published video may vary. It you were to compare this run to Real-Time runs, assuming that this run did skip the intro cutscene, this would be a 52:07, however, there are other cutscenes that are not counted in the RTA timing, but are the TAS.

Basic movement mechanics

General info

For each form of movement listed below, changing directions in the air drop BK’s speed to 1.20, with the exception of talon trot. Running off ledges is really bad, as your speed drops to 0 until you touch the ground. It is always better to jump down ledges. A damage boost always bring your speed to -1.60. Rubbing against a wall does not reduce your speed at all. So if you rub against a ledge and jump up it, you will already be at full speed when you go above the ledge.


Swim: 1.20 Egg aim: 1.20 Walk: 1.60 Roll: 2.00 Talon Trot: 2.50
Between the time where we learn how to roll and the time where we learn talon trot, rolling then jumping is the fastest way of movement, as reaching the end of a roll stops BK for a few frames. Roll speed is kept during a jump until a few frames after we land.
After that, talon trot becomes the fastest way of movement. It is worth noting that you can’t slide on ice. You can exit talon trot with a ratatat rap to extend a jump, however, this does come at the cost of not being able to turn in the air and still keep the talon trot speed. In this game, you can ratatat rap and flutter during a single jump, and this is used to cross over large gaps only if necessary, as the flutter after the ratatat rap brings your speed to 1.20.
When climbing up vines, the optimal way of getting as much vertical speed as possible is to get off the vines as soon as we can, and coming back onto it to be able to jump again. The reason why this is faster is that the first few frames of a full jump are faster than the speed that you get when climbing up a vine.
When jumping in water, you want to give a quick wiggle after you touch the water to avoid coming to a stop. If you walk out of water, your speed will be locked at 1.20 unless you give a wiggle once you’re out. This last one is probably an oversight from the developers.


Walk: 2.50
This transformation is very basic. All it has is a low jump and the ability to move around.


Walk: 1.60 Roll: 2.00
Other than walk, the candle can roll. When you roll on the ground, you can’t jump or turn during the roll. If you roll in the air, you don’t get a speed boost, so it is never done during the run.


Walk: 1.60 Swim: 1.80
In most cases, it’s pretty straightforward. You want to maximise the time that you spend in water to benefit from the better speed. Unlike BK, you do not need a wiggle when you dive in water to avoid slowing down. The unexpected part of the octopus sections come from the optimal way to move in the long water sections. On some walls, you can rub at a pi/4 angle against a wall and it will give you some extra speed that you can conserve once you switch to the direction that you want to go. With proper speed conservation and refreshing the speed by rubbing for a while around the wall, you can save a few frames.


Walk: 1.60
Going around, no jumps. Can’t get any simpler.

Superjumps and speed conservation

Superjumps are glitches that allow you gain massive speeds compared to what you can normally get. You can even chain them to get as much as you want, as long as you have terrain to do it. There are multiple ways to achieve such glitches, and they are require swimmable water or lava to be executed. The knowledge about this matter really got improved since Blazephlozard made the GR Any% TAS in 2015.

Roll Superjumps

The simplest one to explain and only works as BK. When you land off of a roll-jump on the side of a platform that is above water, if you roll on the frame that you land and jump right after, you will get a superjump. Note: the roll before the 2nd jump isn’t required, but it makes the superjump faster.

Traditional Superjumps

Those are the ones found by Blazephlozard in 2015, and they work with talont and any of the transformations that can jump. Those happen when you do a quick wiggle before jumping off of the side of a platform placed above water. Once you already have superjump speed, doing a wiggle in the air when going from above land to above water is enough to get another superjump, though it will give a smaller speed boost. Here’s a screenshot made by Blazephlozard to better illustrate the inputs required.

Tank Super… jumps?

Just as a reminder, the tank can’t jump. However, bobbybill12 did find a way to prove that tank had the right to go at surprising speeds too. The tank superjumps is an abuse of the fact that the tank has a bigger hitbox than any other form due to its size. When you go parallel to the side of a platform placed above water or lava, if you give a wiggle, the tank will magically gain speed. The theory that we came up is that some generic code written for all Banjo forms considers that the tank is not on the ground, while the hitbox is still on the ground dueto its massive hitbox. This conflict confuses the game to give the tank more speed, as it thinks that it’s about to fall of a platform, but since we’re going parallel to the side of the platform, we do not fall. This is by far the best form of superjump in the game, but this is barely seen for the fact that the level design doesn’t allow for that. Here’s an video of the tank going from 1.60 to 8.34 in 33 frames.

Speed Conservation

Once you have a higher-than-normal speed, the game will attempt to slow BK down to a normal speed. Blazephlozard thought in 2015 that frame-perfect direction changing was the only way to preserve speed, however, after a lot of testings, I have discovered that the tech had more depth than what it was already thought. It is worth noting that while superjumps are definitely doable RTA, preserving speed is way more risky and not currently worth it.
Above water
Holding nothing on the D-pad is optimal, as the game won’t attempt to slow you down.
Above and on land, and swimming in water
The most useful way of conserving speed. Contrary to what Blazephlozard thought in 2015, frame-perfect angle change is not required. Every 6 to 15 frames or so depending on context, the game will start to quickly slowing BK down over the next frames. However, if you give a quick wiggle just before that deceleration starts happening, you will lose a tiny bit of speed, and it will delay the deceleration for another 6 to 15 frames.
Turning with high speed
When switching from a diagonal superjump to a cardinal direction, it is the only time where the game won’t eat the excess speed while attempting to turn, so you want to prioritise that whenever it is possible. Other than that, the game will attempt to to eat the excess speed, and switching direction every frame is the fastest way of conserving speed as it will make the deceleration less effective. By far the hardest speed conservation to optimise.

General optimisations

Egg knockback

This is the only major glitch in this run. when you hit an enemy when an egg, the game checks if you are in the egg firing mode when an enemy gets hit to decide if you must get knocked back or not. If you shoot an egg and quickly backflip, you can get a knockback at the top of your backflip when the egg hits an enemy. It may not sound all that useful, but it does save about 3 minutes throughout the whole run, mainly in the final boss fight.

Camera optimisations

Everytime you see it do some unexpected movement before a cutscene happens, I try to be closer to where the camera is going to scroll to during the cutscene, as it always scrolls at the same speed. The exception of this rule being at the end of the treasure chest and the snowflakes minigames, where your position does not matter.

Bozzeye Frame rules

Every time I learn a move, the first textbox of Bozzeye’s dialogue can only appear every 5 frames. This gives me time to get in a better spot when I need to talk to him.

RNG manipulation

Manipulating RNG in this RNG sucks. There are 4 main ways to manipulate the RNG.
1) Jumping as Banjo (does not work in talon trot or with transformations) advances the RNG by 16
2) Shooting an egg advances the RNG by 4
3) There are random zones in the game where standing in them advances the RNG by 4 to 20 each frame
4) Collecting an item
Other than that, there is NOTHING that can be done to change the RNG whatsoever. In most cases where RNG manip is required, there really isn’t a convenient way of manipulating the RNG. Due to that inconvenience, I imposed myself a 3000 re-record limit for every RNG element in the game, and if I reached that limit, I took the best outcome that happened in the time that it took to reach the limit. The only exception being the quiz at the end of the run, where I probably spent 10k rerecords on manipulating that, as getting a minigame is just disastrous.

Level-by-level description

Hurray! We can finally start talking about the run.
First things first, the TAS watches the intro cutscene, as we use a fresh cart. Having a save file that would have already watched the intro cutscene would have allowed us to skip it, along with parts of the first 2 Bozzeye dialogues.
We start by ignoring a jinjo and going very far out of our way to get 5 notes. The jinjo will be gotten at the end of the run as it’s much more convenient to do it then. The 5 extra notes are to help with learning how to climb, which requires 40 notes. Going to Cliff Farm, we take a damage boost from the gruntling just to save a few frames, open the level and save some notes for later when we can move faster.

Cliff Farm

After learning how to dive and getting a few notes, we dive underwater. Getting the jiggy first saves 8 frames from the fact that its hitbox extends farther up than notes’. after that we get notes, take a hit, and then climb our way to the jinjo. The first jinjo always gives a cutscene, and I can use that to my advantage to let the gruntling protecting it move a bit during the cutscene. We do the slide minigame, reclimb back up, and after a couple of damage boosts, and some diving, we enter Farm Heights.
We learn roll, getting notes along the way, and we go fight Klungo. One important part of optimising the Klungo fight, it’s that you want Klungo as close to the center of the warp pad as possible at the end, and you also want to hit Klungo as later as you can in your pack whack animation, as Klungo’s dialogue won’t start until Banjo is in standing still. After that, we do the sheep minigame, which changes our spawn point to where the minigame is, we collect everything in the water also with a few notes and a chicken, and then we do our first and only deathwarp, as there is no other quick way to exit the water. After that, we get to Mumbo, and do everything that we need to do as the mouse along with other things that are along the way. Once we’re done with the mouse, we collect everything we left on our way to the exit of Farm Heights. Once we’re out, we go through the right half of the level in reverse, collecting stuff along the way, and leave.
After Cliff Farm, we open Breegull Beach, get some Spiral Mountain collectibles and enter Breegull Beach.
When I was way past that section, I was messing around with this section and found a reroute that saves 6 seconds, and I feel like the TAS would save more than that with a better use of superjumps.

Breegull Beach

From the beginning, we only get the jinjo and the notes that are directly in the way, as we will grab the others with talon trot when leaving. After that, we get a couple of notes, a seashell and then we superjump into the water to dive.
The underwater section is pretty straightforward. We do use a couple of damage boosts, except I avoid taking a hit after grabbing the honeycomb, as I want to save some health for the upcoming Grunty boss fight.
After that, we get a few notes on the way to Grunty’s Quarry, get health and a few notes, and do the Grunty fight.
The goal in the first 3 phases of the Grunty fight is to make here get stuck on the bottom wall so that she doesn’t spend time moving. At the end of the first phase, we make her go at the top of the screen to save time on the cutscene after the fight. After that, it becomes an autoscroller.
Once we’re out, we get the remaining collectibles in Grunty’s Quarry, learn eggs, get a seashell and do the mouse section. This section is all cycle-based, as the gruntling with blue clothings always move in a set pattern.
After this, we detransform, collect a few stuff, learn talon trot, get more stuff and then do 3 autoscroller jiggies with very little in between. Banjo and Kazooie are not like Luigi, but they can still win minigames by doing almost nothing, which is shown in the treasure chest minigame.
After that, we collecting a few notes, a jinjo and a jiggy while abusing superjumps. Since this is the first time in the run that I had to do talon trot superjumps, the knowledge that we had at this point wasn’t that developed. Even with that, I would say that the timeloss is in the order of less than half of a second. After this section, we get everything that is left on our way to the exit. When handing the seashell, standing as far left as possible reduces lag.
On the way to jiggywiggy’s temple, we get jiggies and notes along the way to be able to open both Bad Magic Bayou and Spiller’s Harbor, saving a trip to jiggywiggy’s temple. After that, we get a few more notes on our way to Bad Magic Bayou.

Bad Magic Bayou 1

This is the only level that we have to visit twice in the run, due to the fact that the tank transformation is required to beat this level 100%, and we need jiggies and notes from this level for Spiller’s Harbor and Freezing Furnace.
This level is also filled with water, so we get to have a lot of fun with superjumps.
First we get ratatat rap, and notes on our way to the mansion, then we go in the left room to completely skip a puzzle that normally involves activating moving switches with battery eggs, and then we learn battery eggs. Coming up with a strat for the honeycomb right after was definitely a challenge, but I feel like I did a pretty good job at finding one while reducing lag, as eggs and lightnings really do not go well together. After that, we go upstairs, face a gruntling which I was unable to manipulate out of the way, and fight Klungo. After that, we get the remaining notes in the mansion and leave.
Once we’re out, we get the jiggy on the roof to cut our backflip short, learn bill drill and use it for a jiggy, then completely abuse superjumps and invincibility frames to conserve speed for even longer to get a couple of collectibles, along with gruntling jiggy. We leave the section that leads to Mumbo’s pad for the 2nd trip, since we’ll have the tank by then.
Once we’re out of the level, we get a couple of jiggies and a lot of a notes in Spiral Mountain, as skipping parts of Bad Magic Bayou leaves us at a deficit. The note collecting uses a new route found during the making of the TAS that saves around 10 seconds compared to to what was done before. Old route part of this run: After that, we enter Spiller’s Harbor.

Spiller’s Harbor

This level is really long, from the fact that a lot of the jiggies require to visit multiple parts of the level in order to be collected. As a result of that, this level has a fair bit of backtracking. Giving a summary of the route of the level would be enough to explain how hard routing this level must have been.
First, we go get a silver coin and gold feathers from Bilge Haven, as they will be both required in Spillerston. After collecting some stuff in the main area, we do a trip to Spillerston, mainly for notes and spring pads, which are gonna be required for the Grunty fight. After that, we return into the main area to get notes to finally learn ice eggs, after which we are able to do the Grunty fight. That unlocks the octopus. Now we get the final silver coin and a jinjo from the tip-tup suite, as well as the ice cream for the kid that wants it. After that, we do all the stuff that requires the transformations, getting the last jinjos, giving the ice cream to the kid. Following that, we can finally clear spillerston, as we have all the jinjos and all the silver coins for the jiggies that require those. When we’re done with the slide that requires the silver coins, we are now in Bilge Haven again, where we can get the last collectibles in the level.
Important parts of this level:
This is the only level where we use Mumbo warps. Whenever a transformation gets into an area that the developers didn’t want you to go to, the game sends you back to Mumbo’s pad after a couple of sections of being in the forbidden area.
At the beginning, we break a manhole to reach a jinjo, except we leave the jinjo for the mouse section, much later, as collecting the jail jinjo with the mouse saves a backflip, and allows you to overlap the wait of the Mumbo warp with the cutscene of the last jinjo.
We can skip a bridge switch in the sandcastle by doing a double frame-perfect trick, not really RTA-viable right now.
in the 2nd visit to Spillerston, we use an egg knockback to get on top of the gazebo with the jiggy switch. This saves on backtracking, as we do not have to do this jiggy on the first visit. This makes it so that we can grab the jinjo jiggy while doing the timed jiggy.
During the slide, spacing boosts is actually faster, for the fact that the boosts from the zippers do not stack.
Once we’re out of Spiller’s Harbor, we clean the right side of Spiral Mere, then we open Freezing Furnace. On our way to the level, we do a really precise jump to get on top of the hive to get up Spiral Rise faster, do the Nylume… I mean, Snorkel minigame and get the remaining Spiral Mountain notes before entering Freezing Furnace.

Freezing Furnace

Freezing Furnace is by far the level with the most different strats compared to the real time speedruns. Right off the bat, we do the fastest superjump that there is in this TAS: 6.94 pixels per frame. After that, we superjump our way back into Grunty’s Industries, where we follow with lots of superjumps to help us collect gold nuggets up until we hit the spring pad pad switch. after that, we go into the laggiest place in the game, the platforms that we reach with the spring pad, and then head up-left into a part that is deceiving hard to do RTA: the blistering buttons. Doing a diagonal pack whack requires you to release 2 directions (ex.: up and left) on the same frame in order to face diagonally, because holding the 2 directions while pressing B would make you roll instead. When leaving, we want to be sure to be at 3 HP for upcoming damage boost.
After that, we drop down to the pipes, grabbing a note really close to some bees in the mean time, and snipe 2 switches to turn down the burner. This skips riding a really slow platform across the lava. After that, we damage our way into the tunnel that leads to Klungo 3, fight him, and damage boost our way out. Fun fact: the Spiller’s Harbor music plays for a few seconds during the cutscene after you beat Klungo 3, this is most likely an oversight from the developers. After that, we melt the gold nuggets to get a jiggy, then leave Grunty Industries. We unfortunately need to visit the Grunty Industry twice, due to where the jinjos and the jinjo oracle statue are.
Once we get out, we get a few notes, clip inside an ice cube to avoid having to melt it, do a bill drill and get a jinjo out of that, then do an autoscroller minigame. Note that I did avoid the last snowflake on purpose during the minigame, I had better RNG from not collecting it. After that, we get a jiggy and some notes on our way to Mumbo’s pad, at which point we do the stuff that requires transformations. Doing octopus -> candle -> tank saves about half a second from doing tank -> octopus -> candle or tank -> candle -> octopus, as scrolling from the tank to the octopus for the first transformation loses no time, and doing the candle before the tank saves time from the fact that the fireworks don’t block the tank when you’re doing that section. Getting rid of the notes and the fireworks early by Mumbo’s pad also reduces lag in that area for when I pass as the tank.
Once we’re done with the transformations, we do the igloo fishing minigame, which is normally the 3rd fishing minigame in the game, we just haven’t done the one in Bad Magic Bayou yet. It might look like I missed an easy triple at the end, but I promise that I have tried everything to get that to work… hitboxes are not that permissive.
After that, we go back to Grunty Industries, get the last jinjo and the jinjo jiggy. After getting the jinjo jiggy, I do some precise movement to manipulate enemies to not hit BK, get the things on top of the boxes, and reenter talon trot before going in the loading zone to leave to reduce lag. At this point, we just get the remaining notes on the way to the exit.
At this point, we just get a jiggy on our way to Bad Magic Bayou before cleaning the level.

Bad Magic Bayou 2

We start with the fishing minigame. It is slightly faster to do it in the second trip, because you always get placed under the platform after the minigame. After that, we head our way towards Mumbo’s pad to do the section that requires us to come back in this level, collecting notes and jiggies along the way. At this point, we head towards a puzzle that only the candle can do, doing a really precise jump in the cave. the puzzle is always the same, but had to lose time from killing a ghost that wouldn’t move out the way. After which we transform into the tank, abusing tank superjumps to speed things up. At this point, we collect everything that’s remaining on our way to the exit of the level.
After BMB, we get a jiggy, the last Spiral Mountain jiggy, open Grunty’s castle, get the jinjo jiggy and enter Grunty’s castle. Had to waste frames here to manipulate the RNG during the quiz.

Grunty’s Castle

This last consist of 3 autoscroller phases where we beat Grunty, Klungo and Grunty again to beat the ga-... Sorry, I mean a quiz followed by only one autoscroller question. Egg knockbacks do a great job of skipping the first 2 phases of the fight.
For the quiz, it’s the only time in the run where I spent way more than 3k rerecords to get good RNG. for each of the 7 questions that you have to answer, each of them can be a minigame instead, which loses at least 20 seconds each time. It’s the most dreaded part of speedruns, and it took me 10k to 15k rerecords to manipulate that, due to extraordinarily bad luck. It is estimated that 1 in 4 runs will get through that with 0 minigames.
For the Grunty phase, I make her barely move for the first 2 phases to end the phases quicker. After that, I try to manipulate Grunty to be in the center of the arena for each of the remaining phases, as the ghost takes less time to come back to Grunty. On the last phase, I need Banjo to be as close to the center of the warp pad as possible to speed up the end cutscene after I beat Grunty.
At this point, I clear the final textboxes, try to get as many coins in the credits without losing time, and then I show the IGT and the totals screen to show that the run is valid. I do waste some time by waiting on the file select to make the IGT show for a little longer before choosing the save file.

Improvement to be made on this TAS

Better superjumps with better knowledge in the early game: 1-2 seconds
Better Spiral Mountain route between leaving Cliff Farm and entering Bad Magic Bayou: 6 seconds
Saving Snorkel jiggy for after freezing Furnace, saves 3 egg changes: 2-3 seconds
Time loss due to bad RNG throughout the run: 10 seconds

What’s left to TAS on this game?

An updated any% TAS, which could be improved by 30 seconds to a minute
A Low% TAS, which would avoid jinjo jiggies and optional moves, like gold feathers or flutters. It’s actually cooler than what it sounds like, I promise.

My experience as a new TASer

This TAS is the first one that I’ve ever submitted to TAStudios, and I’m really proud from the way it turned out in the end. Of course, with any new things, learning has to be made in order to be good at it, and here’s how my learning went throughout this process.
At first, I really wasn’t using the BizHawk tools to do a speedrun. I was instead using TAStudio for 2 things: getting a better understanding of the tricks and certain jumps that are made in the real-time speedrun, and getting myself used to TAStudio before making a TAS. I really have to say that using TAStudio makes understanding what I do, for the fact that it’s much easier to go through each frame, as opposed to traditional savestates which make rewinds a little weird to do without knowing the frame that you want to reach. The “insert frame” feature of TAStudio also was making it easy to delay inputs by 1 or many frames to see the possible window for an input. I really wish people did this more, TAStudio practice is so good.
After I felt like I was decent at using TAStudio, I started doing a 10 jiggies TAS of this game. 10 jiggies is a meme category that is pretty self-explanatory: get 10 jiggies as fast as possible. This was done mainly to get myself used to actually doing optimisation with TAStudio. The TAS can be found here: . This TAS was done over only a few days, as I didn’t fully optimise the hardest sections, nor did I put much effort in doing RNG manip. I also made this without any intention to submit this on TASVideos, due to the highly arbitrary choice of goal, and from the fact that nobody would care about watching it. But it did the practice that I needed in order to make the 100% TAS.
After that, I started messing around with a script graciously made by Blazephlozard, that displayed the position and the speed of BK. I hadn’t messed around with any of memory watching until now, and it made some things a lot easier when making the TAS, mainly from finding tiny movement optimisations, and finding a way to get the fastest speed out of a superjump. There wasn’t much known about RNG until when I got into the mansion in BMB in the TAS making. At that time, Blazephlozard managed to find the RAM address of the RNG value. With that, it was much easier to figure out what changed RNG, and what didn’t, which made me spend my time more efficiently past that point. Huge shoutouts to Blazephlozard for that.
I will say, there’s 2 points in the TAS where I almost gave up. The first being at the very beginning, where there are a lot of gruntlings to manipulate, and then the mansion in BMB, where the gruntlings just refused to get out of way. RNG manip is not a fun thing, but I had to learn to persevere in the first case, and to give up on having perfect RNG in the second case, as there was no fast way to change the RNG fast enough to get to good values. Other than RNG manip, I will say that the rest of the making of the TAS was lots of fun, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Future plans

At the moment of writing this, I have 2 other TASes that are being made.
I am working on a Banjo-Pilot any% TAS, and I’m currently 2 races into the 32 that are required to beat the 2 basic Grand Prix that are required to reach the credits. Lots of RNG manip ahead, and it creates a big gap between the TAS and RTA runners, even in the most basic races.
I am working on a DK: King of Swing 200% TAS with PiePusher11. So far, there are TASes of Any% DK and a TAS of Any% Diddy that are published on TASvideos, and since then, people have found dozens new strats, and now we want a run that gets to have the maximal completion in the game! So far, we are now at about 25 minutes into the run that is expected to have a length of an hour and 20 minutes.

Presentation suggestion

Screenshot suggestions

096086, 137369, 139432, 164217

TAS summary suggestion

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge is a game in which the story happens between the story of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. Klungo has yet to find a way to lift the boulder that crushed Grunty in the first game, so instead he somehow puts Grunty’s soul into a robot, which frees Grunty from her unwanted position. Grunty then proceeds to capture Kazooie and go in the past with her to make sure the famous bear and bird duo never come together. However, Mumbo also gets to use his magic to bring Banjo in the past to rescue Kazooie and beat Grunty by the same occasion.
During their quests towards defeating Grunty, Banjo and Kazooie get all 60 jiggies, all 600 notes and all 12 honeycombs throughout Spiral Mountain and the 5 new worlds that this game features.
In order to understand how Banjo and Kazooie manage to go at insane speeds throughout the levels, reading the author’s commentary is recommended.

Special thanks and mentions

CalebCelticsFan: Such an amazing runner. You will never be forgotten.
Ryuto: Maker of the original GR 100% TAS in 2010. To our knowledge, this is the first ever speedrun of the game, and with the years, we have discovered things to be able to save around 7 minutes over his TAS.
Smasher32: Fantastic runner for both the original Banjo-Kazooie and GR. Route co-creator and former WR holder. Gone missing. Who knows when he will come back?
Blazephlozard: Amazing rival for GR and Banjo-Pilot. Very knowledgeable person when it comes to the entire Banjo-Kazooie franchise. His any% TAS made in 2015 was a great base for me when starting to TAS this game, as I could compare my TAS to his run and learn from my mistakes. Route co-creator, and former WR holder. Banjo-Kazooie Grunty’s Revenge Mobile and Banjo-Pilot WR holder.
Everyone in the Grunty’s Revenge speedrunning community. qqwref, bobbybill12, Varldin, Blaze,... you guys makes this game so much more fun to run!
Mittenz, Oxylen, Dechrissen and Noah669 who are currently learning the game. Hope you guys have fun running this game!
bcaudell95, the8bitbeast, J0shua, Pixel911, TheMartonfi1228 and Madtaz64: Whens GR?
ThatCowGuy: Banjo-Kazooie’s A Button Challenge mastermind. I always have fun watching his TASing streams.
Hyperresonance: Banjo-Kazooie and Duck Dodgers TASer. One day, we’ll manage to convert you to TAStudio.
Shoutouts to PurpleRupees.

Memory: The optimization in this movie seems very good!
The super jumps are easily the highlight of this movie, but even sections without them are plenty entertaining. Some minigames can feel a tad slow at times but I really liked the movie nevertheless.
The definition here for 100% is very simple and makes sense.
Heavy glitch abuse and final boss skip don't seem like classes that apply in this case but Heavy Luck Manipulation does seem appropriate here.
Accepting to Moons as a new branch.
Stovent: Processing...

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