Submission #6530: ViGadeomes, zoboner's GB Spirou: The Robot Invasion in 17:34.46

System Game Boy Emulator BizHawk 2.3.1
Game Version Europe Frame Count 62980
ROM Filename Spirou - La Panique Mecanique (E) (M7) [C][!].gbc Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 42653
Unknown Authors ViGadeomes, zoboner
Game Spirou: The Robot Invasion
Submitted by ViGadeomes on 10/9/2019 6:54:13 PM

Submission Comments
Hello everyone, we are proud to finally show you our work on this game !
ViGadeomes: it was a pleasure to work with my TASing mentor who learnt me all these things in TASing.
zoboner:I follow ViGa's work since he started on TASvideos and I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to work with him.
He's very capable, persevering and don't hesitate to give his point of view! Awesome TASer! I'm not your mentor... Juste your friend ;)

Game informations


Temp Encode

IMPORTANT NOTE: the movie submitted here doesn't fit with the temp encode which reaches the credits of the game only reachable by the menu options. As suggested by feos we submit a movie that reaches the end of the game (where it comes back on the menu) and we prepared two movies for the publisher (if the publisher wants an other version, let us know and we will prepare it for you) which reaches the credits :
First version TAS all final dialogs after the last boss before TASing the last menu part :
Second version let the game reaching the menu by itself to TAS the last menuing part (this movie is used to make the temp encode):

Game objectives

  • BizHawk 2.3.1 (GBHawk) (sync on 2.3.2 but BizHawk crashes at a certain point when we make an encode)
  • Europe only game
  • Aims for fastest completion
  • Takes damages to save time
  • Speed/entertainement tradeoffs
  • Uses glitch to entertain and save time




RAM addresses

X position 0xFF89
Y position 0xFF8B
X speed 0xFF8F
Y speed 0xFF90
Health 0x08B3
Mushrooms 0x08CE
S(level) 0x08B6
S(total) 0x08BD
Number of lives 0x08B5


To be ejected (by inputs series):
At numerous moments you must pass some wall in a squatting position, this is very slow and breaking the run... But it's possible to clipping into the wall and be ejected in a good direction, if you use this inputs serie:
--R,L+A,blank,R = pass a wall if you run toward right.(small and large walls)
--L,R+A,blank,L = pass a wall if you run toward left.(only possible for small walls)
All glitches linked to platforms:
--You can use the hammer to pass through the platforms.(only possible if the platform is in ascending position) --If you make a big fall, pass in a new screen, continue to fall and reach a platform before that it be shown on the screen, you will pass through automatically.
Master key (Oob and wall clipping):
It's a same thing than when you use the inputs series to obtain an ejection for pass small or large walls, but uses all objects as possible.
--Rope or chain :
Use chain like a swing and reach into the wall (character turn over left direction) and jump. In some cases and depending to a level where you are (like start point to first level ) in the top of level, where are two ropes, it's not possible to use this glitch, because in this prescise case, the ceiling hadn't the same code and you are directly ejected by the down side.
--All objects that you can climb (key,alarm clock,boxes...):
Heap up a lot of objects and let an empty between these object and ceiling then climb to reach the empty, turn character over the left and test all pixels with L+A. If you turn over the right during the ejection, the character goes hook on and climb automatically.
--Big enemies:
Take a damage at a precise point and you know the rest!
I need your heart!!!:
This glitch result of the ViGadeome RAM saturation and permit to won one heart for free...It's in this place when we choose to lose 10 or 11 frames to entertain... And I love that bullshit!
A lot of other glitches were find, but not use for this run because these aren't usable for this any% run... ... Maybe that the 100% completion will interest you :)


D+B = to bend down immediately (only possible with the hammer) and drop an object quickly.
D+B,D,D+A = take boxes or other things faster(only possible with the hammer).
Push "A" after hit for cancel the character animation and permit to move as fast as possible.
You can have an fastest interaction with interrupters if you use the hammer .
Use a jump to go down one floor is more faster than fall simply.In some cases, you must be stopped and turn around to then have to go down one floor. In these cases you must testing all solutions (simply fall of or jump) because at some moment, one or the other is the best solution. It result of numerous factors.
D+R or D+L (when you fall and are close to a platform) permit to don't hook on and go up (else it's automatic)
Use a rope or chain and jump at a good moment to have a fastest velocity.
Some of endings of stairs can slow you down, but it's not true for all of those! You must test for know it.
Some of those actions can do won a pixel.

Stage by stage comments


Other comments

Possible improvements

The only thing we can think about is where we lose 10 frames for entertainement.


  • smack, speedrunner and maker of a first TAS ( )and gave us all informations he had.
  • Mothrayas thanked by smack who made a TAS test of the first level.
  • Special thanks to smack for all of speedruns and work utilities that we have use for built this run.For my part this race is dedicated to him.



Masterjun: Judging.
Masterjun: This run shows off some neat TASing techniques. The feedback it got was good as well. Accepting to Moons as a new entry for this game.
Dacicus: Processing...

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