Submission #6557: Samtastic, LegnaX, Mirky's PSX Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus "100%" in 2:15:44.12

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator Bizhawk 2.3.0
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 482888
ROM Filename Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (USA) Disc 1.cue and Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (USA) Disc 2.cue Frame Rate 59.94005994005994
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 50068
Unknown Authors Samtastic, LegnaX
(Additionally: Mirky)
Game Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Submitted by Samtastic on 12/5/2019 11:10:19 AM

Submission Comments

Main Comments

Well, after 5 years of waiting, it's finally here! Me, LegnaX and Mirky are proud to present the new Abe's Exoddus 100% TAS made on the Bizhawk Emulator! I started this TAS about a year ago and now that we have an active Oddworld speedrunning community the run is finally done! This movie beats the previous movie by 40 seconds thanks to some new strats and glitches that me and Dooty didn't know about back in 2014!

Temp Encode

Technical Stuff

Emulator Used: Bizhawk v2.3.0
BIOS used: SCPH7003.bin
ROMS used:
  • Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (USA) Disc 1.cue
  • Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (USA) Disc 2.cue
(used the disc bundler on Bizhawk to use both discs as an xml file.)

Game Objectives

  • Rescues All 300 Mudokons (100% Completion)
  • Heavy Glitch Abuse
  • Uses Major Skips

Glitches Used

Auto Turn Delay

This glitch works by standing on the edge of the ledge and pressing the down button quickly and run towards a spot where you would like to hoist down. You will need to press either 'left/down' or 'right/down' depending on which direction Abe was facing.

Stop Turn and Backwards Jump

By timing this glitch perfectly you can make Abe stop and turn. To set it up, Abe needs to be standing near a ledge (pressing up whilst turning around) you will be able to make Abe do a backwards jump. Notice that when you press the opposite direction to where Abe is standing at the incorrect frame, Abe will just jump up and stand. But if you time it perfectly, Abe will jump backwards and possibly jump to another screen. This will allow you to jump backwards to areas and skip certain areas. Sligfantry's video can show you how this glitch works:

Roll into Walk

This glitch is only done in TASes and that's what makes Abe TASes unique. With just one frame, from a roll, Abe can automatically go into a walk. This is handy for positioning Abe towards a lever or towards a wheel.


Necrum Mines

Although everything feels like it's the same from the 2014 TAS, it seems that Mudokons are faster at entering bird portals this time!


Here, I start with Mudanchee Vaults this time as Ultrastars a French speedrunner has told me that doing Mudanchee Vaults first instead of Mudomo Vaults actually saves 1 second.

Mudanche Vaullts

Most of the trials have been improved in this TAS. Especially the trial with the 2 Scrabs. In the original 100% TAS, Dooty made Abe jump up as the Scrab was too close to attack Abe. But not this time! Abe can walk towards the trapdoor and now this room becomes slightly faster!

Mudomo Vaults

In the original TAS, Dooty couldn't do the risky strats like he did in his original any% run. But now surprisingly, I managed to make both risky strats work and thanks to that I managed to save some time in Mudomo Trials!

Mudomo Vaullts Ender

In the original TAS, Dooty did an auto turn. But actually Legna discovered that doing this stage without the auto turn is actually faster so I managed to save time in this stage!

Feeco Depot Entry

In the original run, Dooty just picked up a fart and possesed it from the first screen. Well, I managed to save some time thanks to Legna's strat by farting with the screen with mines.


Legna helped me improve this stage especially in Annex 7 and Annex 8. In Annex 7 we found that doing the Shrykull after the rescues is faster and in Annex 8, we found that backtracking to the start of the stage is faster than waiting for the door to open!

Bonewerkz Ender

In the Ender stage, I managed to save time by a new Phleg skip discovered by Mirky. Originally I was hoping that I could do the glitched Phleg skip on the PSX version, but it turns out that the glitchy Phleg skip causes the game to crash in Hub 2 so an alternative strat had to be used.

Slig Barracks Entry

Legna told me about a skip that has never been done in speedruns before and that trick skips the Block 0 Entry! This time, I have to do the Slig voice lock to unlock the barrier, then Abe can store a stop turn to do a backwards jump after killing the Sligs.

Slig Barracks

This is pretty much the same as the 2014 TAS but an improvement in Block 2 which Legna told me about!

Feeco Executive Office

In the ender stage, I found that if I say "Kill 'em!" after saying "Do it!" to the voicelock, I can get the right Slig to be positioned so I don't have to climb up the ledge and wait for the Slig to move!

Zulag 2

In this room, I found that I can do the Quick Portal Closure Glitch saving some time!

Hub 2

In this run, I do a new Zulag order in Hub 2 based on Legna's run. In this run, I do Zulag 8 first, Zulag 9, Zulag 7 and Zulag 6.

Zulag 9

Here in the third room I enter, I found that the Mudokons entered the portal faster than the 2014 run.

Zulag 10

I use the trick from the 37:15 any% run and at the start of the stage I used a ledge glitch.

Zulag 14

Legna told me a new trick that has never been done in speedruns before which we call the Neon Zulag 14 skip. This time, there's a new skydive glitch and a new way to guide the Mudokons to the wheel. So now Abe doesn't have to speak to the Mudokons after dealing with the Glukkon!

The Main Boiler

This was one of the most difficult stages this time around. I couldn't get the Mudokon to stay stood up after turning the wheel the normal way, but as I went down the platform, I fart to the Mudokon and I actually get the perfect AI I need to finish the game!

Thanks and Things to Look Out For in the Future!

I need to thank all the people who helped me finish this TAS which include the authors - LegnaX and Mirky as well as Electrotweak and Ultrastars3000! And now that Exoddus 100% PSX is done, me and ViGadeomez can look forward to TASing the Linux version of New 'n' Tasty! That TAS will probably need a verification movie as I can complete the game really fast and skip Scrabania - but in order to do this I need to have a save file in slot 1 at the menu on which has completed both Paramonia and Scrabania and then I input the glitched run! ViGadeomez also got the MS-DOS version of Abe's Oddysee working on JPC-RR and I feel like since the PSX runs are starting to be inaccurate against older emulators, the PC versions may be better to compare against. Who knows, maybe a better Windows TAS tool will be made so I can TAS Exoddus any% on PC which has more glitches than the PSX version which include Advance Relocation Glitch (ARG) which allows Abe to relocate to another location on the map!
Suggested Screenshot <frame 465579>

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: Although loading times are longer due to improved emulation, this movie doesn't lose gameplay time anywhere compared to the current publication, and thus is accepted as improvement.
feos: Pub.

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