Submission #6564: letcreate123's Linux You Have to Win the Game in 04:46.58

Console Linux Emulator libTAS 1.3.5
Game Version any Frame Count 17195
ROM Filename TheGame_NFML Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1653
Unknown Authors letcreate123
Game You Have to Win the Game
Submitted by letcreate123 on 12/11/2019 9:55:56 PM

Submission Comments
Temp encode
You Have to Win the Game is a freeware video game made by J. Kyle Pittman and released by his company Minor Key Games. This game features an aesthetic reminiscent of computer games from the 1980s, multiple campaigns, and has the player collect upgrades as they explore the world in order to make progress. This TAS aims to beat the game's original campaign in record time.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: libTAS 1.3.5
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Uses death to save time
  • Genre: Platform
  • Genre: Adventure


This is a resubmission of my cancelled submission that I'd originally done using a libTAS interim build, but didn't work on the latest release build at the time. Since then, libTAS has received a release update which implements the changes in the interim builds that allow the game to properly in libTAS. You may want to take a look at the old submission for reference on the techniques employed, since this movie is mostly the same. However there are various improvements I've implemented that I will describe in the sections below (side note: this movie uses the default player character instead of the cat as they share the same hitbox).
Edit: I forgot to mention in the movie annotations that the Steam version of the game should work as well, but it will require copying the game's file to /usr/lib32 in order to run outside of the Steam launcher. libTAS will throw a checksum mismatch error but will play the movie just fine anyway.

Improvements from cancelled submission

Hollow King skip

The intended way to get the Cerulean Aura is to drop down in the Covert Operators room, then get to the Hollow King room, wait for the platform and jump to the Cerulean Area room. However, by jumping at the very last possible frame of coyote time after walking off the ledge, it's possible to just barely make it to the other side and directly reach the Cerulean Aura room, skipping the entire Hollow King room. This is not only frame perfect, but also pixel perfect, requiring a very specific X position. This is why I briefly hug one of the steps on the stairs, in order to set my X position for coyote time just right. This results in a 766 frame improvement overall, or over 12 seconds.

Password room

I saved over 10 frames on the password room through cleaner walljumping overall.

Sync friendliness

I felt that the previous submission desynced far too often to the point where reliably playing back the movie was a nightmare, so I had to sacrifice a few frames in order to make the movie playback more reliable. In the Don't Get Snippy With Me room, I stop for two frames, this is to avoid the potential for desyncs on the first crab. This actually resulted in another frame loss later on due to a worse subpixel value. In The Crab Cake Is a Lie, I stop for a frame before jumping on the crab platform and I slightly changed my movement around the crab. In the Hardcore Prawn room, I stop for a frame after landing on the ground before jumping again in order to avoid another desync on one of the bullets.

Screenshot suggestion

Dire Crab (5187)

feos: Let's resume judging this.
feos: Updating the movie with proper annotations.
feos: Not much to say about this movie, the route is the same as in the real-time record, just more optimal and with one extra shortcut. Gameplay is rather simplistic and there's not a lot of room to be overly creative. This, together with the lack of music and incredibly annoying constant jumping sound, caused me to find this movie very boring. However the audience largely disagrees, especially in the previous submission thread. Probably all those people completely disappear when the movie is published, and all it gets is a bunch of 3's, bu maybe I'm just too strict. Either way this movie is vaultable, so we can have it in Moons for now. Accepting.
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