Submission #6648: EZGames69's GB Zen: Intergalactic Ninja in 14:15.80

System Game Boy Emulator BizHawk 2.4.1
Game Version unknown Frame Count 51115
ROM Filename Zen - Intergalactic Ninja (USA).gb Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 69420
Unknown Authors EZGames69
Game Zen: Intergalactic Ninja
Submitted by EZGames69 on 3/7/2020 9:00:55 PM

Submission Comments
I thought this series was about an alien that also happened to be a Ninja, I had no idea it was about being Eco Friendly and being good to the environment. Today I learned something.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.4.1
  • Uses GB Bios
  • Takes damage to save time


Stage 1

Basically slide as much as possible. I hit some enemies to slide past them as they do not hurt you if they have I frames.
falling in this game takes as long as the screen can scroll, and how much lag is on screen. I kill as many enemies as I can to reduce some lag.
there are also some platforms that you cant do slides on, the ones that do this are ones where you can drop down with the same inputs (Down + A)
For most bosses I do an energy beam which does more damage than the normal swipe. in order to charge it faster I do a swipe while crouched, since it starts charging after you do a swipe (and hold the B button after it), and the crouching swipe has a shorter animation than the standing one
This is the only bonus stage where you can end it early by dying.

Stage 2

This area is extremely laggy (the entire game is, but this one is really laggy). the only thing I can do to reduce lag is kill enemies, but most take more than 2 or 3 hits to kill so I cant do that.
I cant slide while in water so I have to jump most of the time.
I use some damage boosts to get past some rays.
Climbing is weird, there are some spots where I can land on a platform for one frame but then fall, luckily I can jump on that one frame and still make it to the top.
Waterfalls are really annoying since they make you jump lower.
for this boss I stay up to the left platform to reduce some lag and also to shoot the last blast while she is near me.
the bonus stage just has you shooting cans, we just have to make sure we shoot the last one as soon as possible to end the level early.

Stage 3

Probably the closest we will see the game running at full speed, though not as much. there are some spots where I have to kill enemies in order to reduce lag, but also to avoid taking damage, this also includes at least 2 times I use the blast.
the platforms on the rope move faster than zen, especially when he jumps. I also cant slide on these platforms either.
whenever wind is blasting on Zen, he cannot do a slide dash, this also includes the top of the building for some reason.
boss is nothing special, simply crouch as much as possible to lessen lag, then shoot as soon as possible.
for the bonus, I just have to hit the last gas cloud as soon as it spawns to end the level faster.

Stage 4

This stage introduces one hit kill spikes from the ceiling, I have to be carful when I slide under them so the top of my head doesnt hit them, which is why you might see me waiting for a long time for some reason. I cant do much playaround here otherwise lag.
this is the only climbing stage where you can slide on the platforms.
for the boss I try to move away from him during his zombie punching cycle in order to reduce a ton of lag
the bonus stage is really tough to reduce lag in so I just do the best I.......CAN! ha

Stage 5

Oh no! Jeremy is captured, I guess.... I think he's important or something? Zen's best friend or whatever. anyone who knows the lore to this game please explain this to me.
Anyway, there's nothing too special about this stage. just more sliding and stuff, but with fire this time, HOT.
The Final boss involves me shooting my best friend I guess.

Other comments

I think this movie can be improved on if an intense amount of lag reduction was done, but that will be almost impossible to optimize properly, so I just do the best I can.
hope you all enjoyed.

Maru: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced for a corrected CycleCount value.
Memory: Claiming in light of Maru dropping this submission.
Memory: Setting to delayed per author request in private message.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 75 frames improvement and relative new CycleCount.
Memory: Resuming judgment
Memory: Optimization appears good with the improvements.
The movie is at its best decently entertaining. However with all the lag, and boring bonus games and some slow boss fights, it fails to really capture attention.
Accepting to Vault.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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