Submission #6652: DarkToonLink's Genesis Crusader of Centy in 31:57.30

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Sega Genesis
Gens 11b
Shin Souseiki Ragnacenty (Japan).md
Submitted by DarkToonLink on 3/13/2020 10:36:01 PM
Submission Comments
Crusader of Centy (also known as Soleil in Europe and Shin Sōseiki Ragnacënty (新創世紀ラグナセンティ, Shin Sōseiki Ragunasenti) (New Genesis: Ragnacënty) in Japan) is an action-adventure game that was released on the Genesis/Mega Drive. The story centers on Corona, a boy who has just turned 14 years of age and must inherit his late father's sword to fight the monsters that threaten the human race's existence. Gameplay uses an overhead perspective and focuses on exploring, battling enemies with a sword, and solving puzzles. As the story progresses, numerous animals join the hero and aid him. They are used in gameplay like weapons or tools, which often grant passage to previously inaccessible areas.
Game objectives
  • Emulator used: gen_11b
  • Rerecords: 5552
  • Frames total: 114890
  • Ingame time: 31:34.41
About the TAS The game was completed as fast as possible using the following tricks and glitches:
  • clipping out of bounds to skip some parts or whole maps
  • boss manipulation to get them where I want or how they should move to save time
  • monster manipulation for dmg-boost, take me where i want or don't got them in my way
  • using pause to skip text-boxes
  • pre enter the tent to skip the wolf
  • leave georama room before the text-box starts to skip the dungeon under the icepalace

Route explaination

The Beginning

Normally you would talk to the king and go enter "Rafflesia School's" to learn sword throw then go to Dhalia Valley kill the wolf and enter the tent to get the dog. We just pre enter the tent after talking to the king with a frameperfect movement, get the dog and skip the wolf.

Dhalia Valley

You can get oob (out of bounds) standing pixelperfect beside the respawnblogs at the beginning of the map. You can skip the whole map running oob.

Hot Daisy and Burn Daisy

Normally you needs to do the Anemone Beach first to get the "penguin" to pass the lava on the roof but with precise slide jumps we can skip these parts and go there first. Also we can clip out the map and skip a part of the map too. Inside the Vulcan we using oob to get a shortcut that skips some minutes inside. Some precise jumps an we can skip some more party to reach the boss inside.


All we need in iris is "cheetah" the pet to get some speed. While get him we just finish the way of iris with some oob parts to skip whole maps and szenarios like the magical forest which would cost MINUTES of time if we make it truly. And we dont need to run through that later.

Anemone Beach

The first amazing trick here is to enter the big elephant house without the three jumps at the door buttom. If we jump pixelperfect to the door we can enter this one easily. The dungeon have some different strats. In RTA you could carry the stone to speedjump and save some time and use slides to skip some parts of the map. TASing this part makes it possible to slide precise build some speed and clear this dungeon while the first storm cycle because we got the speed of "cheeta" and sliding. Also I skipped the textbox of the boss with framperfect pause.

Camellia Desert

Nothing special here. You need to do it as they wanted. The only interesing info is the sword throw late in that part. We throw it pixelperfect to get the sword between that stones get the switch early and skip a part of that map.

Babel Tower

The boss on the top is called Roxie. This is the most annoying boss in the whole game. The boss is RNG based and can take between 1 and 5 minutes if you are unlucky with the RNG. Time to manipulate his RNG with speed get dmg and sword throws to get him as fast as possible.

Castle Freesia

Outside we jump above that water that caged the "Lion" which spares a pause. This jump is as precise like the iris sea we see later. Inside we prepare just open the way with some tricks and need to manipulate the game spawn that allows us to get oob and skip the most of the map. The boss Georama needed some manipulation about movement because we need to give him the last hit while we're standing at the door to leave the room. That looks and sounds easy but also this boss is a trollbeast like Roxie about that. Leaving the room after killing him skips the whole undercastle part and a boss.

Place of Peace

to reach the heaven we normally need to do some annyoing parts in babel tower. Because we skipped the boss under castle freesia we can just go up and reach the heaven. In there we skip the first part with the bee manipulation. The bee carry us the whole way to the end. The next door we manipulate the spawn to skip the rest. This happens if we dont touch the place with the sign and fall down. Inside the boss room we using slides to save some time and kill the boss fast from behind.


We using oob again to skip the first part of PAST Iris. In the past we using another clip to get the "Armadillo" faster with skip the map to get to him. The way back got optimized with precise slides and jumps. We skip the Sea around the chest with the shoes inside with a precise jump. The way back in frozen iris was made with precise jumps and slides.

Camellia Desert PAST

Inside the Tower we go to the 3rd floor for a oob glitch which allows us to skip the whole dungeon and go to the boss fast.

Hot Daisy and Burn Daisy PAST

The only thing to note here is the reenter of the 2nd map of hot daisy after killing the PAST boss. That manipulates the spawn point ingame for the beach PAST. All other parts were made using precise jumps and soft boss manipulation in movement.

Anemone Beach PAST

Because we set the spawn point to hot daisy earlier we fall down that ground and spawn in the right up corner of the map which allows us to make it a bit faster than usual. The village were made with precise running and a door skip like earlier. The textbox of the boss was skipped too with frameperfect pause.

Dahlia Valley PAST

We used the same clip like earlier to get oob and skip the map. Inside the PAST Dungeon we simply clip out get oob twice and skip around 80% of the dungeon with that. Later I paused to skip the text box of the boss that saves some seconds too.

Final Area

The last dungeon is full of oob areas, precise jumps and pixelareas that allows to skip almost the whole dungeon in just a bit more than a minute. We used the "Armadillo" pet the most to open closed wallboxes and enter them with respawning blocks. This dungeon needs pixelperfect running in oob. The bosses were manipulated in movement.
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