Submission #6665: Baddap1's NES Mega Man 4 Voyage in 39:46.94

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
Game Version unknown Frame Count 143452
ROM Filename Mega Man 4 Voyage.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 6267
Unknown Authors Baddap1
Game Mega Man 4 Voyage
Submitted by Baddap1 on 3/31/2020 5:13:10 PM

Submission Comments
Mega Man 4 Voyage is a heavily modified romhack of Mega Man 4, with completely new tiles, level design, weapons, minibosses bosses AI, and a very unique soundtrack done exclusively for this romhack! This TAS tries to go as fast as possible using almost all weapons, there is a item in this game called Speed Boost, this item increase Mega Man's speed while he walk and climb ladders, this is a very useful item so you will see this all through this run.

Game Objetctives

  • Manipulate luck
  • Takes Damage to save time
  • Complete the game as fast as possible

Run Comments

Like any other romhack, you can change weapon with Select or even A and B of the second controller, this is very useful to change weapon almost instantly on the run. You can skip the get weapon animation from all the 8 Robot Masters fights like in the original Mega Man 4. There is another item in this game that replaces Wire, it's the Spike Guard, this item gives you invulnerability for a limited time, but this item will not save any time because you have to pass an entire new section on Ring Man Stage to pick this item and is not needed in any part (Fake Wily 3 almost, but you can do the spikes section without the Spike Guard).

Robot Master Order

You want to obtain the Speed Boost as soon as possible to use during all the run, that's why Bright Man is the first one on the route. Ring Man 2nd, his weakness is his own weapon but i don't have his weapon yet, i don't need any other weapon than Speed Boost for the stage itself so i can do it without problems and i can easily kill Ring Man with Mega Buster without losing any pattern or losing big time. The following order is by weakness, no other specific reason.

Speed Boost

The Speed Boost is very useful in moments like when Mega Man is not sliding like jumping, falling and climbing ladders, this weapon wastes only when Mega Man is doing these three things. If you change weapon and back again to the Speed Boost just before you waste a bar, you can use that bar a bit more.

Speed Glitch

This game has a Speed Glitch that actually is a bit faster than the Speed Boost, in every Boss Fight before the Boss appears you have 1 frame to do any input, if you slide in this frame then you will gain speed with the weapon you have entered the room, the bad thing is if you do a slide again or if you change weapon the Speed Glitch dissapears and you will be with normal speed, this is useful on some Robot Masters, Fake Wily 2 (lasers section) and Fake Wily 3 (water section), not useful in Wily 2 because you have to change weapons on the fights.

Bosses Fights

Like in the original Mega Man 4, the most optimal fight is to kill the Boss on the center of the screen, some fights looks a bit slow because i have to wait him to move to the center (Dive Man, Doc Bubble), but that is actually a bit faster than killing him on the sides of the screen.

Mega Buster Fights

You will see that some Bosses are killed with Mega Buster, these bosses has no weakness in particular, so the most optimal fight is to killing them with Mega Buster (Wily 1, Wily 2 Quick Man and 2nd Phase of Wily Capsule).

Wily 3 Refights

This game replaces Ballon with Speed Boost, so you can't skip the entire Refights like in the original Mega Man 4 and you don't have any other platform item to zipping on the ceiling. Skull Man Refight is a bit slower than the 8 Robot Master one since you have to save Drill to kill Wily Machine (2nd phase) optimally. Ring Man dies instantly with his own weapon, no problem.

Wily Capsule

Like i said, the 2nd Phase of Wily Capsule has no weakness, the most optimal fight that you can do is shooting with Buster or Pharaoh and when he falls to do his attack, shoot Mega Busters.

feos: Few people reacted to this movie, probably due to the submission flood. For that reason, it didn't get as much recognition as [2843]NES Rockman 4 Burst Chaser × Air Sliding by magmapeach in 21:37.66 (comments, votes, rates). Yet the judge of the latter wasn't too impressed by that hack and decided that it should be obsoleted by a better one. From available stats one may argue that this hack is better, even though there's no perfectly clear indication. The main quality of this hack is that it looks like a completely different MM game: its levels are completely rewritten instead of being versions of the original game. It also relies on a variety of new gimmicks throughout the game instead of just 2. Accepting over [2843]NES Rockman 4 Burst Chaser × Air Sliding by magmapeach in 21:37.66.
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