Submission #6687: ThunderAxe31's NES Angry Birds in 20:32.45

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
Game Version any Frame Count 74069
ROM Filename Angry Birds (Unl) [!].nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 10261
Unknown Authors ThunderAxe31
Game Angry Birds
Submitted by ThunderAxe31 on 4/1/2020 2:10:22 AM

Submission Comments

Movie Goals

  • Beat the game as fast as possible
  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3

About the game

This is a very good game, even though it doesn't feature RNG or score system.

Game mechanics

Move the cursor on the sling, then hold A and move it to left for increasing strength, and up or down for the trajectory.


  • Red Bird: Has no side effects.
  • Yellow Bird: After launching it, press A to speed it up. With pixel precision, you may clip through one block.
  • Black Bird: After launching it, press A to make it explode. Explosion radius is very short but can destroy anything in one hit.
  • White Bird: After launching it, press A to eject an egg. The egg does little damage, and the bird will become able to destroy all blocks.


The most important thing is to beat a level by using least birds possible, since moving the cursor back to the left side of the screen eats a lot of time. For this reason, sometimes it's faster to perform some slower throws if it allows to reach specific places. Also, using your bird's power at very specific timings can give interesting outcomes, especially the white bird, which in some situations can blast through whole buildings by triggering her ability at the right frame.
After figuring out the smallest amount of birds necessary for beating a level, you have to figure out which are the least time-consuming trajectories. Common sense would suggest that throwing a bird to the closest distance is the best idea, but sometimes it's faster to throw it offscreen or have it bounce back, because it avoid the explosion animation of your bird. Construction blocks also take some time when they fall to the ground, so this has also to be taken in consideration.
Sometimes the first bird(s) may be redundant for a level strategy. In that case, it's faster to waste them as quickly possible.
Last thing, you have to figure out in which order taking out the enemies. Though sometimes doesn't affect completion time.

feos: I couldn't improve this movie in a few places that looked suspicions, otherwise it's all good. Still quite boring, due to slow pace, repetitiveness, and lack of in-game music.
I suggested that probably this game should be the preferred Angry Birds themed game in Vault (over #6688: ThunderAxe31's NES Angry Birds (Nice Code) in 07:51.21), but others pointed out that these games aren't as similar as versions of the same game. Indeed, this game is based on the Genesis Angry Birds game (which, in turn, has little to no to do with the PC original), and the "low quality" AB game looks like a different set of levels, sometimes closer to the PC original in how it operates.
Accepting to Vault.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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