Submission #6699: Masterjun's Linux Linux "Linux" in 04:22.05

Console Linux Emulator libTAS v1.3.5
Game Version any Frame Count 15723
ROM Filename pcem Frame Rate 60
Branch Linux Rerecord Count 2527
Unknown Authors Masterjun
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Masterjun on 4/1/2020 7:00:17 AM

Submission Comments
Welcome to this TAS of Linux.

Game objectives

  • click click click
  • Simulate a plausible workflow on a computer without an internet connection


Keyboard Input Buffering

It's possible to press two or more keys at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, keyboards don't collide typebars together causing a jam. This is due to keyboards not being typewriters.

Multi-Dimensional Mouse Movement

By using horizontal and vertical motions simultaneously, you can move along a 3-dimensional hyperplane. Be careful of space curvature messing with Euclidean geometry making it harder to position the mouse correctly.

Encode Trimming

The SSD wasn't invented yet, so instead the almost 2 minute boot was shortened in the encode by removing duplicate frames.


Boot Optimization

We save frames here by skipping the memory test and utilizing the Hard Disk Detection Skip.
This trick was found in the early 1980s, and has saved a lot of time during the decades.

Mouse Precision

Reducing the mouse speed increases the precision we need for pixel perfect clicks. With a maximum movement of 255 units per frame, this comes at the price of not being able to reach the whole screen in a single frame. However, this is rarely needed, so the increased precision is worth it.

Terminal Stacking

By using the & button, it's possible to combine commands. By using a trick called concurrent computing it's possible to complete multiple tasks at seemingly the same time. Opening a second terminal window makes this even more effective.

Typespeed Speed

Increasing the speed of typing causes the speed of characters appearing on the screen to increase. This can be used to increase speed.

Timetravel Glitch

If you played around with timetravel before, you have probably noticed how easily errors in causation can appear. By carefully manipulating time we can jump to 1933, preparing the timeline so that time saving tricks are discovered earlier.

Solitaire Shuffling

You can move cards by dragging and dropping them. Due to the dragging and dropping, this drag and drop motion was fittingly named "swipe".

Minesweeper Origins

Minesweeper is a game about navigating blocky terrain while dodging explosive dangers. It was named after a similar game called Minecraft.

Mahjong Taipei

This version of the game is for people who decide the four-player game "mahjong" has three players too many.

Grandmastering Chess

Chess is the game where you know the rules until you don't. The opening used was the true version of the Queen's Gambit, where instead of sacrificing a pawn, you sacrifice the queen piece itself.

Prime Strategy

Prime numbers are primarily known for their factorization purposes. The lesser known feature is their ability to slow down chess computers due to them stealing computing time.

Kernel Commands

The sdfsdf command is well known. Its effects are variable due to the permanent state of confusion in the system at every point of time.

Suggested Screenshot Key

Noxxa: Claiming for judgment.
Noxxa: As enjoyable as this movie is, I noticed one major flaw. The movie does not actually beat Minesweeper. Therefore, instead of giving it a Star, I can only give it a SadTux.

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