Submission #6729: sharpRui36's SNES EarthBound in 58:37.14

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
BizHawk 2.4.0
EarthBound (U) [!].smc
Submitted by sharpRui36 on 4/21/2020 6:43 AM
Submission Comments
This TAS draws heavily on the route planned by 0xwas and pirohiko, but in this movie I modified certain processes. chatterbox's submission is the basis of this movie.
  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.4
  • Manipulates luck
  • Genre: RPG
Most of the glitches were explained in this submission from chatterbox and here.

Overwriting sprites

pirohiko found a glitch that can overwrite sprites, which is critical. In this submission from chatterbox, he explained in detail of overwriting sprites. But as he said: "However, in this English version, the sprite present in slot #00 flickering repeatedly to prevent the sprite from being pushed to arbitrary slot." By learning 0xwas and pirohiko's WIP, I managed to implement this glitch in the following ways:
  • Find a way to insert the barricade's sprite into slot#3
  • Generate 10 enemies (the on-screen sprites shouldn't leave the screen)
  • The barricade at slot #3 will be overwritten by the sprite of last enemy we generated.

A faster way to flow the RNG

In some cases, it's faster to flow RNG in the PSI menu.

Additions to the method of changing the position of sub-pixels

In addition to approaching the door differently, crossing the obstacle in a different way will slightly change the sub-pixel position of the character. This allowed Jeff to get through the first cliff in a short time.

Lag frames

  • chatterbox found that in the US version, sometimes the number of lag frames affects the result of a round in a battle.
  • EarthBound's lag frame generation appears to be very random. In order to decrease more lag frames, I had to give up a certain frames in the Saturn Valley approaching Dr. Andonuts. A specific movement in some places will also decrease lag frames.

Route change

  • In this run, chatterbox got 50 dollars at the hotel in Twoson. Instead, I chose to get the hamburger in the trash next to Onett's burger shop and sell cracked bat and the hamburger at the drugstore. This leaves us with the purchase of only one skip sandwich.
  • EarthBound Speedrun Community found a new cliff skip glitch, this cuts down considerably on the time it takes Jeff to get through the second cliff.

More details

  • I wasn't sure on in the making of this TAS if this will be faster than chatterbox's JPN version run, until a better sub-pixel position was found by thousand of re-recordings in Winters.
  • The RNG value flows while using the items.
  • If you approach the ladder horizontally, Ness will be pulled toward the ladder from a greater distance.
  • In the final battle, 4000 damage by Ness's attacks alone would be faster.
  • Keeps the number of enemies on screen low to decrease lag frames.
  • In the past I thought I should write the title and the subtitle when I were writing the game name, beacause I think it's more complete. But there almost no one on the internet would call this game "EarthBound - The War Against Giygas." So when the time I finished the whole TAS, I changed the game name "EarthBound - The War Against Giygas" in my WIP to "EarthBound", which is a very small change to the movie file.


chatterbox, He showed me a way walk through the second cliff in Winters. Although I remade this part with fewer frames, his steps are still of great reference value. He also guided me in the technical aspects of the final battle. Most of this TAS's skillful explanations came from him. I'm very grateful.
EZGames69, He created a very good encode.
pirohiko, He gave me some advice on pass the first round of the battle with Giygas.
The judges of TASVideos, Their suggestions are important.
MarioPlayer, He created a temporary encode for me.

Possible improvements

  • Get more skip sandwiches without wasting too much time.
  • More precise sub-pixel manipulation.
  • Defeat Giygas faster with better RNG values.
  • Flowing RNG values at a faster rate.

Suggested screenshot

Frame 126853
This is my first submission. And this is the first time I have written a comment in English. If there is any grammatical mistake, please correct me without hesitation.

Memory: judging
Memory: Replacing with 591 frame improvement.
Memory: Optimization appears solid. I had some questions but for the most part, the author gave me some good answers. There might be additional improvements possible with some reroutes but nothing conclusive at this stage.
The entertainment value here is better than previous Earthbound TASes, with one of the slower cutscenes in the game skipped in a quick fashion. There wasn't a ton of audience response, but what was there was positive.
Accepting to Stars as an improvement to [3806] SNES EarthBound by chatterbox in 1:09:47.67
fsvgm777: Processing.
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