Submission #674: MattyXB's GB Final Fantasy Adventure in 2:01:10.05

Console Game Boy Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 436203
ROM Filename Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!].gb Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5306
Unknown Authors MattyXB
Game Final Fantasy Adventure
Submitted by MattyXB on 5/13/2005 7:53:02 PM

Submission Comments
Game: Final Fantasy Adventure Emulator: VBA-rerecording-9 change no settings System: GameBoy
Thinks which I have done:
  • Not use Warps or Passwords.
  • Never Save the game.
  • Aims for a fast time.
  • Takes damage only one time at the beginning to reach the exit faster.
  • Later takes damage only from things where you must take damage like spikes or lava you can't get over without touching and can't go other ways.
  • Take most the best routes to every place.
  • Take only weapons which you need to finish the game.
  • Buy only Silver Sword, Armor & Shield. Get no other Armors.
  • Have a low defense.
  • Manipulate luck & enemies.
  • Speak only with people which are important to finish the game.
  • Use only Power by Level-Up
  • Uses tricks like hit an enemie and walk trough them often.
This is my first Speedrun / Timeattack, so its not perfect. I must too test the game, which items I need to complete the game, to do maybe later a better run. Its hard to do a run from an adventure too, because there so much random parts in this game, where some hard to manipulate. By Zelda you have your hearts and can't Level Up. But here you must Level Up to get stronger and defeat later enemies faster. So you must find a good way for Level Up and run trough the game or you have problems with enemies or Bosses and it will take much longer. But for the first version its a good run at all I think. After I start I have think, that an adventure is maybe a bad start for the first Speedrun, because its so long and take much time and its hard work. But its my favourite game and I would like to see a Speedrun from this game, so I have start it myself.
After I do this run I have learn much from this game and from Speedrunning too. You can manipulate luck, that enemies drop chests. Just walk a bit different or hit the enemie at different times. But its not easy to do it. Or you can manipulate them how they walk. I have make SaveStates near everytime before a new screen appear, because is enough time to make SaveStates, so I must not always watch the complete movie when I have make some errors. And after Load the States I have see the differents.
Errors: I have make some errors in the beginning from this movie, later as I learn more I have try to make no errors anymore. Some errors are get chest with useless items like Candy or Cure. These are cheap items and you can't sell them for good prices. I have sell later all useless items in Jadd (the shop was not so far away) to get empty space for other items, which I maybe need. I have not use Crystal to get max Will. Not know it, so I wait till the Will is full, takes much time the second time. The first time I have defeat no enemies anymore, so I have more Will as I arrived at the place. Buy to much Silver Items. You need only one to enter Gaia Cave. Have not know it before. But I think this is not much time which get lost from these errors, because most of them are small.
Better all the time: Later in the game it get faster and better all the time, so when you don't like the beginning, wait a bit and look after some Bosses again. I have get chocobo in the first part, because I like him and he is fast. You can skip it, but I think it Save time, when you run all ways with him where you can.
Boss fight are most hard, because I will not take damage anymore from Bosses or enemies. And when the later Bosses hit me I am dead at all. Too the explosion will kill me. So I must walk carefully when kill the Bosses. I use here too SaveStates when I was Save and hit the Bosses good enough. Sometimes you can just stand where you are like the first Boss and the Bat and wait till he is near you. But it looks not so good and take more time to defeat them. So I run most to the Bosses to defeat them faster by this way.
Manipulate Luck: Sometimes I have much luck by this run or I manipualte it much. You can manipulate luck by take different ways to the door or kill enemies at differet time. But its hard to manipulate and do a good run at the same time. So when it looks later in the game, that I take a longer route I have most test more ways and look where the enemies appears, where I get no hit or when I get chest. You can too manipulate enemies in the room where you are. I have found it out in some rooms, when I walk differents way, the enemies walk to different or do other things. Some Bosses can manipulate too by this way. And as I Load a State in the beginning from a Boss room he change to his moving when I walk left or down the first step. So I have sometimes try many ways to reach some exits or manipulate enemies that they move the way I want.
The best part for me is to hit the spider with the ice over the switch in Medusa's Cave. First time as I enter this room the spiders walk at the right site, so it was impossible to get the snowman on the switch. So I must try different things like walk a bit different in the room before this one. I have not think about this great trick yet. But as I enter the room the second time the spider was near the switch. But this time I hit it to early with the ice and the Snowman was infront of the switch. So I have try it again and the second time it has work great. So it takes me not long till this part works so great. This was much luck and looks good without lose time.
Work a second time by the room with the 2 Soldiers which you must change to snowman. The second was hit on the switch again. And a third time where I have done it was the room with 2 soldiers and a magican. Was hard and cost me much rerecording to manipulate. But after more tries one solder stand on the right spot.
Good Boss Fights: Metal Crab was boring, because I can only hit him while he walk at the top. So it takes long till I kill him. But I reach the exit at time, so this has a good part at all. Golem is maybe one from the best Fights, the Boss after I get the Morning Star. I hit near everytime and without lose much time I defeat him. Kraken looks great too, because he is so easy. Here I have count how much I can hit him before the tantacles came and kill me. So I have make SaveStates when I was Save and lose no time. Mantis Ant was good and luck too. First you must walk over spikes and you are near dead. As I win the fight I get one Level Up and was full again. So no problem to walk again over the spikes.
Hard Bosses: Chimera was very hard, because he cames sometimes down and then you must find a save place. I have manipulate him a bit one time. After I hit him good and can't reach him I have make SaveStates. Then he came down and kill me. So I load the SaveState and run away, but he came not down this time. So I load the SaveState again and walk a bit so that he came not down and so I can better defeat him. In the movie it looks so easy. But it was hard work. Dark Lord was too hard, because he is very fast. But I play with him one time. Hit him and let him run through me 2 times in a row. Normaly he will kill you when he touch you, too when its only one pixel.
Hardest Stage: The Ice Cave was very hard to play and manipulate. You most slide on ice and can't do much. Sometimes there are enemies in the way and will hit you. There is not much room to manipulate this. But here how I have done this: sometimes when I slide into the next room and look left or right the enemies stand on a different spot. Or I have equip an item or weapon earlier to manipulate the next room. Sometimes I have play a bit on the ice while sliding. Then I look to every site and spin on the ice. So in this run this Stage look easy, but it was hard. But as hard the Stage was so easy was the Boss Kary. One from the easiest Boss so far. Kary move always the same. So its easy to find the right place where you are save and where you can hit Kary much.
Ending: You maybe wonder why the movie still play, after defeat the last Boss. But when the mother speak you must press a to skip the text and go to the next text. So the movie end, where you must press the last button to see the complete ending from this great game.
Next time I try to do a run under 2 hours. I think its possible, because I have do some errors at the beginning, which slow down the game a bit. But 2 hours is a good time at all I think for so much Bosses and stages.

Last Edited by MattyXB on 5/13/2005 8:24:03 PM
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