Submission #679: Phil's NES Double Dragon 2 "2-player" in 09:52.98

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 35579
ROM Filename Double Dragon II - The Revenge (U) (PRG1) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch 2-player Rerecord Count 13952
Unknown Authors Phil
Game Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Submitted by Phil on 5/18/2005 10:00:34 PM

Submission Comments
First of all, even if it doesn't look so, it's not a perfect speedrun because I voluntary lost some time to do some special moves. 3:34 faster than previous version because of,mainly , much uses of flying knee technique but the movie doesn't look less interesting.
Stage 1: At some place, player 1 seems to jump for nothing but it's to make enemies appear faster.
Stage 4: Why I stop advancing, is to let those Linda to come from right instead from left, if I had continued moving.
Stage 6: Why I decided to die at the beginning of the stage? Because it's some frames faster :P
Stage 7: Player 1 was burned in flame. I admit that it costs me some time but I think it's cool ;)
Stage 8: Where there's clones, I intentionally lost some time to avoid some fireballs then counterattacking. It looks cool.
  • Manipulates luck(What, you think it's not true but trust me)
  • Show some glitches(Not many but still)
  • Doesn't aim for fastest time (Really!)
  • Uses death as shortcut(only 12 frames saved :P)

Phil: A good movie like that should be published immediately. ;)

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